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I believe there’s a place in everyone’s life
real or imagined
in your mind or in your heart
in your backyard or far far away
where you are truly yourself.
Not defined by what you do or to whom you belong
but by the person you have always been deep down at the core.
The authentic you of your childhood, when long summer days stretched on forever.
When time stood still and there was nowhere to be but right where you were.
Fun and joy and life just happened.

For me that feeling, that place, is what inspired my debut collection, “Family Cottage”. Natural elements and a palette of sun washed colors are reminiscent of warm afternoons and cool evenings spent lakeside at a cottage up north.

I love…
Warm weathered docks on a breezy day
Lawn chairs lining the edge of the shore
Faded life jackets hanging by nails from the porch
The glow from the stone fireplace after a late day swim
Toadstools, dragonflies and wild blueberries discovered during a nature walk
The lake. The mountains. The sky.

The prints…
Sprig and Sprouts – blue/green
Lawn Chair – blue/green
Sprig and Sprouts – coral/poppy
Lawn Chair – coral/poppy
Wood Pile
Hammock Stripe
Picnic Floral

The fabric…
I’ve waited a long time for the day I would have my own print line. While I might’ve been happy to license my designs to a large fabric manufacturer, I didn’t find any that matched my commitment to printing on organics. After much researching and soul searching, I decided to produce the line myself. All of my original fabric designs are professionally printed in the US on an organic cotton and hemp blend canvas. It’s ideal for home décor, craft projects and personal accessories. It has an off-white ground, a hefty feel and is wonderfully textured. The digital printing process utilizes water-based, non-toxic pigment dyes and minimizes waste and water consumption. Heat and pressure are used to finish the fabric instead of harsh chemicals. I’ve made the choice to print on demand, in an effort to prevent fabric waste.

Now available…
Starting today, July 30, 2009, the “Family Cottage” fabric collection will be available for purchase exclusively through my etsy shop. I’ve listed hefty 18″ x 26″ Fat Quarters in each print. I’m also offering 3-packs of 18″ x 18″ Home Dec Squares in the 3 multicolored prints. These are great for pillow fronts, totes and smaller projects! Yardage is available in the full 54″ wide width by request. Please email me or convo me through etsy. Most yardage orders will be printed on demand and will take about 2 weeks for delivery.

My hope…
Thank you for taking this journey with me. Your support, enthusiasm and acceptance means so much to me. I believe that inspiration goes on forever, flowing from one of us to the next. I hope you enjoy using my fabrics as much I did creating them. And I absolutely cannot wait to see what you make with them!

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  • daisy janie

    Congratulations Betz! They look vibrant and full of promise for so many sewing projects! Had goosebumps reading your intro. From one journey-taker to another, I applaud your effort and commitment to be true to yourself and your philosophies. You always rise to the occasion!!

  • Lisa K. of XSBaggage and Co.

    I really enjoyed reading about your inspiration. Your photos and fabrics and wonderful!

  • elissa barbieri

    buoyed by your poetry, this collection is such a shining star ! it’s so wonderful how you infused the visual vibrancy with your personal story – so well articulated. I applaud your commitment to organics and echo Jan’s ‘from one journey-taker to another’ sentiment… I know how difficult it is and so raise a raucous cheer to all you’ve accomplished ! Congratulations, Betz !

  • VoNnChrizt

    hi betz, I really like your fabric!!! LOVE it so much… so beautiful and brilliant! congratz!!

  • Victoria (Everman) Klein

    The colors & prints are fantastic – a delightful addition to the growing eco-fabric community. :D

  • Michelle | Cicada Studio

    Just beautiful- the patterns and the sentiment. Congratulations on this superb collection! Beautifully sampled, too.

  • ניתוח אף

    Very nice blog!

  • Kelly

    Your fabric designs are just beautiful. I love the color combinations.

  • Lisa Clarke

    Oh, Betz, with a description like that, I would be in love with this fabric even if I found every print unappealing (which, I most certainly do not!)

    I suddenly want to go back to my childhood summers and bring some of your fabric with me :-)

  • Cameron Blazer

    These are absolutely lovely. I most especially love the lawn chair pattern–so clever and so evocative!

    Yay for organics, and yay for print on demand! It’s the wave of the future!

  • Kelly O.

    what a great post!

  • [email protected]

    Yay, betz!
    I love them, well done, girl!
    Lovely shoot, lovely words, lovely you.

  • Leslie

    Congratulations, Betz! Those are beautiful prints! I applaud you for sticking to your commitment to producing organics!! Yay!

  • Suzanne

    Just fantastic Betz!!! I’m already making plans on what to do with some of those patterns. You’ll be seeing some of them in my Etsy shop, for sure!!

    – Suzanne

  • Anonymous

    They are beautiful. I never spent time at a cottage when I was growing up, but looking at your fabric line makes me feel happy and want to drink a tea with a sprig of mint.

    Very gutsy to print your own line…many kudos to you for that!!! I wish you many many sales.


  • Karen @ old beginnings

    Absolutely beautiful. I wish you much success with these – and all designs to come. Fantastic job!

  • threebysea

    Your collection is bright, beautiful, and fun! Congratulations on making this dream come true. I hope to do the same some day, so it’s always encouraging to see others making it happen!

  • Annie Pazoo

    Congrats, Betz! Fantastic introduction to a wonderful new line!

  • modkidboutique

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new endeavor, Betz.

    Reading your descriptive post really made me feel like I was there… even though I have never experienced this sort of getaway you describe. My “family Summers” growing up in Costa Rica were quite different from this. The sights, smells and sounds were about as diametrically opposed to what you described as they could get but you have such a gift for writing that it really made me experience it right there with you. I think you completely captured that feeling with your collection!


  • Jill

    Congrats Betz! The copy and photo montage are outstanding! Will have to get another book from you when I get home to send to a friend of mine. Hope you sell lots of fabric!!

  • Amy

    Congratulations! I cannot wait to make some place mats and keep summer on the table all year long.

  • Venezie Bags

    WOW – what a wonderful line you’ve designed! The colors are outstanding!

    Best of luck to you!

  • maureenm

    This is a triumph – gorgeous colours and designs on fabric that is kind to the environment – BRAVA!!

    I wish you every success in your newest venture – you are an inspiration. Love your descriptive prose and great imagery.

    cheers, maureen

  • ezeldabeth

    wow! your fabrics are wonderful! i love them!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Betz! I’m glad your happy I’m happy too. I do remember those carefree summer days, and your fabric I cant wait to get it all its the best. You are very talented. Congrats! Angela Owen

  • The Dreaming Bear

    It’s absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on a vision coming into fruition!!! You go girl!

  • Absolutely LOVE your fabrics!!! Congratulations Betz ~ you deserve all the best of everything in this life. I’m so, so proud of you ~

  • The Worsted Witch

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so happy for you, Betz!

  • Melanie O

    I love your description and inspiration for these fabrics – they are wonderful! Thank you for your commitment to organics, I love seeing them in such bright colors from such a talented designer!

  • Bette's Bags

    Love you fabric designs! I;m off to your esty shop right now!

  • The Green Gal

    I’m a newcomer to your blog but I’ll be a regular from now on!
    What beautiful fabric you’ve created, just gorgeous. I love that you combine craft with eco living, you’re a woman after my own heart!
    An inspiration, I shall become an avid fan!

  • Ruth Singer

    Brilliant! What a triumph! We need this kind of thing so much. hope it all sells fantastically well and leads to many more wonderful opportunities and really helps to spread the word of eco sewing.

  • Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

    Awesome! Looks gorgeous. I love it!

  • kim

    Congratulations! Lovely fabrics!! Thanks you for sharing your inspiration!

  • yarn girl

    CONGRATULATIONS! They’re beautiful, will be buying soon!!!!

  • mayaluna

    I’ve had this date on my calendar since your first sneak peeks! Congratulations, Betz! Your commitment, intertwined with your inspiration, are so lovingly articulated in this post. What a fabulous launch!

  • Suzy Bonnah


  • bari

    Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! Great job, Betz! Congrats!

  • chppie

    Really like the new line. Thanks for doing something organic and something heavier. Looking forward to stitching it up.

    I noticed the new line is hand wash. Do you get a good aged look if you machine wash or does it just look off?

  • Tif

    Oh your fabric is gorgeous!! I’m off to your etsy shop to check it out!

  • Betz White

    Hi chppie,

    Here are the care instructions for the canvas:

    “For best results wash in cold water by hand, or gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Machine washing may tone down color, soften drape and result in 3-5% shrinkage. Lay flat to dry. Hot steam iron if needed.”

    Machine wash cold/gentle is fine, but it will change the look of it slightly as noted. If shrinkage will be an issue with your project, I recommend pre-washing.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

  • patricia

    Congratulations Betz! Your collection looks beautiful and the sentiments you’ve expressed about it so touching.

  • Suzy-Homemaker

    Truly stunning and your photography takes me to such a wonderful place! Congratulations!

  • saltycatco

    I WANT THEM ALL! Beautiful! Congratulations! I cannot wait to get my hands on these and create!!!!

  • Dé à coudre

    I love your fabric so so much.
    J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites et j’espère pouvoir acheter du tissu.
    De France.
    A bientôt.

  • Carole

    Fantastic fabric.

    I’d love to make that tote!

  • Heather

    Oh Congrats, the day is finally here and I’m sure you are as excited to share this with us as we are to finally see it! The prints are all adorably fun and they do speak of the summertime atmosphere you are creating. Good luck with these!

  • boygirlparty

    congratulations, Betz! I love the sprigs & sprouts especially, but they all coordinate so beautiful with one another! Well done!

  • amanda

    It’s beautiful, Betz! As are the sentiments behind it. Well done!!

  • Rachel Carlson

    HUGE kudos to you betz! i’m so proud of you doing it the way you did. for you, for us, for the planet – cheers to you!!! hugs, rachel

  • goldeneyez

    Thank you soooo much for invoking memories of our family outings to the beach and camping. I love the fabrics and can’t wait to try some out!!!

  • Organizing Mommy

    Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment. Amazing. Some day you should tell us bit by bit how you did it, since I’m sure it was a long and laborious procedure. The line is beautiful, and I am sure you’ll be the next Amy Butler.

  • Jennifer Lo Prete

    Congratulations on designing and producing your OWN fabric line – and organic! Very inspirational indeed.

  • Regina Diniz Outeiro

    Simply wonderful!

  • handmadeandpretty

    Beautiful fabric. Such bright, happy prints!

  • Shirely Cohen

    I love the fabric and the fact that you did it yourself, (which is more work and time than anyone can imagine that hasn’t tried it.) I hope to see some crib bumper sets in it! I will be passing on the site to friends. Congratulations! Shirley

  • lesley

    gorgeous! this is such an exciting endeavor, congratulations on a wonderful collection. a lovely heartfelt post paired with perfect pictures + fantastic fabrics. i hope to have some for myself sometime soon, and come up with something fun to make! [hard to pick a favourite, but i just love the woven-chair-style print. so great!]

  • City Living Girl

    Congrats on your new organic line…they are lovely prints. Best of luck.

  • Maxine

    Dear Betz,

    What an inspiring story!! Your prints are as refreshing as is your personal commitment to organics. I look forward to matching your crisp, clean fabrics to some patterns I have in mind while redecorating my favorite “Florida Room” Should you find yourself needing reading glasses or magnifiers or if you need some great gift ideas check out
    and type in handmade to view some wonderful handmade items. Again, I truly enjoyed your journey and I will surely share your site with others.

  • Bonniedoo

    love those fabrics!!!!

  • Eliane Zimmermann

    well done and congratulations from Ireland!!!! I find it fabulous that you followe your idealism and produced the line yourself, very brave!

  • cindi

    congrats on the success of your detrmination and committment! the line is gorgeous and couldn’t have had a better intro. those words made me realize there is that place inside of me and i want to get back there. thank you so much for reminding me that i can.

  • Bernadette Noll

    Oh my Betz! Those are incredible. Well done and way to go!

  • ohthecuteness

    Oh my gawd! Congrats Betz You are my hero. I’m off to your etsy store! *Empties piggy bank*.

  • random-charm

    Congratulations! You’re writing and the fabrics are beautifully evocative. I am transported to summer days on the beach at my aunt’s house. I hope your endeavor will push big fabric manufacturers to think again.

  • Indian

    beautiful, bright and full of live, love your collection. I like whites the most..

  • Kellen

    Congratulations, Betz. I love the patterns and the words to go along with them. Inspiring.

  • Heidi

    OMG! Can’t get my hands on your new fabrics fast enough!

  • cristy


    Your fabric looks beautiful.

  • Caddie

    I’m love with your fabric designs, I think you’re really talented!

  • Bec Clarke

    Oh my goodness they are so beautiful.
    I just purchased your book Sewing Green and it is sooooo nice and I have ordered a copy of your Warm Fuzzies book too.
    Now I will have to tell my husband I want some of your fabric for christmas.

  • leuanya

    These prints are so beautiful! I just discovered your blog, and I really like it.

  • Saphron

    Wow! I’m so glad I looked at the Blogs of Note list! Your blog is so pretty! And your new print line is simply gorgeous, it really is, it’s stunning even just to look at. I have an Etsy shop too that I’m gearing up for fall, and you’ve inspired me! :) And maybe one day I can even buy some fabrics from your store. *fingers crossed!* Congrats on your new line and good luck!!!

  • G Lucciano

    Absolutely beautiful, and wonderfully arrayed..

  • [email protected]

    Congratulations! They’re just as gorgeous as I thought they’d be. :)

  • Mindful Momma

    Thanks for sharing your ‘family cottage’ with the rest of us! I’m SO happy you used hemp and organic cotton…

  • caro

    Incredible – totally awesomely wonderful. You ROCK Betz! Love that you made your dream happen. Go, GO GO!

  • Mel

    Its been said before but…..Congratulations – you are truly inspiring! Mel

  • Kimm Branch

    congratulations. beautiful!!! these photo take me back to nirvana. the best to you. miss you.

  • princesspackages

    Love your collection. I hope it’s the first of many to come :)

  • Heather

    I love your collection Betz – it is lovely! I can’t wait to get my hands on some and sew up a storm! The name is perfect – I grew up on two lakes so escaping to the family cottage wasn’t required, but your fabric reminds me of all the ‘summer people’ who came our way and called our corner of the north ‘home’ for the warmer months!

  • Alicia P.

    Hi BEtz,
    It is so beautiful and I am so proud of you. I still can’t send you emails — and I have a new computer and everything! Why don’t you like me because I love you! Call me lady — my houseguests leave tomorrow and then I’ll be around all week. Again, big congratulations! Love, a

  • Tina

    They are all so beautiful! I especially love the lawn chair prints. Very well done and original. Thank you for your commitment to make organic fabrics and eliminate waste as well.

  • Mandy

    Awesome post, awesome fabric, awesome collection. Beautiful and bright and fresh. Good for you on tackling such a task and for doing it so well, the end results are stunning!!

  • blair

    Betz, it is all so beautiful, feels so inspired. You’ve obviously been working hard on this behind the scenes and I can’t wait to hold some of this in my own hands!

  • Verónica

    Betz, te felicito por tus lindos trabajos, tienes un bello blog…soy tu seguidora y que pena no estar más cerquita para adquirir tus productos.
    Abrazos desde Chile,

  • Laura Bray

    The colors are so vibrant! May I ask your print source? I’ve had trouble finding a company that has good results with digital printing.

  • Sara

    I discovered your blog thorugh an italian friend blog and i was immediately captured by your simple and fascinating style, your fresh and original ideas and your wonderful works (especially the fabrics and the process you described). I agree that they are really “full of promises”. I hope to open a blog too, soon, about cooking and some art&craft shyly attempt, and I will ask you if I can link to you. Good luck and really congrats! Sara (Italy)

  • Cheryl M.

    OMGosh! you must be so proud of your achievment. I just adore the colors and fabrics you have designed and the fact that it is organic and environmentally safe is fantastic! I’m in love with the zippered pouches and tote.

  • Color Copies

    Amazing designs, I want one of each!
    You are an inspiration to us all, keep up the good fight.

  • What beautiful fabrics! I’m a textiles artist myself and I surely appreciate this work.

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