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I got a wild hair this week and decided I must offer some kits in my shop. Must! Kits are great…easy to make for yourself, make for a gift, or even give the kit as a gift if the recipient is of the crafty persuasion.

My first kit is a new idea: the Cupcake Tape Measure. Who doesn’t need adorable sewing tools? Especially sweet ones that are fun and easy to make…

The kit contains pre-felted wool pieces (from recycled sweaters, naturally), a retractable tape measure, chenille rickrack trim, a felt ball “cherry”, bead “sprinkles” and of course instructions for hand sewing it together.

I will be offering the kit in lavender, red and brown for starters. More colors to come. More styles to come as well! You should see my sketchbook, I have about 20 different tape measure designs in there. Oh boy. Somebody stop me.

And once again, I am offering Cup O’ Joe Pincushion Kits! I’ve been getting requests and I couldn’t resist. Besides, I was rummaging around in my supplies and came across a handful of the cute little coffee bags I use for packaging. They were all neatly labeled and waiting to be put to use. I’ll be only listing about 6 at first but will restock again before the holidays. A few finished Cup O’ Joe Pincushions will be available, too.

These sweetie Cupcake Pincushions are “ready made”…no kits for these but they will be listed in the shop with the Cup O’ Joe and tape measure kits TOMORROW!

I will update the shop Thursday, 9/11/08 at 10:00am EST.
**Kits are now SOLD OUT! Thank you! More to come next week!**

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  • Diane of Crafty Passions

    Everything you make is so darn cute I just love it!!

  • jill

    The tape measure kits are TOOOO cute – am so glad I did not buy some pepermint stick crochet ones I saw yesterday – hope I am 1st in line at the “shop” tomorrow!!!

    Keep up the wonderful, creative work – Jill

  • Mindful Momma

    The cupcake tape measures are too cute for words! What a fabulous gift idea!

  • TerriW

    I love this new cupcake tape measure. So pretty, yet useful too. Can’t wait to order a kit.

  • april

    Funny how small the world really is. I just stumbled across your blog as I surfed the web tonight and it turns out, my best friend gave me two of your pin cushions for my birthday last year. I love them. My dog really really wants to eat them. Cute blog.

  • wiwied

    I want the cupcake tape measurement… It’s soo cute I could eat it :)
    Love ur work Betz..

  • Liz

    These are adorable!

  • sluggosnan

    Oh, phooey! I rushed home from an early a.m. appt and the tape measure kits are all gone. They are the best. I hope to have better luck next week — the color won’t matter. hehe Love your book (and your blog).
    Nancy in Maine

  • cindygert

    I love those tape measures. Very cute.

  • Smiles! Becca

    I forgot to set my alarm this morning and thought I was going to miss my cuppas.4 hour time difference here. But I was in luck! Yay!

  • ellie

    Oh thanks..i love the idea of kits. I’m not a sewer and I would love to make one of these for myself as well as some gift. this makes it so easy so I dont’ have search all over the creation for old sweaters and stuff. I love your ideas…keep em comin’

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see more tape measure cover ideas! Any chance for a how-to on your blog?
    Deb in rainy Colorado

  • catharinas-love

    I love your cup cakes very much !
    Rini – the Netherlands

  • yngla

    The tape measure kits are so cute! Such a brilliant idea!

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