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We’ve had a week full of sandy feet, wet bathing suits, swings in the hammock and fishing off the dock. We’re home from vacation and those things are being replaced by laundry, grocery shopping and a heap of emails in the In Box. That’s ok, it’s good to be home…so good!

I’m looking forward to the week as there is much goodness to be had! Please pop by tomorrow for a peek at a new book by Diane Gilleland. It’s called Kanzashi in Bloom and I have a copy to give away to you! If you like flowers and beautiful simple crafts, you won’t want to miss this. Come back Tuesday to enter the give-away!

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  • Anonymous

    Hello and good to see yo u and yours back safely. Can’t wait to see your new fabric line as soon as you are able to give us more than a peek. Also what does a girl have to do to win the lovely book? Please do tell.

    Thanks for everything

    Lucy @ lucycb at

  • elissa barbieri

    welcome home, betz !

  • Lorrie

    Beautiful sunflower!


  • Budimir

    Hello Betz!

    Let me know what I gotta do to win Kazashi in Bloom!


  • Betz White

    Comment on tomorrow’s post (7/27) to enter the give-away! :)

  • Rachel Carlson

    welcome home betz! sounds like a grand time away, good for you. you’ll be back on track in no time. hugs, rachel

  • Glad your back !!!
    take care

  • Holly

    Loved the Sunflowers. I wanted to plant my own, but the summer got away from me. Welcome home!

  • Annie

    Beautiful sunflowers – a real sign of summer time

  • Jonathan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog keep it up!!! Visit mine at:

    Relax, Enjoy, Follow.

  • cindi

    did you post that sunflower just for me? it is my favorite flower and i sooo needed it today…thanks! will be back tomorrow ans usual…glad you had a great trip

  • Fat Girls Only

    What beautiful work! I happened upon your blog and was blown away. What a talent you have developed! I remember a friend of mine crocheted a rainbow bag for me once with a water bottle spout for the drawstring holder! I never forgot that:)

  • handmadeandpretty

    That sunflower is just gorgeous! It’s winter here, so seeing it brightened my day! Looking forward to seeing the new book… and maybe this give-away is my lucky one!

  • Petit Filoux

    Ooh very exciting!!!

  • Indian

    great sunflower, really beautiful

  • missed you! especially in the twitterverse :) welcome back!! xoxo

  • The Reasonable Christian

    Very nice. Congrats on being a blog of note! :D

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