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I’m playing with cashmere today. I dumped out my cashmere scrap bin that I’ve been contributing to for the last few years. After making scarves and bunnies and hats and throws, the delicious leftovers all get thrown in one big pot of cashmere stew. And I love all of the color.

What kinds of C O L O R are you drawn to? Warm pinky orangey colors? I love coral-pink.

Do you gravitate towards lush greens and cool blues? I love pretty much anything green…

When you were a kid did you line up all of your markers in a rainbow? I sure did. I also colored the toes of my black and white saddle shoes RED when I was 3 years old. They just needed a little pop.

Besides being immersed in heaps of scraps, I’m in the midst of projects galore. Lots of prototyping and planning. Hope to share some of it with you soon!

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  • feathermar

    I like all blues, really! I am currently knitting a stripe-y blanket with all of my blue leftover balls from all of the baby boy blankets I’ve made over the past year! Boy, that’s a lot of B’s!
    I love these pictures! You should print ’em out and frame ’em!

  • Diane at Crafty Passions

    Soft greens for me !
    Yummy colors ohhhhh the things I could do with that !!!
    So pretty !

  • emily

    greens usually… but lately I find myself being drawn to yellow, and that surprises me as I have NEVER liked yellow. It is lovely though :)

  • Melissa Crowe

    I’m a blue and green gal.

    And I’ll see your lined-up-markers and raise you one giant box of crayons, arranged into two rows, one “boy colors” and one “girl colors.” I played an elaborate courtship game, whereby each girl color had to select its perfect “mate” from the line of boy colors. It was a kind of Crayola-meets-Jane Austen thing. ;-)

  • Wendy

    Personally, I like the blues and greens, but once, for my birthday, my friends decorated my apartment with pink, yellow and orange streamers and I adored it. So very sunny.

  • Sharon

    I’m a pink girl…nothing but boys here…must have pink. can’t wait to see what you add to the cashmere stew and stir up!

  • Erica W.

    So gorgeous and soft looking! I’m drawn to combinations of warm and cool colors, pinks and oranges and greens and blues all together (like a field of wild flowers).

    I’m with you on the marker organization too, I loved (and still love) arranging anything and everything in rainbow order.

  • Cat

    Wow – your cashmere looks gorgeous, we are heading into Autumn with a cold windy day today so that just looks so snugly and inviting in all the different colours!

  • Caroline

    I gravitate towards blues and earthy greens and browns. I had a true test of my colorful gravitation when I bought my new sewing machine last week! I picked out a bunch of nice Madiera threads (since I didn’t really own nice threads!) and I totally went for the earthy spectrum!

  • Tiff

    I’m loving blue right now. I have no idea why. But I have found myself making lots of handbags, wallets, aprons etc. in blue.

  • Sara

    I thinking of the 64 colors box or Crayolas organized by me by color! I love all colors–for different things. For instance, I love pink on my daughter, but not for me. I love yellow in the kitchen, but not for clothing. But red, blue and green are good almost anywhere!

  • Janiebird

    What’s this “when you were a kid” stuff? I still love all my craft supplies arranged in a rainbow of color–and I’m 50 years old!!

  • Jaime

    I’m into the blues right now, but loving pairing it with coral, reddish-orangish-pinky colors. Just wondering…what are you typically paying for your secondhand cashmere?

  • Diana

    Those colors are all delicious!

  • Betz White

    I usually find second hand cashmere sweaters for around $4. I try to shop on discount days, too.

  • Kim

    Gorgeous photos! I love the pinks and berry reds. I have dreams of making some of your cashmere bunnies. One question – do you use any special needles in your machine or stitch length when you sew cashmere? I recently made a ruffle scarf out of a recycled cashmere sweater and I had a difficult time -whenever I started sewing it seemed like the cashmere didn’t want to feed under the foot at the start and the cashmere got stuck a few times. I am an inexperienced sewer so any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

  • Tina

    I am always a big fan of blue, just a soothing color for me. Lately I have been drawn to all things green, purple, and orange as those are my daughters favorite colors :)

  • Silvia

    … I really can’t choose… All those colors…
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll create!

  • Georgia

    You find the most gorgeous colours!! I find I go through stages of what colours I’m drawn to- at the moment it’s blues and greens probably inspired by a recent trip to the caribbean and the colours of that beautiful water. When I was a kid we had these coloured candies called smarties- kind of like m&ms but with softer pastel rainbow colours. I would separate all of the colours out- eat the spares so that I had the exact same amount of the different colours and then I would make pictures with them. I always found it hard to decide which colour to eat next . I love playing with colours- putting things into rainbows. These photos of yours gave me such joy!

  • ginaknits

    I love the fabric rainbow collection. Check out brooklyntweed’s rainbow stash of tweedy yarns – so gorgeous. I wish I had had the guts to customize by old black and white saddle shoes with a dash of red. It sure would have added some pop to the old uniform!

    Although my favorite colors are the blues and purples, I adore red shoes. I once went into a very traditional department store and asked if they had any red shoes. The salesman, an older gentlemen, replied very haughtily, “Madam, we don’t sell RED shoes.” The store went out of business a couple of years later. Surprised? – Not much.

  • Patty

    Yay for colors! I love rich, jewel-toned colors and I’m a huge sucker for anything green too ;)

  • Clasheen

    My absolute favourite colour of the past few seasons to wear or felt with is apple green and I love working with either subtle complimentary colours or more usually with strong and contrasting colours. I love following your blog Betz and have nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award here at

  • RID

    All greens for me!!!! Besos

  • SewSweetStitches

    I don’t care which color, I just want to bury my face in them! They look so heavenly silky soft!

  • Robin

    yum cashmere!!!! If you have a second, please check out my cashmere easter eggs :-)


  • Cindy

    Take all the lovely leftovers and make a cashmere throw.

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