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The holiday spirit is flying high as we are planning to put up our Christmas tree today. Yippee! To keep that spirit going, I’ve got more Holiday Hints for Handmade Gifts: Felted Bags!

The Peas and Carrots Purse (pg. 100 of Warm Fuzzies) uses the shibori technique I showed you with my scarves. I love how the bobbles are felted right into the surface of the bag, like big green peas! (flower appliqués, optional)

The Mixed Messenger Bag (pg. 108 of Warm Fuzzies) is a great project for using up those wool sweaters that are super bulky and felted into a thick firm fabric. Seen here trimmed with felt balls, my favorite.

This little cutie, the Rainbow Bag (pg. 90 Warm Fuzzies) is simpler than it looks! It’s got a very basic construction embellished with wavy strips of felted sweaters. The beauty of felted wool is that you can leave the cut edges unfinished and they wont ravel or fray. It’d be fun to make a shaggy version of this bag by attaching evenly cut strips and snipping them into fringe.

Now for a BW blog favorite, the Girls Spring Mini Tote. My free tutorial has been visited at least a gazillion times over the years. Maybe a bazillion. Easy. Cute. Whaddya gotta know.

One last felty bag for those thinking way ahead to February, the Lil Sweetheart Purse! You’ll find the pdf pattern in my etsy shop. Hello Kitty compact not included. :)

More bags-a-plenty coming with the next round of Holiday Hints!

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  • Pam

    I just received “Warm Fuzzies” in the mail and I love it! Now, I am searching the thrift stores for wool sweaters. Since I live in the south, this is not an easy task.

  • Amanda Pedro

    oh, so many great ideas. i want to do them all. I’m looking forward to getting my Warm Fuzzies for Christmas!
    thanks for sharing

  • Jen

    I love the rainbow purse. It’s charming. I am asking for your books for Christmas. I wish Christmas was tomorrow!

  • The Style Mansion

    These are all so adorable!

  • cindi

    What great gift ideas! I’m putting your books on my Christmas wish list!

  • Farmgirl Susan

    These bags are wonderful! Each one made me smile, but I especially love the Girls Spring Mini Tote. So sweet! Love the vintage buttons.

    You convinced me to look at the tutorial even though I’ve never tackled anything like this. I think I might actually be able to make one – but now of course I need a bunny, too! ;)

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