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You readers whipped yourselves into a cupcake contest frenzy! Wow! I’ve never had so many comments. And you were so sweet about them, too. I wish you all could win!

But alas…the cold, practical Random Number Generator has made its choice! The winner is Julie of Pieceful Bits!. Yay, you! I will get your goodies right out to you first of next week! Congratulations!

Now listen here, you three-hundred-something non-winners, don’t you fret! Come back Monday for blog reader give-away #2! There will be a fresh new prize and a slight change in “rules”. I think I will limit comments to Monday and Tuesday only and announce the winner on Wednesday. This week long comment-a-thon was just too much for me! :)

Speaking of treats and goodies, did I ever tell you I am an expert at making pumpkin seeds? These are my “specialty” which is a sad statement about my culinary skills. :)

I love Halloween, carving pumpkins and absolutely everything about fall. Making Jack-o-lanterns and roasting up a nice batch of seed afterwards just can’t be beat! The key is to separate the seeds from most of the goo, but DO NOT wash the seeds. That’s where all of the good flavor is! Put the seeds in a large bowl, add a few tablespoons of melted butter and mix together. Spread the buttery seeds out on a baking sheet (with an edge) and roast in the oven at 280 degrees. Stir them around once every 15-20 mins until they are golden brown. It will take about an hour and a half, depending on how wet the seeds were, etc. I usually add salt when I give them a stir, but you can add it at the end, too. Turn out onto paper towels to “blot” and eat while warm! Yum!

Hope you have a warm yummy fall weekend and see you on Monday for give-away week #2!

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  • Pieceful Bits

    thanks so much for the give-away!
    I cannot wait for the goodies to arrive! In the process of fixing my daughter’s Halloween costume yesterday I felt that my pincushion needed an update. Such perfect timing. It will definitely inspire me to sew MORE!
    Thanks again,
    (~~) Julie

  • Anonymous

    Hi Betz –

    Will you be doing more stockings for your etsy store b4 Christmas – I missed the last ones and would like one for our new grandson – jill

  • Lorrie

    Congrats to Julie on the giveaway! I love salty, buttery, crunchy things – like pumpkin seeds! Yours sound really yummy.


  • Betz White

    Hi Jill,
    I will have more stockings sometime before Christmas. I’m updating the shop this Monday but might not have stockings just yet…but soon!
    P.S. It might not be your taste, but there is one stocking left in the shop now.

  • One Shabby Chick

    Yum – we are off to a pumpkin patch today so this is perfect! Thanks!!


  • Janice

    By-the-way…those cookie sheets with edges are called ‘jelly-roll pans’. I always thought that the seeds were the ‘reward’ from all the mess that carving pumpkins brings.

  • quinn

    This sounds like fun! Do you have to crack the seeds open and eat the insides, or is the whole thing edible?

  • Ali

    Oh, I love pumpkin seeds – I do mine with olive oil and I like them really salty. Then I eat too many and make my tongue sore – no self control whatsoever!

  • Betz White

    Hi Quinn,
    Nope, you eat the whole thing! Sometimes they can be a little “woody” and can stick in your teeth…but it’s worth it. :)

  • quinn

    Thanks, Betz! Will try this soon. I’ve been giving all the squash seeds to the chickens, but with pumpkins there will be plenty of seeds to go around :)

  • Rachel Carlson

    YUMM! i love pumpkin seeds and can’t wait to get mine ready. we are trying to get our pumpkin carving party together here soon. hope you are doing well. happy fall! hugs, rachel

  • ~*Liz*~

    I missed it, dang! But yay for a new one tomorrow. LOVE your site and stuff!


  • KCQuilter

    Yay, a give-away contest at one of my favorite blogs!! Count me in.

  • the momma

    OOh ~ these are too cute!

    Bug stories ~ huh?

    One that comes to mind is….

    The first year that we had our pool, we collected all the cool bugs we’d find sharing a swim. Once, we found an awesome beetle, it was so shiny & irridescent, it looked like jewelry. My brother, who rather enjoys eating weird things – snatched up our beautiful bug & ATE it!!!!

    thansk for the chance to win some of your goodies :-)

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