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With February upon us I got working on a few things for the sweethearts in my life. I made a couple more baby mousies from my Squeak and Spike pattern, in Valentine colors. Just look what happens when you snuggle a pair of mousie friends up next to each other? They make a little heart shape! Two souls, one heart. What a sweet little set to give someone you love!

Writing the words “next to each other” made me think of another cute thing to share with you. My youngest used to say the phrase “next to der chudder”. As in, “I want to sit next to der chudder!” We still use that phrase today, just to hang onto those long-since-spoken words of toddlerhood. Replaying those memories is one of the sweetest things in life.

What has become a family phrase in your house?

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  • wise craft

    So cute! I love them in Valentine’s colors.

    Our phrase is “dat coll ’bout” which is what Emma used to say as a toddler when she was trying to explain something she thought she new more about. Like “dat coll ’bout Teletubbies…”

  • Katie

    Sweet! My son calls muffins or cupcakes all muff-cakes. Argh! I can’t handle the cuteness! We still call them that. Today is his fourth birthday and I made muffcakes for breakfast.

  • Pots and Pins

    Hi! Me again…your blog stalker…just wanted to let you know I am now addicted to your felted pomanders – having recently recovered from my addiction to your felted flowers…I’ve linked to your tutorial on my blog today…thanks again for the great idea…maybe once I’m over this latest craze I’ll start on the mice – very cute! xo, Nan

  • Jewel

    My daughter used to call hamburgers hang-a-burgers so we still call them that. Also mashed potatoes were nashed taytays so we say that sometimes as well.oops and… disgusting was re-skusting and I use that one a lot!

  • Laura

    Oh, we have some doozies, and not just from our cutie, but the other toddlers we got to know well. Personal Favs: “Hug You Me” (as in, give me a hug)and “Too Drinky” (said to me by a 2 year old as I handed her a glass of water) Feeling sentimental…

  • Anna van Schurman

    Hickory Farms used to make a cheese called chudder. My sister loved it; I bet she wanted to sit next to the chudder. ;)

    My niece once asked for a “muppin” and when I gave her a muffin, she wailed, “No…de udder kind op muppin.” We still call cupcakes “de udder kind op muppin” lo these 8 years later!

  • Sarabeth

    My son called oatmeal “opinoh” and that is what we’ve called it ever since… I forget it’s not the actual word sometimes which confuses people outside of the family.
    My middle daughter used to say “aminals” instead of “animals” and that made it into our lexicon too.
    “Der chudder” is so sweet!

  • Lori R

    At our house whenever anybody says “actually…” and then pauses for a second before continuing their thought, everybody yells out “Ashley! She’s in my Sunday School class!” We’ve probably been saying that for 15 years now :)

    We eat hangaburgers too, and I do my laundry in the washing macleaner.

    Your mice are adorable!

  • Simo

    Tenerissimi questi graziosi topolini!

  • MoniCue

    Oh! This is one of my favorite topics! I’ve been collecting our “family language” since before I was a mama. From my nieces and nephews: “hammerburgers,” “crowdy,” and “smelly good.” From my own girl: “color con-ord-inated” (she knew what is was before she could say it), “dubby” (=yogurt; her cousins still call key lime yogurt “dubby” in her honor)and “wind away” (as in blow away by the wind). There are more–but per my girl, these really are private, family matters…words still regularly used, but said in hushed tones when others might hear!

  • Valerie

    We have so many in our little secret family language! My favorites are: LYMI (love ya, mean it- signed at the end of, well, everything), outside-side is for going outside, and when counting items: instead of 4 or 6 in ascending order like most people, my baby sis said “6 or 4″~ descending order! We still list numbers that way. “Do you want to go outside-side at 5 or 3?” LYMI, Betz!

  • LeighB

    My 7yo still says “renember” sometimes, as well as “Yew Nork City”. There was also Tinkle Tinkle Tars, her favorite song when she was little.

  • Amy

    Oh “LaLu” for certain. “Love you” by way of when my daughter was 2. My husband and I almost always sign e-mails to each other this way.

  • Amanda Pedro

    when my daughter was learning how to talk, I would say, “I love you soooo much” she would respond by saying, ” I love you tooo much” So now we all say it to each other.
    And my son still says “Brownt” and “rentstauraunt”

    So loving the mice. They are on my long growing list of must get to…
    thanks for sharing

  • Beth Gales

    Too cute! They do look best as a pait I think!

  • Gabriela


    These are super cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • Kellie G

    These are so very cute! My daughter used to call Sticky Date Pudding ‘Sticky Tape Pudding’ & its still called that now in our house :)

  • M.J.

    We still say once uton a pine for once upon a time, stirsty for thirsty, big stirsty for very thirsty, and su-su for something really yummy. We still say these phrases. Good times. Mona

  • Kelley Hart

    When our baby boy was learning to talk, he couldn’t say his “r”s, using “L” in place. For his 3rd Christmas, all he wanted was a “led bike”. 10 years later we still like to eat “flied lice”. Yes, he did learn to pronounce his “r”s. My, they do grow up.

  • Bonnita

    Happy 4 cha cha lie! My sister use to say this, so every 4th of July I give her a call and say “Happy 4 cha cha lie!”

  • TheKate

    My 2 year old recently took to calling everyone “dude” a la the Michelles on Full House. Not so cute as when he got tongue twisted and called a bunch of dudes a “bunches of douches.” I swear I didn’t teach him this particular phrase but my laughing and tears confirmed that it will be a part of our vernacular. It might be favorite toddler-ism. That and fa-me-mo-ng (flamingo)

    By the way – love the little mice!

  • PaulaS

    Just like Kelly’s boy above, we also have a son who used to use one letter in place of another. It was ‘y’ instead of ‘l’. To this day whenever a fire engine or police car goes by, we comment on it’s “fyashing yights”! BTW, the mice are gorgeous. Cheers!

  • A Time for Stitching

    Looks like you’ve hit a nerve with this subject! I wish I’d recorded more of my children’s little saying. My daughter used to say ‘longs to be me’ instead of ‘belongs to me’ and once called a tray a ‘cafe board’ when she couldn’t remember what the word was.
    Teresa x

  • Betz White

    Oh my goodness, I did strike a nerve! You guys! These stories are so endearing, I’m dying of cuteness! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • water works

    We forgot to account for our 5 year old’s speech issue with “th” when we named our newest daughter. Our sweet baby may forever be called MarFA-Ann instead of Martha-Ann.

  • Sally

    In our house growing up and still in use when around my brothers: “finder’s loopers weezers”…I guess my youngest brother couldn’t say or didn’t get the “finder’s keepers..” phrase quite right!

  • Karen Meyers

    Those mice are soooo cute, and realistic too. I know because I just found a real mouse in my pantry this morning!

    My son used to call carrots ‘soggies’, never did know why!

  • Karens Hopes

    They are so cute,thankyou for sharing the pattern.

  • editrix

    My daughter Mia thought the baseball song was “Take Mia to the Ballgame,” so we always sing it that way. She also thought we were singing “Jose, Can You See?” The littler one said “I sumadat” when she wanted something we were eating. We say “chicka-noo-noo” for soup. Weirdest one was “dat faw-paw-maw sing,” meaning “ladle,” which I guess she learned from a song at preschool. I never did figure it out. But you’ve gotta use dat faw-paw-maw sing to serve the chicka-noo-noo. Otherwise, you’ll hear “I sumadat.”

  • Anonymous

    My nephew use to ask for “a piece of quiet” instead of peace and quiet! Too cute!

  • emicat

    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s family phrases.

    One I inherited from my boyfriend is aw-ee or aw-ees for plural from his eldest son. He couldn’t say cookies so aw-ees they were and still are to this day. I can’t call them cookies anymore and I sometimes forget others don’t use that word for cookies, lol.

    My sister growing up used to swap letters around in words. Some that my sis and I still use to this day is aggilator for alligator and chork poks for pork chops.

  • Miri

    Lovely! : )

  • HeyHon

    OK This is the first comment that I’ve ever made on a blog! The topic was too sweet to resist. Once my son pointing to an insect asked his Dad what it was. Dad unfortunately eating peanut butter and crackers at the time choked out “It’s a grasshopper” but my son heard it and said “What’s a buckwokkle??” For 27 yrs we’ve been calling grasshoppers “buckwokkles”. Another time our then 3 yr. old granddaughter saw our dog sleeping on my lap, jumped on the sofa and said “I wanna be a holdy dog too!” Fast forward ten years and we’re still telling our now old dog “I wanna be a holdy dog” and he jumps up and obliges. lol

  • feathermar

    “Thank you to coming!” My 25 year old sister said that on her wedding video- I guess because she was a little nervous – and being the sarcastic chiding family that we are – we seized on it!

  • sewcraftyfox

    Love the mices! I wonder if Mr Fox would like them for Valentines?! When my little sister was learning to talk, she couldn’t pronounce my name, Jennifer, so called me ‘doo-doo’ instead. Really sweet coming from a toddler; really awful still hearing it over 30 years later! Jen x

  • Debbie/StudioBeeCreations

    Love everyone’s love languages…my hubby & I always sign our noties/etc with IWALY ( I will always love you)…our son always wanted to have beebaw(bubblegum) after having his emu & f-fies from ge-gow (hamburger & french fries from McDonalds)
    Thanks for your awesome inspiration!

  • Deborah

    I used a pair of tongs to pick up chicken and rinse it off before cooking. My daughter called them my “chicken scissors”, and we still call them that to this day. her nickname is “Boo”, because when we visited her grandparents, she’d see the cows and say “Hey, Boo.” One more: mazagine for magazine. Okay, I’m done.

  • canie

    So cute !

  • Natasha

    In our house we benember so we don’t aget, we use badreams (batteries) in our electronics and occasionally you may receive ‘new boons and bankits a nite’ (new balloons and blankets-these were my 12 year olds favorite things as a toddler and he wanted to give them to everyone he met so they could share in his joy of balloons and blankets)

    the mice are adorable!!!

  • Sally Hess

    My son couldn’t say his “L” and doesn’t like chocolate, which surprises a yot of people, and he would say adamantly, “I don’t yike chockyit, I yike pwain!” meaning that he likes plain/vanilla flavored anything.

    People are still offered a “yot or a yittle” of something, and the most sarcastic of us will reply, “a yacht pweeze”

    Hamburgers are hang-a-bers or ham-ma-bers.

  • laurie

    From daughter: “they love their chuthers”, sighed while shaking her head with great emotion, and talking about Mickey & Minnie.

    From son: “cut to cut” always meant he wanted his sandwich cut into quarters.

    Now they’re all grown up but i still love all those early pearls of language.

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