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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a family hike. The woods have become a monochromatic palette of dried leaves, fallen trees and fungus…

…it’s like nature is cleansing it’s palette after the brilliant fall foliage, getting ready for a fresh crisp winter. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a change of scenery can be refreshing to your creativity, too.

I have less than two weeks to get ready for Holiday Heap, a craft show I am participating in in Baltimore, December 5th. I could’ve spent the entire weekend slaving away in my studio, but I am so glad I got out for some fresh air and family time. Such a wise and necessary investment. Now I’m feeling recharged and ready to create!

What do you do to refresh your mind and creativity?

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  • Jennifer

    Being outside always helps my creativity, or at least give me a sense of calm. What beautiful photos.

  • Lianna

    Sometimes, reading or re-reading a book from a favorite author helps to refresh my mindset and inspire new ideas for me.

  • Diana

    Fresh air is so important, I sometimes forget how much so in the buzz of everything else.

    On a separate note, I’m putting together a holiday “shop small, shop handmade” guide series for my blog, and wondered if you would be interested in having your Etsy shop featured? No cost, of course, just a backlink requested to spread the word and help generate traffic for all the sellers.

    If you’re interested (or know anyone who would be), you can email me at diana AT bluepearlfengshui DOT com

    Happy day!

    ps: more details at my most recent blog post:

  • A Time for Stitching

    Great photos and a lovely way to recharge. Tonight I’m missing my regular choir practice and taking my family out for a meal. I sometimes need to break from the usual routine and get off the treadmill in order to recharge, and what better way than to spend time with family, as you did.

  • Tracy

    Betz-I always love your pictures. Might I ask what camera you have?

  • Organizing Mommy

    I read your blog.. LOL. I also clean and organize my space and supplies. Sometimes, it just helps to get down to my “dungeon” craft space and do some stuff.

    Hey, here’s something. When I was at our homeschool co-op, a friend checked out your book Warm Fuzzies from the library. We both drooled over it together and agreed to each buy it. And she is no novice crafter! So, that is impressive. Your work is fabulous and inspiration to so many. You have fans in: Rockford IL.

  • Betz White

    Hi Tracy,
    I use a little Nikon Coolpix P5100, thanks!

  • Beth

    It is palette cleansing to see these delicate monochromes. I’m constantly trying to balance the excitement of color and clutter, and the need to rest my eye and myself. Beth

  • My Casa Bella

    Cleaning!! Whether its my house or my craftroom, cleaning helps me to clear my mind and to meditate as well. Every so often I’ll go for a walk as well to help me refocus. Love your blog.

  • Rachel Carlson

    ahhhh, sounds lovely. the fresh air will renew you and get you going again. i just had my sewing club over yesterday and i’m ready to punch out some more projects. cheers to you betz! warm hugs from colorado, rachel

  • cindi

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your family hike. If the weather is not letting me get outside, I sometimes peruse all of the unread posts in my reader and get reinvigorated. Your blog is always good for that sort of thing! Thanks and good luck at your upcoming show.

  • SarahVee

    Thank you for this post. It gave me a new perspective on this season in nature. Usually I dislike the drab lack of colour, but you have given me a new appreciation for what it can bring. The time for stillness, contemplation, renewal. To re-evaluate my stash and fill it in!:)

  • Betz White

    Thanks Sarah Vee, well put!

  • Deborah W

    Gorgeous photos! When I need to “refresh,” I simply switch to a different creative outlet; for example, if I’ve been digital scrapbooking for a number of days, I’ll shut down my laptop and turn to my sewing machine. Usually, that’s all it takes! And for a break from it all, getting outside (like you did) is the BEST!

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