Oh boy oh boy! I’ve been keeping this to myself (almost) all week. I got an advance copy of my upcoming book, Sewing Green!

Words cannot describe how it felt to rip open the envelope that arrived unexpectedly in the mail last week. It was sort of like reconnecting with an old friend. You see, this book and I have spent so much time together in the past. Long hours and late nights designing the projects, writing the copy, and editing editing editing. It was an intense relationship. So intense, that after the final manuscript deadline, I took a complete (almost) mental separation from it. But oh boy, let me tell you, it’s good to be reunited. I feel really happy with it. And Stewart Tabori & Chang knows how to treat a book, too. It feels great to hold and the cover couldn’t be more beautiful, even if it is my own sweet niece smiling back at me. 🙂

Ok, now for the SNEAK PEEK! Click on over the Melanie Falick’s blog to get glimpses of the projects that Ive been keeping under wraps for over a year now. Go Look!

Pre-order it from your local bookstore, or online retailers including Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble; Booksense member stores; and Borders.