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It started on Christmas morning, the same week as our first big snowfall this winter. A few deer found a safe little haven under some bent pine tree branches at the edge of the park behind our house. They stayed, bedded down on a snowless patch of pine needles. We could see them from our kitchen window and periodically checked for them throughout the day. Even though we’d seen deer make a dash through the park a few times over the years, their presence that day seemed magical. Afterward, they moved on to wherever it is that suburban deer go.

A few weeks ago, after our February blizzards, this mama and baby deer showed up. (Can you see them? Laying down in the center of the shot. ) They hesitated, then staggered as their hooves poked through the icy crust, the snow up to their bellies. The storm caused so many branches to fall, that the park has many a lean-to for the deer to take shelter. Now every morning, I peer out my bedroom window to see if my sweet little deer are there. I see them from the kitchen when I make my morning coffee. The boys can see them from the breakfast table.

Sometimes they are there, only for a moment, and I joke that they are “teasing me with their cuteness” by not letting me enjoy them longer. But a day or two passes and they come back. I’m sure this summer when our garden gets nibbled away I may not be so charmed by our new neighbors. But for now their presence makes my day.

What little surprises make your day?

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  • susanc

    They are such beautiful creatures! There are two deer that live in an area where I go to take photos and walk. I always hope and look forward to seeing them!

  • Heather

    Your deer are beautiful – what a lovely blessing for your family! We love watching ‘our deer’ across the road. They had twins last spring and we were ready to hand out cigars we were so happy! They have been in our yard munching the hosta to the ground more than once, but most of the time they just wander back to the big open composter and nibble on carrot scraps, apple peals and broken up pumpkins in the fall. They do not like grapefruit or orange peals – they make a mess with them!
    Enjoy your wild friends … until they go into hiding when the park mowers return, or perhaps if you’re blessed – until hunting season! Than if they are smart they will make themselves really scarce!

  • by night

    “oh wow!” is all I can say!

  • Expats Again

    I love the little joys of life like this. Thank you for sharing it with us. One day I heard a racket outside and looked to see a beautiful macaw on the tree outside. Unusual for Munich! Someone lost an expensive pet, but he was gorgeous and alive with color. Just for me to enjoy.

  • Tony

    Thanks for the lovely post. We enjoy our birdfeeder and the varied traffic we get. With snow on the ground, our guest’s colors are even more vibrant.

  • greenrabbitdesigns

    They are so beautiful, you’re very privilaged to have them so near.How could anyone hunt them!! That is so wrong.

  • Blakely

    We had two deer that came in our yard for about two years. We put out corn and other treats for them in the winter. They didn’t seem to go after the garden as much as the rabbits do. Enjoy them while they come in your yard, they are so beautiful with the snow.

  • Clair

    Aaaaahh..How delightful!! & how very lucky you are to see such beauty up close xxx

  • Jeanie

    What a joy to watch God’s perfect creatures! I live in a very urban area, yet I enjoy rabbits, squirrels, and various birds. It reminds me that I’m just one cog in the wheel of life!
    Thanks for the sweet pictures!

  • Cheryl Arkison


    My favourtite little surprise today was when I said “Ow” after my toddler crunched my foot and she said “Sorry” unprompted.

  • The Style Mansion

    How beautiful. This must be a lovely sight.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like my yard! And I have to say, the deer are very considerate when it comes to my garden. They hardly ever nibble. Although, someone DID love my zinnias last year. ( I think that was the bunnies!)

  • joyce

    hello- I bought your book Sewing Green a few weeks ago at Chapters in Winnipeg, Mb Canada. I adore it, it is just soothing eye candy.

    I’m happy to find your website, you do such lovely work.

  • My Casa Bella

    OH how sweet! What joys God gave us. Animals put a smile on my face. In the spring and summer I always check out my kitchen window to see how many sweet little birds are eating at the bird feeders singing along as they eat. Such a sweet sound.

  • Wendy

    What cuties!

  • Lilly Higgins

    I love deer! So beautiful. They look gorgeous in the snow too, like a scene from a snow globe! x

  • Paula Ozier

    We used to get deer in the woods behind my parent’s home, it feels like such a privilege to be able to watch them from your own home doesn’t it? Like you can see into a secret world. It did drive Mum mad though when they seemed to just wait until each tulip bud opened up before chomping the flower clean off the stem!

  • Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...)

    That original!! You, as always posting things so great.
    I like your blog I´ll put in my favorites.
    Kisses from Spain.

  • Roberta Granada

    Hi, I love your blog, it is beautiful, I am from Brazil, I have got a crafts blog, kiss

  • Karen

    Love your blog. Wish I could subscribe but I don’t tweet and I see no other way. :^(
    Just a head’s up. Be wary of those adorable deer. I love nature (am a forester) and the sight of deer still delights me (as do other critters) but alas, after years of failing health, I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Use caution. Check for ticks. And if you start feeling a decline in health, see a Lyme Literate doctor. Please.

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