In 1977, Star Wars changed everything. It feels ironic that 32 years after my brothers and I dressed as the Star Wars trio you see above, my own sons are poised to be Anakin Skywaker and Jango Fett this Halloween.

My brothers made their costumes themselves. Back then, most people did. Or at least we always did. Middle brother (14) made his own paper maché Darth Vader mask and a chest plate with electronic parts and switches. Oldest brother (16) made his R2D2 costume out of a cardboard drum and weather balloon, also paper machéd. He had a little tinted panel to see out and rigged a light that he could light up by pushing a button from the inside! Very high-tech. And then there’s me (12), Princess Leia in a sheet and a tin foil belt. I had a brown wig that my mom twisted up into the iconic cinnabon hair-do. 🙂

Every year we impress upon our boys how important it is to make your Halloween costume. We allow them $15 a piece for materials or any accessories they might need to complete their looks. Um…that may have back-fired a little this year! Their costumes are pretty complicated and took a LOT of time to make. In fact, I think my husband started the Jango Fett costume in July!

I will try to update this post later when I get a photo of them together. In the meantime, watch their favorite video if you like Star Wars and John Willians music!

Have a great Halloween and may the force be with you!

Post Halloween Update: The Star Wars saga continues…

…with a blurry lightsaber action shot!