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Last month when I was relating some of my knitting escapades to you, I realized that quite a few of you readers are also knitters. I thought you might enjoy a little peek at this new book I received called Awareknits: Knit and Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher by Vickie Howell and Adrienne Armstrong.

Conceptually, it’s a little bit like a knitting/crocheting version of my book Sewing Green. All of the projects use sustainable yarns and the authors sprinkle eco-friendly tips and info throughout the book. It’s very upbeat and not at all preachy.

I like the look of these clean and classic alpaca wrist warmers. In the winter I get cold “mouse hand” while working on the computer and these would be just the ticket to help me stay cozy while keeping the thermostat turned down.

The yarn used for this Buy-Locally Bag is made from organic cotton and milk! How cool is that? And you could carry your milk home from the store in it. I mean, if you wanted to .

This just in: a funky frame knit out of yarn made from newspapers. Seriously. Read all about it, folks. I love learning about all of the great strides happening in the development of eco-friendly/sustainable yarns.

Awareknits has 31 projects in all for the home as well as for women, men and kids. In addition there’s a chapter on Basic Techniques and a small section on Community Awareness. I haven’t made any of the projects from the book yet (must. finish. Shalom Cardi.) but I have my eye on a few! Take a look at this book next time your hanging out at the bookstore, I think you’ll like it.

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  • Glo

    Love the book! I have to check this out even more, thanks for sharing.

  • abbie

    this sounds like a great read…I am a new knitter, actually just finished my very first pair of mittens for my toddler son…I am definitely going to take a peek at this one. Thanks so much for the “green” sustainable-living tip.

  • Debi Ward Kennedy

    Betz, thanks for sharing this awesome resource! Looks like a lot of great info & ideas… and it’s going to come in handy for me as I prepare to speak at a convention of yarn shop owners next spring. ;0)

  • Saphron

    Why don’t my handwarmers ever look that cool???

    BTW, I would be honored if you would check out my etsy shop. There’s a link to it (the etsy mini) on my blog page. Obviously I don’t expect you to buy anything, just take a look. :)

    Getting closer to having the money to buy your GORGEOUS prints!!

  • Rachel Carlson

    ah, i don’t knit ‘yet’ but a lot of my friends do, lucky me. great review of the book. i currently have your ‘sewing green’ book checked out from the library and working to make a lot of the projects in the book. i’ve already done 1 ‘rechecking’ of it too. thanks for the inspiration. warms hugs!

  • Whosies

    looks like a great book. perfect for all sorts of projects…too bad i am a crocheter… :(

  • Betz White

    You’re in luck! Many of the projects are crochet!

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