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So much of the country is getting walloped with snow! All we’re getting here is rain rain rain. I started reminiscing about a great snowfall we got back when we lived in Wisconsin in 2005 so I scrounged up these photos.

We lived on a cul-de-sac so when the plow went by, we got a huge mound of snow in our front yard. That year we carved out the best snow fort! It had two entry ways and a tunnel. It was perfect for the boys who were 3 and 5 yrs old at the time.

One night I gathered a bunch of candles and went out into the dark. We made little divots in the walls of the fort and placed the candles in them. I just loved the reflective glow of the lit candles on the snow. It was really magical!


If you’ve got snow, I highly recommend it.
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  • Jamie

    Oh, that does look magical! I can imagine what type of adventures the boys pretended they were on, hehe. I’m right near you in NOVA so we are waiting for the snow too! Waiting…and my girls just can’t take it! A white Christmas would be nice :-)

  • nice

    Que lindo…. este lugar realmente é mágico. Nunca vi a neve de perto…apenas o gelo do meu freezer….



  • blair

    Wisconsin snow is the best in my book! We built snow caves back in 2006 in Colorado and it was nonstop fun for the kids, they wouldn’t come it. We don’t have that much snow here in Seattle right now, but its enough to look pretty, play in, and hopefully melt away before we’re tired of it!

  • Anonymous

    From Wisconsin – we’d love to send you some of our “excess”!

    Your pictures are indeed magical!

  • Anonymous

    Very cool, Betz. I am flying into WI in two days and rumor has it they got 13″ of snow last night in Milwaukee. Wonder if my 20-something nieces and nephew will be up for making a candlelit snow fort ;0) I’m in Seattle now and we even have snow here (a rarity), with more on the way. Sounds like it will be a white Christams for most of the country with snow forts aplenty! Enjoy!

  • meg

    yup, we got 15 inches in Madison yesterday, but it’s the fluffy stuff. Good for shoveling but not for snowmen or forts.

  • Kelly

    Wow! That is awesome! And may I just say I love all of the stuff that you make! You inspire me so much!

    Cheers, Kelly

  • Tracy

    FUN pics! Yes, we’re getting hit with snow — yesterday & today. Makes it easier for Santa’s sleigh, I think.

  • tam

    How cool is that? Looks like the boys had a terrific time!
    We are one of those places that have gotten all of your snow and… Loving it!

  • Wanda

    Wow, we have a bit of snow hwere but hardly to the boot tops. To have enough to make caves, I can only imagine. Thanks for sharing.TTFN

  • Annie

    What fantastic fun and memories. No snow here, just hot wind and sun.

  • bakeandsew

    Magical- the the children must have loved it

  • Miaou

    Oh that’s wonderful! I love the looks on the boys’ faces. I hope they remember that for many years to come.

  • babelfish

    That’s really beautiful, looks so much fun (wish we had so much snow…)

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