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Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there sprouted a Tiny Toadstool. He wasn’t your average toadstool because he had a secret. One day Tiny Toadstool was feeling lonely, so he told his secret to Little Blue Butterfly…

Little Blue Butterfly was so excited, she fluttered away to show Wise Watchful Owl.

Wise Watchful Owl could not believe his eyes, even though he had perfect (corrected) vision. “Whoo knew?!” said W.W. Owl, and he flew off to spread the news.

The owl came upon his sage old friend, the Strong and Steady Tree Stump. “Toadstool has shared his secret! Isn’t it wonderful?”, said W.W. Owl.

In celebration, the new forest friends each revealed something special about themselves. Strong and Steady Tree Stump said, “I can hold pins!”, to which W.W. Owl said, “I can hold scissors!”, and of course, Tiny Toadstool said, “I hold a tape measure!”. Little Blue Butterfly fluttered her wings in applause.

And they all lived happily ever after, best of friends.

That little fairy tale was my way of introducing you to one of my new sewing patterns I’ve been promising to tell you about, the Woodland Sewing Set. As you can see by now, the pattern has instructions to make a tree stump pincushion, an owl scissor holder and a toadstool tape measure. The projects can be made from wool blend craft felt or by using felted wool from sweaters.

As I reveal them, you’ll see that each of my Make New or Make Do™ sewing patterns is designed in a way so that projects can be made from new fabrics or by repurposing items on hand. Because repurposing is such an important movement in crafting and sewing, I felt strongly that this should be my focus and starting point for my pattern line. Much like the projects in my book, Sewing Green, my goal is to offer projects that are easy to make with new fabrics, recycled materials, or by using a favorite fabric from your stash.

As the physical printed patterns make their way out into the world, I will keep you posted regarding the shops that will be carrying them. (Ooh, and hopefully have a whole page dedicated to that on my website, wouldn’t that be nice?) If you’re interested in purchasing the PDF version of The Woodland Sewing Set, it is now available in my etsy shop!

P.S. If you are a retailer interested in carrying my patterns, please email me at info(at)betzwhite(dot)com and I will send you wholesale information!

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  • Jane of All Trades

    These are lovely!

  • linda

    your creations are simply cute! i like them all! bye from italy, linda

  • Janick

    This is so cute! LOVE the owl scissor case.

  • Diana

    these are adorable!

  • Turtle

    so adorable!

  • daisy janie

    What a lovely introduction to an even lovelier idea – you are so, so clever Betz!!

  • Nina Crittenden

    Totally cute! Makes me wish I could sew!

  • Violet Craft

    You are way too cute!

  • Gigi

    omgosh they are darling! will make such a sweet addition to a sewing kit for my 8 year old :)

  • Scented Sweetpeas

    What fab ideas and so cute at the same time!

  • sideoats + scribbles

    Oh I love these forest friends and want to make them all! The scissor handles framing the owls eyes totally crack me, hee hee! :)

  • Marie-Andrée

    I love that.

  • Liesl

    LOVE the tape measure! Very cute, Betz.

  • Kit Knitty

    Those are so perfect! I will buy them now!

  • jamie

    These are fabulous! Thank you Betz for this adorable whimsy. I’m smitten!

  • Annette

    These are just too cute! And I love the fairy tale that goes with them!!

  • These are adorable patterns. Too cute.

  • Sachiko

    So cute! I love your creations and I really enjoyed your books too! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!

  • Jan

    These just make me smile!

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