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I’m the first to admit I am a temperature wimp! I HATE being hot. Every year I am on a mission to find cool and comfy tops to get me through the long hot summer. Personally, a close fitting knit tank top is not the solution for me.

Since I am obsessed with pillowcases lately, I’ve decided to refashion them into this summer’s way to beat the heat. I love this soft green pillowcase with the border. It’s pretty sheer so I think I may designate it as a jammie top for those hot summer nights.
You can find my full tutorial for this top over at Craftzine. Let me know if you make one or have any questions along the way!

Have fun and stay cooool.

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  • [email protected]

    LOVE this! You are the Pillowcase Queen! PQ — that’s you. :)

  • SisterDG

    So, so, so cuuuuute!

  • Chris

    okay, the apron was cute, but THIS is darling!

  • Kelly O.

    This is amazing! Where do you get your ideas?!

  • Wendy

    That is adorable! I have NEVER sewn clothes. Is it fairly easy?

  • Jess

    What a fantastic idea! I am a sucker for Border prints, and I never thought of using a pillowcase.

  • Lisa

    Love it.

  • LaurieG

    Too cute! I can see an outfit w/ a skirt and top out of a set of pillowcases.


    You’re a genius!

  • Jenna

    ok, seriously. where do you find all your pillowcases? all the ones i’ve seen thrifting are uhglee. i LOVE this top! super cute. and i’m IN LOVE with your book. great ideas, cute pictures. my favorite book right now!!

  • Kerry

    Super Cute!!! I’m the same way…hate those close fitting t’s…I find them sometimes hotter than looser fitted clothes.

  • Betz White

    If your local thrift store doesn’t have good pillowcases, try eBay! Sometimes you can get a big stash for cheap! Also search on etsy under supplies…

  • Cathy W.

    So cute, Betz! They remind me of the little summer dresses that I loved to put on my daughter when she was a toddler. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  • rebecca

    adorable and such a great idea!

  • Tola

    it is adorably cute! however, i really do require sleeves. any chance of a design with sleeves, using perhaps a second matching or contrasting pillowcase?

  • daisy janie : scoutie girl

    L O V E T H I S !!!!!

  • vanessa

    very cute! i love the simplicity of the top. thanks for sharing.

  • Aly

    This is so cute. I loved the tutorial not only for the idea, but for how well you showed how to do the shirring. I’ve been wanting to try this technique.

  • ...

    These are great! I hope to give it a try!!!

  • Rachel

    That’s really cute!

  • kikiverde

    Those are beautiful! You’d never know they were once pillow cases.

  • beth

    these are super cute. might have to be our next craft night project.

  • monda-loves

    This is really pretty – i have a nice pillowcase just waiting to be refashioned into something else, and it looks like I have just found the something else!

    Thanks for sharing


  • Romero

    your blog is fantastic. I like much the new image.

  • Red Fish Circle

    Love this too, the fabric pattern is absolutely perfect for this project. Thanks for sharing.

  • tracey

    These are just adorable!! sent me back to high school, when one spring I made tops out of those cotton (not terry) dishtowels.. I made one and then everyone wanted one. Had forgotten about them. If my daughter was more “girly” I would make her some of these!!

  • Maddie

    Oh.. those are so sweet.. but I fear with my more generous proportions I would either look preg. again or like I was a lost parade float! ~sigh~


  • kitsch café

    do we shop at the same thrift stores? i have that same floral pattern pillow case!

  • Susan

    You might be wearing my childhood pillowcase. I had those floral sheets on my bed as a kid. Come to think of it…my mom probably still has them.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  • Heather

    awesome pillow case ideas. keep em coming, they seem to be getting better and better. wish i could join the upcoming trip to NH. have a great time!!!

  • Jennifer

    Just today I found a great pillowcase at an estate sale. I can’t wait to create with it!

  • Monica

    The tutorial link is broken, is there another link? I’d love to make this….

    • Betz White

      Hi Monica,
      I just checked the link above “my full tutorial” and it seems to be working fine. Thanks!

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