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Happy Monday and welcome to week #2 of the betz white blog reader give-away! Last week’s response knocked my socks off! Really, it gave me chills. :) Weee, let’s do it again!

This week’s prize is a collection of felted bug-a-boos I created last year for a feature in the magazine Australian Homespun. Each bug measures about 6″ tall and is made from wool felt, felted sweaters and other fabrics. The backs have a cloth loop so they can be hung on the wall or pinned to a curtain or used however you’d like.

Enter to win by commenting on THIS post by Tuesday 10/28 (midnight EST). Just to make it more fun, tell me your best bug story, while your at it. What’s the coolest bug you’ve ever seen? Where’s the worst place you’ve found a bug? Have you ever eaten a bug? Are you a humbug? Oh yeah, this will be fun!

Be sure to leave your email address or a link back to your own blog, etc. If I can’t contact you I won’t be able to get your address if you win! Winner will be chosen by Randy, the Random Number Generating Robot, and announced here on Wednesday 10/29.

Meanwhile, I’ve been a busy little bee myself this weekend. New stuff today in the shop, including journals, brooches, Cup O’ Joe pincushions, and a few acorn-aments!

*comments now closed. Thank you!*

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  • Jen

    I love these little bugs!! I collect ladybugs for my four year old daughter and bumble bees for my one year old daughter. When choosing my one year old’s middle name we liked Malisa and when I looked into spellings I learned it is a variation of Melissa which means bee in Greek. I already knew I would collect bees for her, so this seemed to be the perfect accident. So her name is Katherine Malisa and thats my unique “bug” story.

  • lucykate crafts...

    i forgot to come back and leave a comment for the first give away, not surprised it was popular though, you design and make such lovely things!.

  • Kim Vezzani

    Love the bugs! My two Granddaughter’s would love them too! I am a huge fan of your work.

    Kim Vezzani

  • Holly

    Yay for give-a-ways! I chomped down on a stink bug once! I came home with my family and decided to eat some popcorn that had been leftover from the night before. The stink bug was evidently hanging out in the bowl. I know one thing now that most people don’t…they taste the same way they smell! [email protected]

  • Sofia

    So cute these bugs!! If only all the bugs in the world were this lovely! :)

  • Tola

    Q: what’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
    A: Finding half a worm.

    <3 Tola

  • giddygoat

    We went camping one summer a few years back. I awoke to someone tickling my ear, then my neck. Annoyed, I shoved my husband. He grunted. I opened my eyes to find a daddy long legs spider on my cheek. AHHHHH!

  • kellybean

    I LOVE your bugs!! They look friendlier than those I formerly played with,Thanks for the givaway!

  • Tif

    I’m the first to comment? Yeah, maybe I’ll be the one to win too! :)

  • Michelle

    How cute are those!
    I guess my favorite bug story would be when my oldest boy was about 4 years old. He’d found a couple of ladybugs that he promptly put into a jar to “keep”. He then had to take a bath and he didn’t want to leave them alone, so he set the jar on the toilet lid and propped up a book so they would have something to read while he took his bath. :)

    [email protected]

  • Nanna

    I love bugs! I have since I was little! I especially love these felted ones, so pretty! We used to live where the power company put up bright lights that attracted many moths. One of my favorite was the Luna Moth, a beautiful green with long tails on its wings.

  • Herbal Tonya here


    these are really fun. i know someone who’ll love one of these in her stocking

  • Leslie

    Oh, I’ve got a yucky bug story. One morning, on the way into the office with 2 coworkers, we spotted something cruising across the carpet. It was small and fast, and we thought it was a mouse. It wasn’t until our boss cornered it, that we discovered it was a 50-cent-piece-sized cockroach that must have come in with a shipment of cardboard boxes. Boss tried to smoosh it, but it escaped. We literally stood on our chairs all day when we didn’t know where it went. *shivers*.

    My coworkers were prone to play jokes on each other, so I called their bluff when later that day, I saw a “fake” cockroach on the stairs, 3 flights down from where ours was first spotted. Turns out, it was the real thing! It had gotten it’s hairy leg stuck in the carpet! Everyone saw it and no one wanted to point it out, admitting they’d fallen prey to the latest prank!! LOL. One brave soul finally approached it, realized it was the real deal, and put it in a jar for all of us to admire. Ewwwww!!!

    Your bugs are MUCH cuter!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!

  • Melissa

    so nice!! You rock Betz!!

  • Kate

    So beautiful!

  • Jeanette

    Oh, I love your felted bugs. They are so cute. My favorite “bug” was my then 1 1/2 year old when I made him a bumblebee costume for halloween.It was stuffed, so he was a fat bee waddled down the street. Sooo cute.

    [email protected]

  • manuscrap

    thank you so much for this chance, I LOVE your bugs, they are sooo cute!!! Ciao from Italy :)

  • Heidi

    I love your bugs!! My 3yr old would love them on her wall too!
    My best bug story or memory is chasing Fireflies as a young girl- As they turn on and off it was silly to try to catch them as you never knew where they would reappear.
    I have had fun introducing them to my kiddos when we go camping, although they seem harder to find these days!
    Thanks for the blog and contest!!
    heidi in MN
    [email protected]

  • Blakely

    I like the ladybug that you made it is cute and sweet unlike the winter I had hundreds of lady bugs in my old apartment, mostly around the windows. It was such a pain! The landlord sent out an exterminator, but even he couldn’t get rid of all of them. They left in the spring, and I didn’t see them again before I moved.

  • Nancy

    I must be a humbug as I don’t have a buggy story…
    These would be cute stitched to a tote bag.

  • Julia

    These are so Pretty! They’d be lovely on my sewing room wall!!

    Bugs: I have 2 boys, so we frequently have jars of nasties about the house, They ask me to take pictures of the ugliest ones and my youngest(9)check bug books from the library all the time. I guess that’s not really a story.ah, well

  • C.E.R.

    Honeymoon in St. Lucia. Sitting at the bar having a fruity drink with my love. Cockroach falls out of no where (from the sky it seems) right on to the bar in front of me. Ick. Double ick.

    Love your creations, Betz!

  • May Britt

    These bugs are soooooo cute. So please add me to your giveaway :)

  • craftydiane

    Your bugs are so cute! I would love to win them! When my kids were little we lived out in the country. These huge horseflies were always flying into our home. One day one landed on the inside screen of the window and when I looked around my 1&1/2 year old son had caught it by it’s wing! He was just sitting there holding it! I was so surprised! I grabbed my camera and took a picture. I will have to dig that picture out tonight and post it on my blog!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  • Heather

    I accidentally stepped on a giant cockroach with my bare foot. Ugh…

  • Bonney

    Okay, here’s my story. Not technically a bug story but very close. On my morning walk I found a beautiful comet butterfly on the ground. I didn’t know if it was struggling with the morning dew or what. I gently picked it up and carried it home and left it outside my door to warm in the sun. I went to make a cup of tea and arrived back in time to look out the door and see a bird land, gulp my butterfly and fly away!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • ConnieC

    Beautiful bugs. How about a spider story. A few months ago, my husband and I took the little girl I keep to a restaurant for lunch. he took her to the table to sit down, I went to the counter to place our order. I’m in the middle of paying for our food, when I hear her in a panicked voice calling for me.

    I figure since my husband was there, and she wasn’t crying, I would finish paying.

    Once I got to the table, she starts to tell me about the spider that was crawling on the floor. Then my husband tells me how small it was. It was tiny. When I saw the size, I had to laugh.

  • Maggie

    I love your work. Have the book and look forward to making many, many projects.

    I lived in Central New York for a month. During that time I was literally chased out of my bathroom by a very large spider. I kept five lamps on the floor of my office to keep the cockroaches at bay because they don’t like light. It was the buggiest of months.

    Best of luck with the giveaway.
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    I love the cute little bugs. Hmmm best bug story: My rescue kitty Tatiana rarely meows. (I wonder if this is a socialization thing.) Anyway, I was reading in my bedroom when I heard an uncharacteristic meow in the hallway. I ran out to see what caused the “commeowtion” and caught Tatiana stalking a dragonfly. A gorgeous, gossamer-winged dragonfly had landed on the hallway floor. I’d never really seen one up that close. It was beautiful and very fragile.

    I am sorry to say that my fierce kitty got the better of the lovely dragonfly.


  • Rebecca

    I love them! Especially the lady bug. :) You always make me want to create when I read your blog. :)

  • donnaraita

    I love these bugs. Very very cute. Rita

  • melonkelli

    So cute! When I was about 8 years old my Dad was in the Navy and spent some time in Japan. My most favorite things that he brought back for me were a cute little ladybug ring and bracelet. I still have the bracelet today!

  • oona

    Ohhhh, your little bugs are so sweet (My daughter is here going crazy over the butterfly!)

    There’s nothing worse than lying in bed to go to sleep and looking up at the ceiling and seeing a big fat spider right above you. (I can’t fall asleep knowing it might fall on my head and have to get out a ladder and smoosh it!)

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  • HandbagsbyJen

    These bugs are adorable! My two girls (6 and 3) are obsessed with bugs. I have seen it all. Beetles, Rolly Polly Bugs, worms, slugs, you name it. I would much rather find these in my house!

  • Sara

    i love all of these bugs! so creative!!! i especially love the ladybug … when i lived in france during my college foreign study semester, my host family used to call me “la coccinelle” … or “the ladybug” … i LOVED that nickname, and have loved ladybugs ever since!!

  • Budimir

    Ummm….I ate a bug in a sucker once…not too cool. But yours are adorable!

  • Anita

    Thanks for the “bug” giveaway, Betz. I found your blog weeks ago and keep passing your address to other fiber artists. I have a sad bug story…I made an art quilt from my son’s photo from Afghanistan, and when he saw it, he said the tree that hung over him had ants which he ate because they had run out of food on their weeks-long patrol. You can see the quilt on my blog, anitaheadyfiberarts.blogspot.com.
    Thanks for your beautiful site!

  • Alison

    The worst place I saw a bug was in my son’s path. He was almost a year old and was about to grab a very large cockroach (most likely to put in his mouth). Talk about timing!

  • Sally W

    Hi Betz,
    I once fed my brother a “chip” that was really a dead, dried-up bug. How mean was I……..I’m not sure what possessed me!!

  • Christina

    These are so cute. I was once sitting on a bench at the playground and looked down to discover a spider spinning a web my jeans inbetween my calves. Creepy. I wasn’t sitting there long, so he must’ve gotten straight to work!

  • TLC

    Adorable little bugs!!

  • grace

    Those are so adorable! I love all of the different layers of fabric and felt.

    The bug story that immediately pops to my mind is that at the college I attended, we had an year-end festival, called “Renn Fair.” At said festival, there was an annual bug eating contest. Hundreds would gather around and watch other students wash down progressively grosser varieties and larger numbers of bugs with 40s of Olde English malt liquor.

    Thinking back on it, I’m not sure if I’m more grossed out by the bugs or the OE…

  • Amanda

    These are adorable. I would like to try felting and crafting with it, but it is really hard to find cute wool sweaters in California.

    What’s the coolest bug you’ve ever seen?
    I don’t really think that any bugs are cool.
    Where’s the worst place you’ve found a bug? In my bed. I was taking the sheets off to wash them and there was a big giant bug under the fitted sheet. GROSS!!!!!
    Have you ever eaten a bug? Definitely not!!
    Are you a humbug? No way, I love Christmas time.

  • Amy

    My best bug story-
    I was on vacation with my parents and was abuot 13 yrs old (if I remember correctly) We were on our way home and could not find a hotel to stay in for the night. Everything was booked. It just kept getting later and later and we ended up stopping at one of those number motels… you know like Super 8 or Motel 6 or somthing like that. Anyway well before the sun came up my mom started screaming and when we turned on the lights we discovered that a cockroach was crawling across her face!!! Needless to say my mom and I dressed right away and sat at the end of the bed with our feet up until we could convince my dad WE NEEDED TO LEAVE! Funny thing is I remember watching Bonanza on tv while we waited for him to get motivated enough to get up!
    Great giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  • Anna van Schurman

    “Bug” is a nickname in our house, sed interchangeably by me and my husband. Which may be more than he wanted me to tell you…

  • Rebecca

    Those are so cute! Perfect for one of my nieces. Ok, bug story. I came home late one summer night and went upstairs to take a shower. As I was washing my hair, I felt something hard, then it moved! I quickly ran my fingers through my hair and threw whatever it was at the other end of the bathtub. It was a june bug! They had been swarming around the porch light and one must have landed in my hair as I walked by. I still shiver when I think about it!

  • craftmonkey

    those are adorable!

  • madsmomma

    Your bugs are adorable and I know a great place for them!
    A bug story… well I guess one that sticks out was one time when I was little and swimming in our pool, there was this great big beetle swimming too, it was huge, I had never seen anything that big and still never have. My mom quickly got it out of the pool!

  • onyah

    These are so very cute–I can think of about 20 places where they would look adorable in my apartment, office, car, etc. Thank you again for doing these give-aways!!

  • Lorrie

    These are the cutest bugs – I wouldn’t mind having them in my house.

    I lived in the Amazon jungle for a few years and have MANY bug stories. We usually kept the cockroach population down by fumigating the house before going away for a week or so. (It was pretty toxic stuff.)
    Once before returning to North America, we decided to skip the fumigating.
    I caught a cold and had a glass of water beside my bed for sips in the night. One night I picked up the glass, in the dark, and put to to my lips and eeeewww, I kissed a cockroach! Water everywhere, a shriek to wake up hubby and after that, I covered the glass.


  • Mariko

    My daughter was a bumblebee last Halloween and is going to be a butterfly this year, so this giveaway is ideal!

    My worst bug incident involved a palmetto bug (those yucky flying roaches) in Florida. Too horrible to revisit here.

  • Plays with Needles

    I lived in West Texas where the cockroaches were as big as a deck of cards and I could hear their feet clacking on the wooden floor in my house. They lived in the ground and in the sewer and would come above ground at night (and into my house). If I came home late, I was not able to reach the front door of my house without stepping on the carpet of roaches that were along my sidewalk. I got to the point where my husband had to come out and give me a piggy back ride inside. Yuck!! I”m still horrified by those big ugly field roaches…

  • Anonymous

    My best bug story I would have to say is: this fall I was walking my 2 year old in a stroller, it was a lovely day out. I was in the middle of checking my pulse rate when I felt this awful sting on my thigh. I was busy trying to pat the sting away when I got stung yet again on my right hand finger. OUCH… I swelled up to the size of a large circle on my thigh that stung and itched for a week. That’s my best bug story. I also found a scorpion in the bathroom sinck once… alive. I think they are a bug. [email protected]

  • Alessia

    Lovely bugs Betz!! I always read your blog (thank you so much for your tutorials, I’m going to make a recycled fused plastic bag thanks to your awesome bags!!) but I never commented. Well, I couldn’t resist your cute bugs!!
    Oh, I’ve never eaten a bug and I think my husband is the real “bug” in my life!!

  • Heather L.

    Your bugs are beautiful!!!! Yes, I’ve eaten a bug — a fried grasshopper, while living in Africa (I knew I’d need a good story someday) :)

    Latest bug story: being scared by a gigantic horned worm on my tomato plant this summer!

  • Nichole
  • Fresh Air Deligths

    I dont have a fun story with bugs but I remember being a little girl in the summertime how I loved to see butterflies on the flowers, I would cath them sometimes with my thumb and my index fingers and the dust from their wings would stick to my fingers so as I grew I stopped doing it for their good. I also remeber playing with beatles and loved to catch grass hopers. I’ve always loved to have a ladybug running over my hand and arm and the tickling of it. They are so beautiful. On the other hand I can’t stand mosquitos, in the summer time, if I hear one in the bedroom I can’t go to sleep until its gone! because I am not only afraid it is going to bite me, it will wakeme up in the middle of the night with the buzzing.
    Great work by the way, so talented.


  • Kathleen

    Those are adorable little bugs! We live in Aylmer Québec in a really swampy area so we have tons of wolf spiders, when I mean tons I mean we actually live with them as they invade the house. These spiders are quite large and come down from their web in the middle of the night so that I had to get into the habit of going spider hunting before bed! My 3 year old who used to like all bugs doesn’t like spiders so much even after our many attempts to reassure her and focus on Charlotte’s web! so that’s my bug story! Thanks again for the giveway!

  • Nicki

    Fireflies – oh how I miss them! I grew up in the midwest where fireflies = summertime. He in the NW – no fireflies!

  • Laura Zarrin

    I love your bugs especially the bee! My story is actually my friend’s story. After having breast implant surgery, the meds made her hallucinate quite a bit. One morning, shortly after surgery, she dreamt that ants were crawling on her chest. She woke up thinking it was a weird dream or yet another hallucination. She looked down and started screaming! There really were ants on her chest. Apparently, ants can sense water even if it’s not on the surface. Creepy!


  • Francesca Righi

    I once found a little blackbug in my coffee!! it was so yucky.. I was about to drink the coffee when i saw it swimming! :P
    these bugs you sew are super cute and they look so soft!

  • Samsara

    I love your bugs :-) We don’t have any especially nasty ones here in the UK, (thankfully!) but I used to teach pottery in a studio next to a pond and dragonflies would fly in through the door in the summer, and we’d come in each morning and find at least one dead on the floor. I don’t think they have a very long lifespan, but they’re very pretty, even when they’re dead. We used to keep the dead ones in a jar, they were like iridescent jewels. Is that a gross thing to do? Keep dead insects to admire? :-) I found an adder in the studio too one morning, but that’s another story *lol*

  • mary

    Bugs! I live in Northern California and as a sixth grader got to go to science camp near Santa Cruz. Banana slugs (they really do look like slimy bananas) are very plentiful and if you kissed one you got your name in a book. No name in a book for me! :-)
    [email protected]

  • Carol

    Oh these are so sweet! My favourite bug story was in trying to get my daughter to be less bug hysterical – she is 5 and a bit of a screamer! We were looking at a ladybird (ladybug) and she asked where did god get such a small brush from? I didn’t understand, and she illed me in saying well to paint on the spots Mum!!!! Cute ha!

  • knielsen

    Oh my goodness! The perfect birthday present for my little niece!

    <3 Kendra
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Just recently found your blog. I love it! These bugs are too darn cute. The bee is my favorite!

    Bug story…well, the bee makes me think of my daughter’s first birthday held at a local park in early September. She didn’t dive into the little birthday cupcake, but did stick her pointer finger in it about 50 times and licked a bit. We chuckled at how cute it was. An hour later she burst into tears and we discovered that a pesky bee stung her…yes, right on that sweet and sugary little pointer finger. It swelled like a little pork sausage! Happy Birthday sweet little one!

    [email protected]

  • amanda

    Wow those are so cute! The bee is my favorite but I love all of them. =)

  • Kate Davis

    These are super cute! I am not much on live bugs but when i was a kid, my dad found a dead goliath beetle and scared the heck out of me with it. Maybe why I don’t like them so much anymore!

    [email protected]


  • Anonymous

    bugs …i saw a stag beetle for the first time. it was huge. i couldnt believe how big it was. 3″ long. not a very good story, sorry. love you bugs they are amazing.

    [email protected]

  • The Short Mom

    How adorable!

  • mimiko

    The best bug I’ve ever seen was a emeral green beetle.It’s when I was 12 now we don’t see much bug around anymore.A little sad it is.

    Here my email.I hope I can get choosen this time.

  • sammyjo

    Totaly cute!
    Ok so my best friend is afraid of lady bugs because when she was little she had one fly into her eye!, now she freaks if one comes near her! dont think i’ve ever seen a cool bug! the worst place i’ve found one is in my wool draw!
    I ate a worm when i was younger if that counts! made my mum ill from just the sight! and i am defently not a humbug! lol

  • Alisa

    Hi Betz,
    Cute bugs! Sometimes the crickets are so loud around here that we can’t leave the windows open at night. Thanks for the chance at owning one of your cute (quiet) bugs.

  • rayna

    Super cute!

    When I was very little I was caught several times sucking on grasshoppers that I would find and stick in my mouth. The tell-tale sign would be the line of tobacco dripping down my chin. My mom always thought I did it because I liked to feel them jumping around inside my mouth. Pretty gross, huh?

  • Angela

    Those are such cute little bugs! Much cuter than what lived in our basement when I was growing up.

    Our only bathroom with a shower was down in the basement, and one day I came upstairs after my shower, wearing my bathrobe. I felt something tickle my neck and looked down to see a centipede, over two inches long, sitting on my shoulder. I screamed and threw the robe off. Only now, I was naked, in the middle of the living room, and everyone in the house was running to see what was wrong. Of course, I was about 15 and not wanting to be caught like that, so I had to zooooom to my bedroom before anyone else saw me. Luckily, I was fast enough! And my mom found the centipede and declared it the biggest she’d ever seen.

  • One Shabby Chick

    Those are so cute!
    The weirdest bug I’ve ever seen was in Costa Rica – it was a beetle and it looked like a huge prehistoric bug – it had big horns (or tusks) coming out of it’s mouth. And I live in Hawaii – where bugs are everywhere.

  • and sew it begins...

    I lived in Reno, NV for 6 years and it was pretty much bug free there! Now I live in Florida and it’s a whole different bug kind of world here! I think I could use some cute fuzzy bugs to offset the icky scary ones. :)

  • annemarie

    How cool is this giveaway!! To really experience bugs you must live in Texas. The roaches here are gigantic. Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing one scoot across your bedroom floor is enough to give anyone a bad dream. I do love ladybugs, though, and will buy anything with a ladybug.

  • DiddleDaddleDesigns

    These are so cute. My favorite is the ladybug. My daughter once had a ladybug house. That was really neat to watch.

  • *julie*

    Oh man. Total weak spot for me. I love anything with ladybugs. I actually collected bugs for the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, and got paid for it ;) One of the best jobs I ever had, crawling around and exploring. I’ve got a nice little bug collection of my own now too.

  • Lisa

    My oddest bug story is from this summer. A man kept wandering in front of my house, seeming to look at some salvia plants that were abuzz with bee activity. Turns out, he was a believer in “bee therapy” and was trying to get the bees to sting him, believing that the sting was therapeutic for some condition he had. Very odd. And you should have seen my children’s faces– someone actually trying to get stung?!
    Pick me, pick me! :)

  • Nancy

    Do bees count as bugs? Was drinking some lovely mountain honey when a lone dead bee got it’s sting in the roof of my mouth..ow! lived to tell – love the bugs

    [email protected]

  • bluekaeru

    My eldest was fixated on bugs when he was younger. Because of his love, I also became interested in all things bugs. We typically have a “pet” mantis every year and thanks to our pet lizard often will have 500 crickets at home. (They do say that crickets are good luck, right? Well certainly not lucky for THOSE 500!) Only once have I been eeked out by a bug. In Alaska a large bug flew over me. When I saw it land, I had to check it out. Then I saw its back was COVERED in babies. I kept imagining baby bugs all over me and had to take a shower. I am sure I wouldn’t be bothered by these lovely bugs. ;-)

    [email protected]

  • HobbyMommy

    I remember moving to the south when I first heard of “Stank” bugs! “What kind of bugs?” “You know, Stank bugs” So funny. My daughter is presently into bugs! She received a frog/bug habitat for her birthday!

    Thanks for hosting the fun!

  • Sara in WI

    What great bugs! When I was teaching kindergarten, we always studied insects for about 2 weeks. There were so many stories and art projects and science lessons. I miss that!
    Sara in WI
    [email protected]

  • Sharon

    My best bug story is really my sister’s story … we were at a summer home with no phone so went up the road to use a phone booth (remember those?) the phone booth was lit and attracted a lot of moths … well my sister comes screaming out of the phone booth that a moth had flown into her ear! She could feel it fluttering around … ew! So I took her to the ER at the nearest hospital and there amidst all the normal modern, medically looking stuff they sat her down and held a flashlight outside her ear to bring the moth flying back out!

  • Ruthanna

    Let’s just say that if you vacuum up a stink bug, you have to discard the bag, even if it’s new.
    Love the bugs…so sweet.

  • Jeannie

    Well, I have pet spiders in my house every winter. They drop down when I was dishes to say hi and then go back to their homes. Weird, I know -sigh. I killed two black widows on the patio last week -they don’t get to spend the winter inside. My favorite bug story took place in the 40’s. My Mom, Aunt, & friend were sleeping outside on the farm. Each had a bag of penny candy under their pillows and my aunt reached in and grabbed what she thought was a licorice baby, bit down to find out it was a slug. Moral of the story – look before you bite! Have a great week. Cheers.

  • Elizabeth

    what cute bugs!

    i love bugs and am teaching my kiddos to love ’em too. i have lots of pics of little fingers holding caterpillars and lady bugs and other crawly things . . .

    what a lovely giveaway!


  • EmmyLizzy

    Unlike most other girls i know, bugs don’t scare me in the least! So i’m usually the one that’s called to escort the bugs back outside.

  • Annie

    Those are much cuter than the bugs I’ve seen lately. My bug story is about a little girl, mother and I walking out of church talking about the monarch my daughter and I just released and the little girl asked “what’s a monarch?” and just as she asked that a monarch flew within 10 feet of us and I said “that’s a monarch butterfly right there!” (a God wink)

  • Mamalion

    Cute, cute, cute! Love the bugs.

  • mike.kris

    I just love that bee!

    The coolest insects I ever saw were in my college professors collection (he was an entomologist). He had these awesome weevils that were all metallic green and black in different patterns. Some were black with metallic green spots, some were stripey, some were more plaid.

    Grossest story? Same class, doing my own insect collection. I came into class to find that the grasshopper I had meticulously labelled and pinned was still ALIVE! Must have just knocked him out – he’s perched there with a pin stuck through him, kicking the pin trying to get loose.

  • Anonymous

    One time in high school, my sister’s boyfriend was kissing her goodnight on the porch and a moth flew in his ear – he started freaking out and was jumping around, screaming in pain. I wasn’t home at the time, and the next morning my sister looked a mess. I asked what was wrong, and she said she was at the emergency room late the night before. I asked why and she said “A moth flew into Brian’s ear”. It’s terrible, but I couldn’t stop laughing – she didn’t think it was so funny… [email protected]

    LOVE your blog. Shannon

  • bethieee

    Those are so cute.
    Lately I’ve been lucky, the only bug I’ve found has been a stink-bug just inside my door. It was ushered carefully outside.

  • Kim Guerrier

    When my oldest daughter Nicole was about 4 she was playing right outside the front door of our apartment with this tiny little worm for hours. Her little sister Jess who was about 6mths old at the time walked up, grabbed the worm and ate it. Nicole came running in the house screeming that Jess ate her pet “Squirmy”. It was very difficult not to laugh. Kim Guerrier ([email protected])

  • Angela Fehr

    Love the bee one! I lived in tropical Papua New Guinea and the bugs there are truly awe-inspiring and freaky big! I loved the birdwing butterflies the most and considered starting butterfly farming before I realized I was too lazy. Never did join the village people in eating butterfly larvae though.

  • Anonymous

    This past Saturday we sat at the football field shivering and watching one child play. My husband bought hot chocolate for the other kids and us adults. After I had finished and the two year old was finishing hers with the lid off my husband announced – There’s ants in this hot chocolate. I was done so I don’t know if there were any in mine but it was at least warm while I enjoyed it.
    [email protected]

  • Becky

    Too cute! Any story with me and cockroaches involves a little shrieking and jumping around the room hoping it’ll be belly-up soon. They give me the creeps! : )

  • Anonymous

    Yay! These are so cute!

    [email protected]

  • The Bacarella Family

    Love the bugs!! My little girl has the nick name ‘lovebug’ and my almost 3y old decided last weekend that he was going to eat ants! eeewwww!!! and yes he did eat some and thought it was so funny, me trying to get them away from him before he ate them :)

  • QuiltieComments

    Hi Betz, I love your book, your blog, and now those sweet little bugs!!

    My best bug story is from a college biology class camping trip…our leader found and captured a black widow spider! He kept it in his tent in a secure bug keeper he used for collecting. The boys made him think that the black widow had got loose by swapping that keeper with an empty one!! He got pretty nervous before he figured out the joke!

  • Jessica

    I love those bugs! So cute!

  • Sara

    I love them! They are so cute. I have been making some simple felt things, but nothing this cute yet.

  • Erin Neiner

    What a GREAT thing. I LOVE giveaways. I think you hit upon something…96+ comments in one day…WOW!!!

    WELL, today is my son Jack’s 2nd birthday and he LOVES “The Hungry Little Caterpillar.” Those are the way I like bugs…the kind in books! :) Though with boys, that’s quite impossible. We have attempted the caterpillar to butterfly process 4 times this summer…to no avail! Maybe a felted caterpillar is the way to go. :)

  • Ann

    Super cute bug pins!!! Please enter me in your contest. Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    Hello My name Linda Littlpage Scs Hotwheels
    I Love you blogs so full colors…. I love like these…. they are favoites….. I love ladybugs and buttfies…. I would pm thought scs if win screen is hotwheels

  • Brittney

    I am not a fan of bugs – the worst ones are the giant wolf spiders that find their way into my house… Once on the wall and once on the couch and I hope no more ever again! EWW. But I wouldn’t mind if it was your cute buggies crawling all over my walls!

  • alanajo

    Wow. These are so cute! Thanks!

    Im not really scared of bugs, but lizards and snakes are another thing. lol. We have lizards around here alot in the summer. Everytime one comes around I take off running.

    Alana Jo
    [email protected]


  • Pam's Pride

    Love your bugs!! I can not think of a good bug story! I try to stay as far away from them as possible!! And I let the kiddos feed any bugs, worms, or crawly things to the chickens and it is fun to watch them all chase each other and fight over them!!

  • karoline

    Wow these are amazingly cute I especially love the bee! Would u please add me to the list?


    ([email protected])

  • Lana

    Yeah! for bugs! your’s are sew cute. I definitely am not a humbug…I love holidays. and the place I most dislike seeing a bug is when I am stepping into the shower…yikes! I still have nightmares about the neighborhood boys throwing praying mantis on me when I was little. In Texas, it seemed like the praying mantis were brown and 10″ big! They are wonderful insects, and I love to see them on my plants in the summer, but I still don’t want one on me. I have never eaten a bug, but swallowed a few :+{. I understand that they are quite the source of protein. Thank you for great, fun giveaways. Lana

  • Gretchen

    These are adorable! My girls love bugs, especially praying mantis and ladybugs. We even have a special aspen they call the ladybug tree. But spiders, EWWW!!

  • PainterMommy

    I used to enjoy riding 4 wheelers when living in Florida as a teen. But the scary part was the banana spiders that hung their webs between the orange trees. We would attach long sticks to the front of our bikes to try to catch the huge spiders before they hit our faces. Wow, was that scary for me, especially when riding at night. I HATE spiders.

    But I do love ladybugs and dragonflies. Your bugs are especially adorable. I would love to win them for my daughter.

    Great site by the way! DAWN

  • lindagerig

    I am not exactly afraid of bugs like some are. I don’t like them in my food or my bed. When we were first married and were moving into a married student apartments at Purdue U. the people who lived there before us had bugs. We were in a hurry to move in so we did not have the college clean up. The people who moved out looked real clean when we saw them leave. but they had bugs and was the place ever dirty. Roaches and more roaches. there was a bamboo curtain over the kitchen area and my husband would knock one off the top of the curtain and our friend would step on it. bugs in back of the dresser. We ended up having them spray and they were gone. but what a mess to start off. Linda Gerig [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    My only interesting bug story is from when I was 3 years old, my mom caught me eating rolly polly bugs. For years afterwards I always played with them. I gueass I was facinated by the fact that they could roll up into a perfect circle. :-) Mabel
    [email protected] DOT net

  • Kat

    My dad is an amateur entomologist and specialises in dragonflies. He was trying to tell my young cousin that dragonflies were harmless and that they only used their huge mandibles to eat insects – they don’t bite people. So he caught a rather large one and to prove his point to my cosin he put it on his nose. Can you guess what happened? yes – it bit him hard on the nose. But because he is the consummate professional he made no motion that it had bitten him and let the tears stream down his face while the “bug” bit him. Ah – this story just brings back so many happy memories of childhood *lol*

  • Jennie

    Wow~ These are the cutest and softest bugs ever!

    [email protected]

  • Jason

    I got stung in my nose by a bee while running the mile in track. He certainly wasn’t as cute and sweet as your little felt bee.


  • Barbara C.

    Oh I do love your bugs. Beautiful, pretty, gorgeous bugs!!
    I would love your bugs to live on my rugs.
    Bug story? Hmmmm! Fairly recent bug story—My gd Betsy was outside and in her 4 year old way told me about a “leaf bug” on my patio rail. I went out and checked. It was a leaf with legs and a head. It hardly moved. “Hello Leaf Bug” said Betsy. Hmmmm, says I—in my long life, I had never before seen a leaf bug—then it slowly started moving on the railing. “What are you, leaf bug?” so off to the Google and we typed in leaf like bug and there she was….a katydid!
    A first for me and a first for Betsy!
    It was fun!

  • Annie

    One Sunday when I was 12, I was at church sitting on a pew with my family. I kept getting a sharp stabbing on my backside. At first I thought it was a pin. Then I felt the crawling! I ran crying from the church outside while shaking my dress. I had a hornet caught up inside my dress!

  • Sugar House Cookies and Cakes

    Oh gosh, no nice bug story for me. LOL! I remember playing in the grass when I was young, rolling over on a bee and getting stung on my side. Not fun. I am deathly afraid of spiders, and still a little afraid of bees. I once had to call my MIL on the phone so she could talk me through “eliminating” a huge spider in my bedroom.

    On the other hand, my now 11-year-old son once ate a chocolate chirp cookie that had bits of, you guessed it, crickets! It was at a local “bug fest” in our local park when he was about 3-years old. He also very much enjoyed a sucker that had some kind of bug in it. Mmm, protein.

    My 2-year-old niece has a bedroom decorated with bumbleebees. These would make a sweet gift for her.

    I love cute little buggers, especially dragonflies, made of felt….or sugar!

  • cheesefemme

    Well, once when I was a teenager, my parents had the house sprayed for bugs. No big deal, blah blah. My brother and I are sitting in the den, watching tv. Suddenly, a roach comes crawling out. This is not uncommon after the house has been sprayed; they come out looking for water before they die. Well, the problem was, he was a roach WITH HORNS!!! He was some strange, mutated roach, which made him 1,000 times worse! Even my brother got all girly! That was his one and only appearance. I’ll never forget mister horny roach…:)

    Kimmie in Fort Worth

  • Alice

    Hi! Wonderfull bugs! York works are so cute, especially the cupcakes!! WoW! In Italy we have the famous black and red bug. The best place wher I found it was inside my shoe :)

  • diana

    Looks like Random Randy will be jugling a lot of numbers! No wonder as your “bugs” are all very cute!
    Do leeches count as bugs? I hate them. If they don’t count, then my horror-bug is “The Roach”. Otherwise they’re all fine unless appearing in large numbers or in my house;)
    Oh, and my diet is bug free!

  • sara

    I had a beetle bug in my gardening glove on Sunday. Not nice as my hand was also in there!!!

  • KarenP

    My daughter loves to play with ants – she gives them names, takes them swimming (after that, tho, she has to find another one).

  • KCQuilter

    Ooh…how wonderful and generous of you! Love your work.

  • stephanie

    I most definitely love the bumble bee the best! The wings are adorable…they are all adorable! I’ve never eaten a bug and I’m not a humbug but I did get bitten by some sort of bug while camping one time and my eye and forehead swelled up REALLY big. Scary.

  • Jen C

    My worst bug experience is when I was a kid and at a family picnic. A bee flew into my can of pop, but I didn’t know it. So when I took a drink, the bee went in my mouth! It was fuzzy :(

    [email protected]

    Jen C, Buffalo, NY

  • coffeechris

    In our area the cicada’s come every 17 years, the first year I was in sales getting dressed up for work and walking out to my car in heels as they covered the sidewalk like a sci-fi movie. I would have to tip-toe around trying not to hear that crunch every morning. They came out of their shells and looked like zombies. It was pretty cool though.

  • CPB

    I’m an avid cyclist. There is a path that I frequent that is safe to ride and is often teeming with butterflies.

    One morning I was zipping along and I passed through a grouping of butterflies – trying to avoid them as best as I could. I didn’t see anyone attached to my shirt or pants so I continued on my way. When I returned to my car and took off my helmet, there was a little butterflie nestled in between the vents in the helmet. He immediately took off.

    That must have been one heck of a ride!


  • Kim

    One day I killed a spider and heard my daughter say, “Great job Mom!”
    email [email protected]

  • Brightsider

    Lovely bugs!

    I love insects and once spent a very happy sunny afternoon in my back garden stalking a gorgeous dragonfly to try and get a photograph. I didn’t manage to capture her on film, but she was very pretty indeed.


  • Anonymous

    Not really a story – but a favorite memory of my son’s glow-in-the-dark firefly shirt!

    LOVE the bugs!
    [email protected]

  • water works

    Thanks for the chance to win such great designs. My daughter would love them. Best bug story…hmmm…that would be the time my sister opened the bathroom door, had a cockroach (a south Louisiana roach) land on her head, and hit a very high C. We always knew she was a saprano! [email protected]

  • justusseven

    Last week on my way home from picking up the kids from school, my passenger side window was cracked about 4 inches and I was driving about 50mph. Somehow an monarch butterfly got sucked into the car and landed in the passenger seat. It sat there with its wings spread out without moving – I thought it was dead. I stopped the car and carefully picked him up – he started moving YAY! I set him on a tree stump and watched him for awhile. Finally he flew off! Strange!

  • Karen

    Your bugs are way cuter than the bugs I have been fighting with in the garden this past summer. I would take ladybugs, butterflies and bees any day over the cucumber beetles, japanese beetles and squash bugs! I’m glad it’s fall!
    [email protected]

  • Lauren

    I had a walking stick on my back one time. And I am soooo not a bug person. My husband (boyfriend at the time) just told me to hold still there was something on my back. Of course he didn’t try to get it off. He called other people over to see it. Let’s just say I was not happy. :-)

  • April

    Those are SO sweet! My middle daughter is slightly obsessed with butterflies :)

  • Francie O

    I love it when my children bring home a caterpillar and place it in our butterfly habitat and the caterpillar quickly turns into a chrysalis. How exciting to see the butterfly that emerges.

  • Andria

    These are adorable!!! So much detail.

    Bug story….I killed an ant this summer and was yelled at by a little girl for killing one of God’s creatures. I didn’t know her and didn’t know what to say. Moral of the story: Be careful who you kill bugs in front of.

  • babs

    I won a bug collecting contest at the summer playground recreation program the summer of 1968. I filled all the empty squares of a Whitman Sampler candy box with different kinds of beetles. The prize was probably some boondoggle, known elsewhere as gimp or lanyard, for making keychains or perhaps some popsicle sticks for creating treasure boxes or lovely lamp bases. Always crafty, that’s me!

  • kpete

    Unbeknownest to me, I had a cockroach crawling on my leg while watching a movie. It just so happens, I realized I had a cockroach on my leg at the same exact moment that the movie had a super-scary scene!! To say I almost had a heart attack is putting it mildly!! Your bugs are cute though, I wouldn’t mind watching a movie with one of them!!


    best bug story. probably finding a leach (does that count?) on my leg after walking around in a beautiful creek. coolest bug? probably those bugs that look like sticks. worst place found a bug…again probably on my leg! thankfully!
    no bugs have been harmed in my mouth (that i know of :O)
    absolutely NOT a humbug. more like a lightning bug!
    thanks for doing this. i hope i win

  • Astrid

    Oh my! Those are cute bugs!

    I’m trying to think of a good bug story…we live in a forest so there are close encounters with bugs here.

    The year my first daughter was born was a banner year for ladybugs (the Asian variety that bite!). I remember she’d pick them up and eat them. I couldn’t get them out of her mouth fast enough! blech!

    Personally, I’m amused by stick bugs.

    My most favorite though is watching the fireflies in the summer twinkling in the trees…especially when there is a clear sky filled with stars. It’s like looking at Heaven on Earth. Just breath-taking!

  • [email protected]

    Wow! Those are really neat bugs!

    I’ve always been rather bug-shy, but my kids love bugs, so I’m learning. The other week, they brought in a caterpillar and named it “Pedro”. (They name all their pets Pedro). A few days later, they changed it’s name to the name of their favorite babysitter, since it was so beautifull (it was hairy and brown). The caterpillar didn’t like it’s new name, and died the next day. I still don’t know why. Fortunately the kids weren’t too sad!

    Enjoy the giveaway season! Oh what fun!

    Amy ( crazydavises at gmail dot com )

  • Krista

    As a fan of your work, I have to say that these are my absolute favorite of anything I have seen, seriously adorable! Thank you for sharing all of your creations
    [email protected]

  • Keyomi

    hmm..what are the chances of me winning..hmm..but i want to give it a try.

    I hate bugs. i dont like to touch them actually. BUT I LOVEEE these fake bugs that are harmless!

    pls pick me. i would love to hang them in my room..they would make it look brighter!! thank you.

    [email protected]

  • Becky Gonce

    One year in Texas there were so many grasshoppers that you could hear them crunch under your foot walking across a parking lot! Since I wore skirts to work, I’d just cringe waiting for one to jump up my skirt! EWW! I love your projects, I’ve made 2 sets of mittens so far for x-mas gifts! Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Andrea

    My best bug story is simply my daughter dancing around as a ‘butterfly princess.’ It is her latest creation and my favorite character so far.

  • Laurie

    The coolest bug I’ve ever seen is a praying mantis. The worst place I’ve ever found a bug is well, the same bug (praying mantis)only it was in my hair and I happened to see it in a mirror while I was talking on the phone. I screamed really loud, dropped the phone and hurt my sister-in-laws ear all at the same time!

  • snarflemarfle

    These have got to be the cutest little bugs I’ve ever seen!

    My bug story:

    My sister and I (we were around 7 and 9) were with my dad out at the gun range and we were playing with another little boy. He had a poor dead roly-poly in his hand. When my dad asked him what happened, the little boy said, “I was just looking for the batteries!” Ha!!

  • JFibers

    Bugs… Bugs… I love Bugs. All types of bugs…. except the weird cock roaches that live in the Philippines and scare you half to death when you put your foot in your shoe…. nothing like the unexpected placement of a bug…..
    Thanks for all the chances at your great giveaways!

  • Heidi

    I’m afraid of bugs, so I use the vacuum attachment to kill them. The worst? Centipedes in the basement!

  • Patricia C.

    Betz, I love your bugs!
    I made a Dragonfly costume for Halloween once — it had a glistening, metallic blue body and wings, with large wobbling antennae and big bug eyes. My friends and I went out to a bar on Halloween night and in the dim light one of the patrons squinted and peered at me, chuckled and asked, “What are ya — a bug or somethin’?” I suppose I could have told him I was a “barfly!”

    [email protected]

  • Jen

    Just got CRAFT in the mail!!!

    That’s so amazing–You’re on the cover!!!

    [email protected]

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