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  • daisy janie : scoutie girl

    Totally needed that! Thanks!

  • Inspired Tokens

    I feel as though the wind is whipping through my hair. Thanks for the wonderful, peaceful and absolutely delightful walk! I love fall, don’t you?

  • Juddie

    Oh I love Autumn! We don’t get as many beautiful foliage colours down here in Australia ’cause our native plants are generally evergreen (in a dusty-green-blue, eucalyptus sort of way). But these pictures transported me to a beautiful cool, crisp climate.

  • Indigo Blue

    Simply lovely!!!

  • babelfish

    I love autumn colours, who could resist?

  • MaryD

    what are the purpley-black berries with the red stems? I have those in my yard and can’t find out what they are…. THANKS!

  • Betz White

    Hi MaryD,
    I’m sorry, I don’t know what they are! I saw them in the woods and liked the color of the stems.

  • KSee

    Thank you for sharing your walk. Just stunning.

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