I must be getting wimpy now that I’ve moved *down south* (to Maryland from Wisconsin). I’ve been feeling chilly this winter! Late at night I’ve been getting sucked into the knitting vortex that is Ravelry searching for the perfect cowl, neck wrap or scarflette. I’ve got a few in mind to knit up, but in the meantime I thought I’d try a felted wool one that I could make now. (I’m a slow knitter!)

I grabbed a felted wool sweater out of my stash and cut a rectangle across the body of the sweater, measuring about 5.5″ x 24″. This included part of the front, back and side seam. Because I avoid making button holes at all costs, I borrowed part of the placket from a cardigan and zigzagged it to one end of the rectangle.

Then I took the buttons and sewed them at the other end of the rectangle (at the side) so that it wraps around and aligns like so! I made sure I chose a nice soft wool since this is right on my neck.

I think I might try this again with slightly smaller dimensions so that it fits more snuggly, like maybe 4.5″ x 22″. And out of cashmere….mmmmm. Sometimes when the house feels chilly, I’ve been wearing a scarf inside, but the tails get in my way! Yes, an indoor cashmere neck cozy sounds just right.

And not to let the rest of the sweater go to waste, I made up a pair of matching mittens! The pattern for these is in Warm Fuzzies and they go together super fast. My mom has been whipping them up for charity this winter. I’ll have to find out where she’s donating them…I like that idea.

Stay warm…my kids have already had one snow day this week and tomorrow may be another!