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I spent the better part of the weekend sorting, de-cluttering and purging STUFF. School will be upon us in 2 weeks and I’ve got to get a handle on this household!

Aside from the general house clutter, I delved into my felty scrap closet! What? You don’t have a felty scrap closet of your very own? Full of delicious rainbow colored felted sweater scraps? Well then, my friend, you have come to the right place. Because I have a closet like that, and it is entirely too full.

I went through my bulging scrap bins and created a pretty selection of colors, textures and patterns for scrap bags. Think of all the things you can make with these: brooches, hair accessories, felt flower accents for bags, appliques, stuffed toys, ornaments, etc! In case you didn’t know, I wrote the book on making stuff out of felted wool. No really, I did.

You can find my felted sweater scrap bags for sale exclusively in my new(ish) *big cartel* shop. Snatch these up if you are interested, last time they sold out quickly!

While I was buried in felty goodness, I decided to put together some little bags of felt balls, too. I use felt balls to trim whatever I can, because they are so darn cute: scarves, pillows, brooches, etc! The little pink ones are the perfect cherry-on-top for my cupcake pincushions.

See? Like candy. Mmmm. Each bag has the assorted colors you see here, also available over at my new(ish) shop. (Oh! And if you do visit me there, please let me know what you think of the shopping experience!)

**Update: Scrap Bags and Felt Balls are SOLD OUT! Thank you!
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  • Corvus

    That all looks like so much fun! I’m going to have to play with felt and felted sweaters some day soon.

  • Mel - The Organic Mamas

    You have inspired/motivated me to do the same! Thanks!!! (Kids, dinner may be a little late tonight!)

  • PixelatedMushroom

    Your cute little felt balls remind me of these delicious fairyfloss / cotton candy balls my friend got for me in Singapore. They were in this little bucket and all different colours and flavours. so tasty!

  • Sally

    woo hoo! I’m so excited. I just bought your Warm Fuzzies book a couple of weeks ago and I have been acquiring some sweaters to felt at the local thrift stores, but I was wondering where I was going to find felt balls! I already went to your store and purchased some. Your store looks great, too!

  • Bernadette Noll

    Felty goodness is goodness beyond belief! And your colors are just amazing! In 100+ degrees it’s hard to imagine wanting to touch it but shortly, shortly we will indeed!

  • Mixed Greens Village

    thank you so much for your post on your closet…have been avoiding mine all week! It is more fun to see what others are doing on blogs! Please, may I list you as a fav on my blog:
    ? please & thank you!


  • Chris

    Hi, Betz. The next time you have felted pieces to sell will you email me first?



    p.s. No, really!!

  • luvinthemommyhood

    Ohhhhhh, those felted balls seriously made my day so bright! Love them! I couldn’t resist adding them to our link luv roundup today.

    P.s. – so in love with your new fabric line, great job! it’s fabulous!

  • jaunty magpie

    Ohhh… they DO look like candy. I would string them up and make layered necklaces that tied ’round the back with ribbon. What lovely, fun pictures; impossible not to smile when you see them!

  • Heidi

    You’ve inspired me to clean out my own stash of goodies. Where did you get your mesh bins? I can’t seem to find any that are see-thru.

  • Debo

    I have some of those sweet, cute felted balls and I love them. Just thought you should know your felty goodness lives on.

  • lifewithrio

    Yum! I just got my package in the mail. I LOVE them and am so excited to play with these scraps. I unfortunately live in a warmer climate where it seems impossible to find sweaters at thrift stores. Yay for pre-felted scraps to play with.

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