Head on over to the online magazine Petite Purls to check out their new Spring 2010 green issue! You’ll find my Upcycled Water Bottle Sling project along with some fresh knitting and sewing projects, book reviews, an interview with Amanda Soule of Soulemama and more. You’ll see lots of familiar names and faces in this issue. Brandy and Allegra, the heart and soul of Petite Purls, have outdone themselves.

My project, the Upcycled Water Bottle Sling, is easily made from an outgrown pair of cargo pants. I can’t seem to part with these pants even after they have been long since outsized by growing legs! Besides, those pockets are too wonderful not to reuse.

Next nature hike this guy can tote his own water and have an extra pocket to stash tiny treasures. In fact, I found a special cherished pebble (from who-knows-when!) deep inside the pocket when I was making this project! For all of the How-To’s, pop on over to Petite Purls!