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Ok, so remember my plan to knit this hat? Well, I knit it, then I frogged it. The yarn combo was too thin to make gauge and it turned out too small. I still recommend that hat (with the proper yarn), it’s a quick knit!

So…I began again, this time using SouleMama’s Favorite Hat pattern. You can get it for free in her left hand sidebar of her blog. Also a fun fast knit!

This is a very nice fall hat. It does cover the tops of my ears, but it is not as long or as bulky as my full-on winter hats. It’s just right…

Of course I don’t know what I am doing using the extended-arm-photography technique. (Got to figure out the auto-timer on my camera!) It was such a pretty morning though, I just wanted to mess around with some shots outside. Too bad my photo helpers already left for school!

By the way, your give-away comments are over the top! Who knew? :) Come back tomorrow for more news…

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  • RID

    Beautiful…you and your hat!

  • Lorrie

    That’s such a pretty colour for you.


  • sammyjo

    cool hat i might have to knit one for a friend who has the worlds largest collection! lol

  • stitching under oaks

    The hat is so cute on you…I saw that pattern, you’re making me want to try it!

  • Beth Quinn

    ohh hello there !! love the hat , you look adorable in it !!!

  • Rebecca

    love the hat…and the fall color.

  • Apryl

    lovely hat.. its a shame my kitting pattern skills are totally abysmal.. honestly.. I can do a simple scarf, I make tons of java jackets/coffee cozies but put a pattern in front of my and my brain dribbles out my ears and things go horribly pear shaped.

    obviously it dosen’t stop me from buying and fondling yarn though! ;o)

  • Annie

    I love it!

  • Annie

    I love it!

  • denitza

    What a great hat and color and model!

  • Heather

    Ah, yes I love this hat too. I’ve made one and am making another to give away. It’s very cool. Love the color on you.

  • Denise

    I love the color of your hat. I’m in to quick knits right now, might just have to check that one out.

  • Rachel Carlson

    ah betz, your hat is FAB! hugs, rachel

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