It’s funny how we like what we like. I was flipping through a catalog this morning and was contemplating buying some new sneakers, like the slip on Converse low-tops. When I reviewed the color offering I realized that I already had all of them, in one form or another. Hunh. I looked in my closet. I certainly see a style trend. Do you?

Sneaks and Mary Janes. Of course I have other shoes, but these are the ones I wear most often.

Sometimes as an artist or a designer, we struggle to define the style of our work. It can be hard to put your finger on it. But if we keep creating and making and being true to own aesthetics, our personal style emerges. It’s probably always been there, waiting to be noticed. Which doesn’t mean we can’t push the envelope and step outside of our typical range. That can be the fun part, the exploration that hopefully leads to an “aha” moment. (Like, hey, I’ll wear boots today.)

What defines your personal style? Does it show in your work?