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1. lounge pants, 2. Bottle Holder for Claire, 3. skirt , 4. Produce bags from Betz White’s book Sewing Green, 5. A quickie birthday gift, 6. water bottle sling from Sewing Green, 7. sewing green baby quilt, 8. leaves, 9. sewing green luxe baby toy

Have you seen what you crafty folks are making from Sewing Green? If not, please visit the Sewing Green Flickr Group and have a look-see. You guys rock!

Keep it comin’, I love seeing what you’re making. :)

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  • Donna Childree Gotlib

    I’m not familiar with Sewing Green Flickr Group. On my way when I leave here. I love the photos. Thanks for the introduction.

  • Mytutorlist.com

    Oh, they look great!

  • Marianne

    I love this blog of yours I’m going to add you link to my fave bloglist on my blog COLOUR (http://mpr-artsandcrafts.blogspot.com/)

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