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Nothing gets me in the holiday groove better than being around my kids. Their excitement is like a low level vibration that can be felt all through the house. Well, sometimes it’s not so low level. Now that the advent calendar is in use, it’s all about counting the days.

We’ve been making ornaments like crazed little elves. These pipe cleaner ones were inspired by the ones in Family Fun magazine. (I know nobody cleans pipes with them any more, but I refuse to call them “chenille stems”.) These are super easy for kids to thread beads on to.

These felty ornaments the boys made as teacher gifts. I saw the button snowmen somewhere online (sorry!) and the trees and penguin evolved from there. Today the That Artist Woman (found via the Crafty Crow) had little felt skate ornaments I’d like to try with the kids next!

Over Thanksgiving I tried my hand at these little mittens using my leftover sock yarn. How cute are they? I think I might try something like this next. There I go again, knocking off the mainstream, knocking off the crafters. :)

Who’s that little gingerbread man you ask? Why he’s That 70’s Plastic-ginger-dude from my childhood. Maybe I’ll knock him off. Y’know…in felt.

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  • Lorrie

    What fun things to make with your children!


  • NidiaEster

    Muy lindos, te felicito, un beso desde Argentina de Nidia…

  • andrea

    What cute little projects.I esepceillay love the gingerbread man.He has such a nice expression.

  • Lynn

    Oh, I love the snowflakes! They look easy, yet fun! Thanks for sharing – I think we’ll be making some of these!

  • Laura

    Que cosas hermosas, te felicito.

    Muchos besos de Argentina.

  • tam

    So much cuteness! How fun-thanks for the ideas!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    ~Tam :D

  • Inspired Tokens

    What fun! I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. What magical memories you and your children are creating.

  • Donna

    I call them pipe cleaners as well 8-)
    I figure that’s no more confusing to my kids than “chenille stems”. Thank you for the great idea for simple ornaments!

  • Daniela

    I am not able to say which thing is the most beatiful!!!
    I love every piece of these works!!!

    It’s lovely to see Christmas’ air everywhere!

  • At Home Mommy Knits

    I love the pipe cleaners decorations. So pretty and something my four year old daughter would love to do!! Thanks for the post.

  • mkayteem on scs

    I actually own the felt skates but mine are way more cute because they are stuffed. Make yours that way too! They were a gift from a relative in Florida, bought from a local craft show.

  • quinn

    Um…what DO people clean pipes with these days?

    These ornaments are adorable – I especially like the button ornaments on the tree ornaments!

  • Amy

    thanks for sharing, I would always have the kids make an extra ornament,, to give them a box ful when they move out and get their own own trees. Happy Holidays, Amy

  • sylvesterandmama

    Those mitten ornaments are adorable!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen the button snowman in a Martha Stewart magazine.

  • Blossom

    So many great ideas in this post. Felt is so great for children to work with.

    I love the little knitted mittens. I spent the day with a chocolate bar and white yarn, crocheting a star garland that I’m hoping to put up a pattern and tutorial for.

  • Kelly Fletcher

    Gingerbread man would look great in felt. Congrats on your Craft cover – recognised you straight away from your blog!

  • KateKwiltz

    Ack! We had the gingerbread man on our tree when I was little! Though I think he’s from the late 50’s early 60’s. He had an angel friend, too, with really pointy toes.
    What a flashback!

  • Flor

    your work is amazing!!

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