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Did you ever have a wish come true before you wished it? I had one of those on Saturday. Baseball started for my 9 year old son. I watched him in the field, learning to throw, catch and hit. And he got it. He was connecting with the ball, he was smiling and he was really happy. I had no idea what kind of effect that would have on me. We’re not an athletic family. We’re not really “into” sports. But there he was reminding me…of a me from a long time ago.

In 1974, I was 9 years old. After summers of watching my older brothers play little league (well, mostly I hung around the Snack Shack eating candy) it was my turn to play. I was on a softball team called “Alice’s Wonders”, named after the team’s manager. We wore crisp white uniforms, cloth caps and stirrup socks. I wasn’t very good and I often struck out. But most of the time, I really loved it. What is it about playing ball? (I know Soulemama knows)

There’s almost nothing better than giving the ball a good whack and sending it sailing into the sky. Except maybe watching your own kid do it.

Do you notice when an unwished wish comes true? It’s a pleasant surprise, one that makes you pause and feel fortunate. Like getting a mini lesson about yourself and what’s important to you. Have a great week…I hope all of your unwished wishes come true!

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  • The Worsted Witch

    OMG, you were ADORABLE! Still are!

  • blair

    you really were! So cute!

  • Mariah in Montana

    Oh Betz I know just what you mean!! Today my second son started Kindergarten and I was anticipating another unpleasant (everyone crying, even Mama) kind of scene. But no, he smiled, gave me a hug, and went off in line to learn about the playground. An unwished wish for sure to free me up emotionally to spend a wonderful morning with my 3rd son picking apples in the country. Children really are such an encredible blessing!! MO

  • random-charm Cindy

    Awww. You look just alike, adorable!

  • Kelli

    You put into words how I was feeling yesterday when my kiddos started preschool and kindergarten. It is a true blessing to watch my children grow and experience life, especially when they are so postive and delighted about it! Thanks for brightening my morning! I love your blog.
    [email protected]

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