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Well, little Gingerbread Boy and Gingersnap Dog are feeling very loved and welcomed by all! Thanks for your kind words and ornament pattern orders. I’m digging the ease of filling orders when they require emailing PDF’s vs. packing and shipping. For certain I will be offering more patterns this way in the future!

I want to share some background on these little ginger-felts and give you another bonus project option for the pattern. (You know, in the spirit of “Wait! There’s More!”)

Ok, Bonus Project first. In addition to using the pattern to make ornaments, why not try them out as a sweet applique on a child’s sweater? You’ll need a sweater and some double sided fusible webbing.
* Trace the dog and boy pattern onto the paper side of the webbing and fuse it to your tan felt. (reverse the image for the dog if you want to keep him facing in the same direction)
* Next, cut the appliques out of the fused felt and peel off the backing. Place the appliques, webbing side down, onto the sweater and fuse, covering your work with a press cloth.
* Embroider details and blanket stitch edges. If you’d like, add a little hat to the boy, chain stitch a leash to the dog…make it yours.

I also think these friends would look adorable on a felty Christmas stocking. Must try that next year.

Ok, now the back story. I first created these friends back in my freelance days. I was submitting design work to a print studio in New York, and sometimes that included embroidery and applique design. The designs always sold better when I mocked them up in garment form. Look closely and you’ll see that this is just the front of a cardigan. This particular one didn’t sell, but I’ve hung onto it for all this time. I’m glad to be able to share it with you now!

If you’d like to try this or the ornaments, the pattern is available in my etsy shop. If you have any applique questions, please let me know.

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  • Ransacked Goods

    I love this, adorable! What a great way to make an instant holiday outfit.

  • nice

    Adorei seu blog, é muito maravilhoso. parabéns. Estou sempre aqui apreciando seus trabalhos
    Grande abraço


  • Amy

    oh my word that is just darling!

  • Maria Amélia

    Good idea! Very nice!

  • Tracy

    simply ADORABLE! Forget the little ones — I want one. lol

  • Gigi

    I’ve been looking for a way to embellish a little hat and mittens I made for my grand-daughter and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I think I’ve got it now — thanks to you!


  • swissmiss240

    Hey Betz,

    This is super cute!! I made the vests out of your book for all my boys ( ages 2,4,6) one with the robot, one with a rocket, and one for the little one with dogs. They are so cute I can hardly wait for them to open them all together! Hope your holiday mailing went well! Cheers Mariah

  • QuiltieComments

    Can’t believe this one “didn’t sell!” It’s wonderful. I like both of your uses for the patterns. Good job giving new life to old designs!

  • Frivolitea


  • SweetPeaknits

    the sweater looks too cute!

  • two hippos

    A fabulous little cardigan!

  • Francesca Righi

    so cute!!
    That gingerbread man is adorable!

  • Rūta


  • Daniela

    You always have ingenious ideas!!

    Love it!

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