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With the arrival of our first snowfall of the season, I was inspired to bring you another edition of Holiday Hints for Homemade Gifts: Home. Winter is here, time to hunker down and settle in!

The Rustic Throw, pg 21 of Warm Fuzzies, is made from 5-6 felted wool sweaters cut into rectangles and stitched together. I keep this on the back of the couch for chilly evenings.

Got scraps? The Scrapwork Pillow (also from Warm Fuzzies) is a wonderful way to use up felt scraps and makes for a super cozy pillow.

Mmm, who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? Or at least the idea of it. The Breakfast in Bed Pillow (Warm Fuzzies, pg 30) is a pillow with a sense of humor. (And no crumbs!) This project takes a little time to make, but each step is really quite basic. Like a slow cooked meal, the result is totally worth it!

More pillows…this time we’re taking shortcuts with the Easy Repurposed Pillows (free details in my sidebar). Use an old favorite sweater and shirt/jacket and you’ve got a new favorite pillow for your couch!

In Sewing Green, I show you how to appliqué Big Time with the Graphic Pillows on page 40. Great for making a bold statement and freshening up your decor on a budget.

For the ultimate in luxury, hunt down some second hand cashmere sweaters for the Cashmere Lap Throw in Sewing Green. Like the Rustic Throw (shown at top) this is made from large rectangles seamed together, but this time lined with a yummy organic cotton velour. Lux!

Lastly, for a cozier home at the get-go, dodge those drafts with the Woodland Draft Buster, Sewing Green page 44. Looks and works great on a window sill, too. Make one for the person on your list that has about everything!

* * *

In other news, I’ve updated my shop with felt goodies from last weekend’s craft show. In addition, I’m offering free US shipping on any orders of my Indian Summer organic cotton fabrics through the end of December 2009.

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Showing 12 comments
  • Pam

    I just received Warm Fuzzies in the mail today. It is wonderful! I’ve put “thrift store sweater shopping” on the top of my list.

  • Joyce

    I love, love the breakfast in bed pillow. What a cute idea!

  • Jen

    Oh I wish I was on your gift giving list! I would love to receive any of these items. They are all terrific!

  • Marrissa

    I have the same idea as Pam – op-shopping for old jumpers (how funny the way we speak differently on each side of the world haha). That Draft Buster is perfect!! Can’t wait to have a go – thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!!!!


    what a lovely selection!!!!

    I love the Woodland Draft Buster!

  • PumpkinGirl

    I’ve always loved the breakfast in bed pillow. Someday I will make it!

  • abbie

    Ohh, love the new ideas, especially breakfast in bed. I am actually working right now on a cashmere patchwork blanket for my mom for christmas. When I picked up your book back in July, I promised her one of these!

  • Pink & Green Mama

    I ADORE the log draft stopper… we need one in our laundry room — guess what I’ll be adding to my “to-do” list!! : )

    pink and green mama

  • Amber - MakeBabyStuff

    Love the throw blanket – would make a very cozy baby blanket.

  • petra

    what a great idea – love the picture!!!

  • My Casa Bella

    that breakfast pillow is too darn cute!!!

  • Farmgirl Susan

    That Breakfast in Bed pillow is too darn cute for words. And I really love the Rustic Throw. With just a charming but inefficient little woodstove heating our drafty old farmhouse shack, we’re all about cozying up with blankets and covers this time of year.

    I can see that I definitely need to go ransack the sweater section of the local thrift stores! Thanks for all the beautifully useful inspiration Betz. :)

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