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Sometimes I forget about my old friend, the cupcake pincushion. Last weekend when I showed my work at the Squam Art Fair, I was reminded once again about my tried and true…

I forget that some people have never seen a cupcake pincushion made from recycled sweaters…
I forget that not everyone knows my first book, Warm Fuzzies, or has seen them on the cover…
I forget that these little cuties were the thing that caught the attention of a producer at the Martha Stewart Show 2+ years ago…
I forget that when I want to make something pleasing and familiar, the cupcake pincushion is just the thing…

I’ve come a long way since making my first cupcake pincushion 4 years ago. Sometimes in the rush to move ahead, it’s easy to forget where you started. When I came home from Squam, I was full of new ideas and rarin’ to go. Instead of charging ahead I took some time to sort through my thoughts. I picked up some wool and rolled and pinned and sewed. You’d think I’d have had enough of them by now…but making these is almost therapeutic for me.

So, for those of you that have been missing the cupcake pincushions in my shop and for those of you who are just discovering me and my ol’ standby…I have updated my shop with a fresh batch! I hope they bring you happiness the way they do for me.

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  • Nicole

    My cupcake is still my favourite thing in my sewing room! I remember taking it with me to work when it arrived in the mail. They are so awesome!

  • Amber

    I absolutely love mine :-) It’s my favorite pin cushion and the one I use the most! It always makes me happy :-)

  • Meg

    I love those pincushions!

    I totally know what you mean about tride and true projects. We all have and love those :D

  • Terriaw

    What a wonderful feeling to be fondly reunited with your adorable cupcake!

  • Terriaw

    What a wonderful feeling to be fondly reunited with your adorable cupcake!

  • gail

    Hi,,, I love your cupcake pin cushions!!! So cute and what an original idea you had, and its still a great idea.
    Happy creating.. gail

  • restitcherator

    Everyone who comes into my sewing room picks up the cupcake I made using Warm Fuzzies and says “OHHH how cute”. It got me started with felted materials and back to my dusty sewing machine.

    Thanks so much!

  • amelia


    The same is true for me with a Roly Poly snowman that I make. I have one that I make in three sizes and I have made them for a few yrs. to sell at our locally remodeled feed mill for Fall/Christmas craft sales. I make their hats from old sweaters and their bodies from the really thick old cotton quilted mattress pads.

    They are sprayed with coffee so they look old and worn and primitive.

    When I start making them again I feel like…well this is old stuff everyone has already seen this, but as soon as I sew them again..I do not come back with them from the sales…they are fresh for new people who have never seen them before!

    My daughter and I have made some cupcakes for a 4-H project. We are going to make enough to put on a raised pie plate…it is going to look cool and I’m sure she will get a ribbon….if not some ooohhs ans ahhhs which is sometimes better than a ribbon.

    Keep your mind fresh, open…that is when we get the most ideas!

    I would be interested in an on-line seminar.

  • C.E.R.

    Betz, I was home from work the day that you were on Martha. The cupcake pincushion is still one of my favorite things. :)

  • Red Fish Circle

    What a sweet way to get everything started:)

  • after all our long chats, you know I love this post ;) I’m so happy you released some new pin cushions & it’s funny because my experience at Squam is solidifying some of the same ideas, about returning to how it all began for me. Maybe we have to travel ahead, to sometimes truly appreciate how it began

  • mayaluna

    Your pin cushions inspired me to buy Warm and Fuzzies which inspired me to enter a Sew Green contest… which got me using my machine again. Those little cupcakes are powerful stuff! I love how making them became almost a a meditative process as you sorted out your thoughts. Wonderful post!

  • Jennifer

    What you say is true. I just discovered you and your cupcake pincushions around January this year and a new “shopping for wool sweaters” addiction started. In fact I write a regular article for our local paper and featured you and my addiction to sweaters. I will need to send you a copy sometime!

  • Tina

    I remember seeing you on Martha 2 years ago and thinking that the pincushion was probably one of the cutest things I’d ever seen! And, now I follow your blog. Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  • henzy

    I have seen cupcake pincushions before put some how i never tire of them. They are always adorable and fun. And every time i see one as cute as your I wish I knew how to sew more than just a button and I could buy one.

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