I’m playing with cashmere today. I dumped out my cashmere scrap bin that I’ve been contributing to for the last few years. After making scarves and bunnies and hats and throws, the delicious leftovers all get thrown in one big pot of cashmere stew. And I love all of the color.

What kinds of C O L O R are you drawn to? Warm pinky orangey colors? I love coral-pink.

Do you gravitate towards lush greens and cool blues? I love pretty much anything green…

When you were a kid did you line up all of your markers in a rainbow? I sure did. I also colored the toes of my black and white saddle shoes RED when I was 3 years old. They just needed a little pop.

Besides being immersed in heaps of scraps, I’m in the midst of projects galore. Lots of prototyping and planning. Hope to share some of it with you soon!