I have been on a recent quest to rid the world of the plastic Easter egg! Ok, well, not completely, but I have been brainstorming alternatives. I mean, really, do we need to buy a bunch EVERY year? They are good for outside egg hunts and can be reused, but there are other alternatives for handing out treats, indoor decoration, etc.

What I came up with was this cute little woven basket that would be great for a little gift, favors, or something to put by each place setting at Easter dinner. How cute would these be with your guest’s names written on the handles? All it takes is 2 “dixie” cups, and a few common craft materials.

I practiced making these first with my 7 year old son, and he loved making them! Yesterday I tried them out on a group of 7’s and a few older kids during my son’s playdate. They all needed a bit of help with the weaving, but they had a good time with it. I wish I had remembered my camera, because they all turned out quite differently…very colorful and Eastery. Really sweet.

To view the tutorial, go to my Mini Easter Basket Flickr Slideshow. While in the slide show, click on “show info” to see the written step simultaneously with the photos. Be sure to pause the show as needed, and have fun with it. Please let me know if I omitted anything.