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Whoa. What a winter weekend. Even after having grown up in the Midwest and living a large part of my adult life in Wisconsin, I have never seen this much snow in one fell swoop. The DC metro area was hit with a record breaking blizzard producing about 28-30″ of snow. Keep in mind that this is an area that cancels school and activities for an inch or two of snow. So far school is canceled Monday and Tuesday and I’m guessing the entire week. We are walloped beyond belief!

Many many people are without power. Our neighborhood was cold and dark for about 30 hrs, Saturday and into Sunday. Plowed roads are a novelty and we are still quite buried. We hunkered down, bundled up and tried to entertain each other. There was a lot of reading, knitting and game playing by lantern and candle light. We have a gas stove so, thankfully, we could still cook something hot. Power returned midday Sunday, thank goodness! But…I am not holding my breath as it goes on and off frequently.

This is a photo of the park behind out house during the big snowfall. That rectangle in the lower right is a picnic table! The snow came right up to the benches.

In honor of the blizzard and to keep myself busy, I decided to start knitting a “blizzard scarf”. I had some bulky winter-white yarn in my stash and got started with some fat needles for a quick knit. The drifts and swirly snow formations were my inspiration! I knit and knit and knit and was quite happy to do something productive during all of the time spent waiting.

This morning all was clear and calm and the sun shone brightly on the snow. I went out early with my camera to record some of the shapes and patterns formed in the drifts. And just look what I found…the perfect texture, created by a little squirrel between two trees…

My scarf design!

I’m calling this scarf design Drift. It is beyond thick and chunky and I just love it. The rippled technique is super fun and easy. I will tell you all about it as soon as I am done! I’ve got about a half a ball left, so I shouldn’t be long now. Besides, I hear we’ve got more snow in store for Tuesday!

For those of you who follow me on twitter, thanks so much for your encouraging words during the blizzard! You guys are great!

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  • ecokaren

    I think you guys stole all the snow before it had a chance to make it up to NY. And we were praying for snow….

    The scarf is so cool. Love the design and how did you come up with the design so fast??? I guess that’s why they call you the “professional”!

    Can’t wait to see the pattern. :)

  • daisy janie

    wowie zowie! i almost hate to say i’m glad you found yourself with some idle time, but i’m really in awe of that scarf! i love it!!!! and that squirrel-y track that looks so similar is just an incredible find! love that!!!!! thanks for sharing!

  • StinaLMT

    Love it! Stay warm!

  • rosie/the fabric shopper

    That looks so great! I love the pattern in the snow. What a great picture. Glad you are back in business with electricity :-)

  • Angela

    Love this although makes me feel hot just looking at in as its super hot here in sunny New Zealand this morning!

  • greenrabbitdesigns

    Oh your scarf pattern is so like that of the little squirrel! How inspirational is nature. :)

  • R.J.

    Cool! Great scarf. I feel your pain–we’re snowed in too.

  • Kimm Branch

    just loved that picture of the trail out to the tree then i scrolled down to see that scarf and i am feeling the same feelings for the scarf. i would love to make this i have some yummy yarn that i have been looking for a pattern for, do you have one?

    stay warm and dry!

  • Sydney

    Wow, that’s a lot of snow. And its so awesome that you can see a pattern in the snow like that, take a(n amazing) photo, and then go and knit it!

  • Simo

    Seguo con interesse il tuo bel blog, mi piace molto, questa sciarpa è fantastica!

  • Weedwacker

    That is SO cool! St. Charles, MO didn’t get that much snow, but more is on the way. Beautiful scarf! Now we can get your Drift! Little pun there, sorry…

  • Nadders23

    I absolutely love the scarf! I especially love the continuity from photo to photo as you show your design inspiration and the actual scarf itself. They connect so well! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Ann

    Wow so much snow, it is great to look at ut not much fun when you have to travel anywhere. Sounds like you had fun by candlight and just love the scarf. I hear on the news that we should be getting more snow here in the UK, perhaps its your left over snow. I am on half term break from school with a million jobs to do so I would rather not have any snow.
    Anyway bunk down and have fun.
    Take care

  • Claire

    What a gorgeous scarf! I’m glad the power is back on and hope that you keep safe and warm.

  • restitcherator

    Betz –
    I just LOVE the photo of the tracks in the snow. What a pretty image! And the scarf looks lovely, my knitting tends to go much more slowly than that.
    I am impressed and awed by the wonderful way you take design inspiration from nature. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to that scarf pattern.

  • Jannette

    That’s a truly inspired scarf – beautiful! You can almost feel the snowy softness.. (but not the cold :-))
    Goodluck with the snow!

  • Colleen

    That looks a bit like my neighborhood! Love the scarf design!

  • laundryontheline

    Your picnic table looks the same as mine – covered by a mountain of snow. Although large amounts of snow are much more “normal” in my neck of the woods I must admit I still enjoy hunkering by the wood stove when the power goes out (once I get over the initial shock of having to put my “to-do” list aside…) I love the photo of the tracks and the scarf it inspired. Enjoy the rest of your snow days!

  • Tonya

    Wow! It is incredible how that scarf matches the squirrel tracks. That is so cool! I can’t wait to see how you did that.

  • Sharon

    I love the scarf and the squirrel path…how clever are you?! That is just too fun…I hope you post the pattern…have fun…we are just south of you in VA and had a foot on the ground and probably 10-12 more inches this weekend…not nearly as bad as ya’ll…stay warm!

  • Isabelle

    wow! look at all that snow!!!
    that scarf is beautiful!

  • Annie

    I love the scarf, and I love the inspiration behind the scarf. You really captured it!

  • DW

    That scarf is FABulous!

  • Tiffany

    Wow! I love your scarf and the squirrel track inspiration :D The picnic table is so funny!

  • Once Upon A Parent

    I found your blog last night via Etsy. I am also in Maryland, so I know all about this crazy snow and the 10-20 more inches they are forecasting. Ugh! I love your blog, site, and creations. Thanks so much for sharing.


  • hands follow heart

    How great the picture of the scarf and the tracks on the snow. Loved it!

  • Jennifer

    Your squirrel track inspired scarf is simply perfect! Stay warm!

  • Bettyann

    holy moly..We could use some of that snow for the Winter Olympics being held here in vancouver…love the scarf that melds with the tracks in the snow..fab..

  • Alyice Edrich

    So cute. I love how you showed the photo that inspired the design. You did such a great job of creating such a cool scarf!

  • Kristyn Knits

    your scarf is wonderful!! can’t wait to hear all the details. stay warm and knitting!

  • Smily

    What a wonderful snow you have! Mmm, it should be very nice to walk in this weather!

  • ...

    I love the inspiration for your scarf!

  • kikiverde

    I just love how much the scarf looks like your inspiration photo! Stay safe and warm through this next storm that’s moving through!

  • Ann Martin

    Lovely post and Gorgeous, with a capital G, scarf. Am so glad you didn’t name it Squirrel, although wow, the tracks sure do resemble your pattern! :-) Fingers crossed this next storm won’t be such a hassle – stay warm.

  • Mickey

    Wow! Really pretty. I would love to learn to make this! Thanks for sharing.

  • Alison

    Love the scarf! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Caroline

    Sorry you are getting slammed! We are too in NJ! Perhaps I’ll find some time to craft tomorrow when I’m snowed in during toddler nap time!

  • Ms. Givens

    Fabulous post!

  • The Style Mansion

    The Drift scarf is fantastic, even more so because of the inspiration! The pictures are lovely. I hope everything returns to normal as soon as!

  • Robin (rsislandcrafts)

    I love looking at snow pictures. I can enjoy them since I am way down in Florida. That’s lots of snow!

    I love your new scarf design! It is so amazing that it matches the squirrel’s trail so well. Great job!

  • Con pájaros en mi cabeza
  • Kimberly

    I love the ripple scarf! …and the photo of the beautiful trail left by the squirrel.

    I hope you are all warm and cozy!

  • CharityMay

    how awesome! i have been wanting to learn to knit for years, your projects make me really want to learn! thanks for the inspiration.

  • Bucanni

    Süper :)

  • Pattygloria

    What a perfect matching trail/scarf!The rippled technique is very fun and easy, but I’m not as fast knitter as you are. I should try to make an afghan since we have a long winter and sometimes blizzards here in Alberta, Canada.

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