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Do you know that excited-yet-self-conscious feeling you have when showing off a new haircut you think looks really good on you? That’s a little how I feel about my new organic fabric line. After my last sneak peek, you were all so kind, so encouraging. I thought I would give you just a little more of a peek…just because.

I’ve gotten more strike-offs (test print runs) and have been doing some sewing, seeing how the different prints and colors work together. I so love this process! Playing with trims, mixing and matching…all with my very own fabric designs. Oooh, it’s such a thrill. As I’ve mentioned before, this has been a loooong time aspiration of mine and it is making me very happy.

This week I will be pulling it all together and wrapping up the details before we leave on our annual lakeside vacation. If all goes as planned, I will be back and ready to launch the line last week of July! It will be available for purchase in my etsy shop by staring July 30th.

Until then, I will fill you in on some of the details. There will be five prints available, some in different colorways, printed on a 100% organic cotton and hemp blend. It’s a home dec weight canvas suitable for pillows, totes, place mats, hats, etc. The fabric is professionally printed in the USA. In the very near future (September!) I will be offering more prints on different types of fabrics, such as an organic cotton sateen. Let’s see, what else? Gosh, there’s so much to do! I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. Plus getting ready for vacation! (Nothing like the feeling of “hurry up so you can relax”!)

Phew…I hope these small insights into my line entice you to come back for the full reveal later this month. And I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. :)

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  • Lupin

    These look so gorgeous, especially that floral print!

  • Cicada Studio

    So fun! What fabulous little projects you’ve made too. I’m loving the “lawn chair webbing” plaid!

  • daisy janie

    Looking splendido!!!! July 30th is going to be a great day!!

  • jaybird

    looks great!! love the addition of the ric rac! perfect little details!

  • Pat B.

    I love, l*o*v*e,LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE these. The colors are favulous and the prints are to die for! I have never ordered fabric on-line. How do I go about doing this?
    Pat B.

  • amy

    ooh, the fabrics in the middle picture are luscious! i love those shades of blue and green!

  • Meredith

    I need the dots! Love the new line. Any chance you ship to Canada? I hope so!

  • KGLO

    Eeeee! Can’t wait. They’re GORGEOUS!

  • [email protected]

    Holy fabulous fabric, Batman!

    Seriously, Betz. It’s all just GORGEOUS. Can’t wait to sew with it!


  • Laura Zarrin

    I am so excited about this line. It’s beautiful and I’m so happy it’s home dec weight. I have some ideas already.

  • My Mid-Afternoon Daydream

    Beautiful job! I love seeing more options in canvas weight fabric. And organic cotton/hemp too?? So fabulous :o)

  • Carol Browne

    So…beautiful! I just love the patterns. And that it’s organic is a bonus. Very well done!!

  • Shannon

    Gorgeous! … and I do not use that word lightly.

  • SarahB

    Beautiful designs! Congratulations!

  • Lorrie

    Congratulations on a dream fulfilled. Your designs are fresh and beautiful – I love the blue/green colourway.


  • Sharon

    Your fabric range is lovely.Hope we can expect some in England!

  • Red Fish Circle

    The fabrics and colors are so cheery. Love your projects and photos, congrats again on the new line!

  • coisasdanecca

    Seus tecidos são muito lindos!

  • Nancy

    I will be sitting here wiping the drool off the computer screen waiting …….

  • lesley

    i just love it, all of it. can’t wait to get my hands on some :)

  • Kelly

    They all look lovely. I really like the one with the circles

  • Wendy

    I am loving the blue/greens!

  • Chicago Sarah

    Betz, I can’t wait for the fabric!

  • Recuperando

    Tu sei eccezzionalmente FANTASTICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Le tue creazioni non hanno confronti!!!!!
    Non ho mai visto niente di più bello…….dalle tue mani escono poesie!!!!

  • Catherine Watts

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I’m loving that fabric. Nice vibrant colours

  • Leslie

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more! WOW, Betz!! These are beautiful!! Cannot wait be get them!!

  • house on hill road

    this is exciting! can’t wait for the full reveal!!!

  • mayaluna

    It doesn’t get any better than to sew with your own fabric! Congratulations on a dream come true! Your prints look fabulous and I have a feeling you’re going to have a hard time keeping them in your shop. Putting the 30th on my calendar right now.

  • nice

    maravilhoso seu trabalho.
    Parabéns e sucesso, pena que não podemos ve-los aqui no Brasil



  • Ariane

    I love the colors and the prints. So gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Johanna

    nice colors I like them

  • Annie

    I am SO excited for this fabric… The sneek peaks you’ve given so far make me feel like it was designed for me — this is the most “me” fabric I’ve seen in a long time!! I can’t wait to see it released!!

  • Kathy Bo

    I am SO excited over your new fabric! I am going to put the date on my calendar and order right away! Thank you for the sneaks!

  • Francie O

    Both times you showed us your new fabrics, I thought “I love that fabric” before I read that it was yours. I especially love the circles. The organic cotton and hemp is very appealing too. I know it will be a huge hit! Congratulations.

  • Larissa

    Loving the basket weave print, and your projects. How exciting! I hope your week comes smoothly together so you can go unplug and relax. Congratulations, what a coup!

  • jennifer

    Congratulations! I am so thrilled that you are fulfilling a dream and what a wonderful result! Looking forward to following all that you are up to!

  • Georgia

    Your fabric is GORGEOUS! Love the colours and the designs.

  • Always Inspire

    Simple gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for them to go for sale….enjoy your much deserved vacation!

  • Barbara Keenan Bailey

    Hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but the lawn chair weave pattern is fabulous, love the colors, and that it is a canvas, tons of uses. Bravo!

  • 1001 Acessórios

    Projectos fabulosos. adorei o estampado do tecido e parece ter uma textura fabulosa!

    Loy da 1001

  • Mary McCain

    Whoah! I popped over to say congratulations on the Family Fun shout-out, having just opened my copy…how lucky for me that I did! These sneak peaks are just wonderful. I’m out of town the week of the Reveal, so I’m crossing my fingers that some will be left when I can check in again!

  • MichelleJ

    Oh these are so gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  • jacquie

    i’m so excited about your fabric i can barely contain myself!!!

  • Sue McGettigan

    Oh they look fabulous! Love the colors and the wondefully textured fabric :)

  • CrazyPeopleI'veWorkedWith

    I absolutely love the prints and colors!

  • toan hoc

    Very good, thank you.

  • Lorraine

    Be still my beating heart! Those blue & green prints are TDF…love love love them! i can’t wait to see the rest.

  • berries01

    Of course it’s a thrill being able to make ones own fabric and sew of it! The fabrics are gorgeousssssssssss! Am looking forward to seeing more of your creations!:)

    I love the circle pattern!

  • Rebekah


  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to see them all! They are truly beautiful.

  • Just another Socrates

    hi betz
    just strayed into your blog- these are so stunning. im into the arts in india and well my job is to keep viewing beautiful things

  • kio

    i love your designs! :) simply beautiful!!

  • stitchesandtulips

    beautiful! i love the colors and the patterns. Can’t wait for the cotton later this year too!

  • henzy

    wonderful colors, great fabric. everything looks great.

  • Rachel Carlson

    oh goody, looking forward to the full reveal. cheers to you betz! xoxo, rachel

  • Alex

    Great job! I like such a beauty in canvas or cotton. So fabulous

  • Dee

    I love the circles!!

  • tatertotmom

    Love the ricrac detail and the fabric is absolutely to die for! So glad I found your blog!

  • imabhilasha

    ur blog is awesome. I really loved it. thx for putting up the creative stuff.

  • Cheryl

    The Blue/Green is my favorite, but they are all fantastic. How soon can I get my hands on the fabric? I am ready to redecorate… and I have the perfect room for this. Ooh la la!

  • Betz White

    Thanks, Cheryl! You can buy it July 30th!

  • jeff


  • depannage informatique lyon

    that’s so beautiful… beautiful blog template with beautiful pictures… nice,!


    Lindo trabalho!!! parabéns.

  • depannage informatique

    really nice template indeed.. thank you a lot :)

  • depannage informatique

    I love the colors and the prints. congratulations

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