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Here’s a little peek at some flannel jammie pants I whipped up for the “cousins” (my 2 sons and 2 neices). Every one deserves a little jamification this time of year, don’t you think? I enjoy sewing with different prints rather than the same one over and over, so I don’t do the group matching thing. These are super basic, traced off an old pair of my son’s pants then enlarged just a bit to accomodate for those ever-growing legs. I didn’t have time to do a tutorial, but I found one by sew-funky you might take a look at and also on instructables.

It’s easy to add a little contrast cuff at the bottom, too, if youve got some extra scraps. Or maybe leave the cuff off for now and add it later when they become high-waters.

I had a good time making these as I got to haul out my serger. Weeeee! I’m a speed demon on that thing, that is as long as I don’t break a thread. Oh, and don’t forget to pre-wash your flannel before cutting as it tends to shrink quite a bit.

So c’mon everybody, it’s time to get jamified!

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  • Funky Kim

    I have seven pairs of matching jammies all cut out at home, ready for some serious sewing action. And, because my grandson thinks my jammie pants are the most special pants in the world, I also have several more pairs of pants cut out for him, all of different flannels.

  • Anita

    Betz, you’re a whirlwind of energy! Jammie pants are a great idea for the holidays and for the winter. Thanks, also, for the links to give us which are always fun and interesting.

  • Sarah

    jammies are the perfect christmas present! I’m hoping to get some Elle MacPherson pjs myself… my whole family knows I like them so someone’s bound to get me some!

  • Jamie

    Those are cute, but I gotta get one of those cute cupcakes made first, hehe! Just picked up some cute sweaters and shimmery pins today…maybe over the holiday break :-) Thanks for sharing all of these fun ideas…those jammies are very cute!

  • Marty

    So funny! It must be a jammie year! I have three sets cut out, with two pairs of pants on deck waiting to be cut out. And-I have that same green lizard print for one of the older grandsons. That was a huge flannel sale at Jo-ann’s. Now I just need to carve out some sewing time.

  • Regina

    Adding a cuff is a great idea for my growing boys. THanks

  • asnipofgoodness

    I am so jealous of the cute flannel prints you found!!! I have been searching all month for something cute to make some pretty Christmas nightgowns for my girls. I finally had to settle for a non flannel. Next year I will do it in enough time to order over the net!! I love the tradition of new jammies for everyone!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Betz,

    cute jams, here is montana we wear flannel all year long. I just made a new pair, top and bottom, for my 4 year old, he loves them and would really prefer to wear them all day. Hint for snip of goodness: try walmart, i live in the middle of nowhere and have found walmart actually has a pretty good selection of fabrics!! and bonus, they’re cheap. Today I’m starting the throw from your book as one of my last gifts, thanks for suh and awesome bit of inspiration!! Also finally made a hoopie snowman for the preschool teacher and of course she loved it!! Happy snowy day, Mariah

  • Gail VanWagoner

    A great source for flannel in fun prints, stripes, plaids and solids is sheets. I have five big kids ages 9 to 15, so If I were buying my flannel at the fabric store it would get pricey pretty fast. I make the matching jammies every year for my kids, on nephew and three nieces. One set of King size sheets (on sale at Target for $13.00) will make jammie pants for all 8 kids or two sets will make nightgowns for the girls and pants for the boys, with fabric to spare for doll jammies too. I also have a cute set of cherry print flannel sheets for extra nightgowns. and some non-christmas plaids for extra pants for the boys. My kids would think Christmas did not come without homemade flannel jammies.

  • Maribel

    You did not just say “high-waters”! I was laughed at by my co-workers for saying that…they said the proper word was “floods”. Ha! Who’s laughing now!!! Muahahahah!


  • Betz White

    Ha! I didn’t even think, I just wrote. We called them “floods” also. I would hardly call either slang term “proper” or not. :)

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