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Yesterday I dashed into Michaels craft store to pick up a few things. I’m not too much of a “big box” store shopper, but sometimes it’s a necessity. While I was there, I perused the dollar bins and was delighted to find some really fun paper goods! To continue with my *twist on knitting* obsession, I thought I’d share a few of them with you here…

I fell in love with this cable knit wrapping paper! How fun would this be to wrap prezzies in? (dollar bin at Michaels!)

A Fair Isle notebook and pencil. Great for keeping in your knitting bag to jot down notes, etc. (dollar bin at Michaels)

Handy note cards (and more awesome pencils!) for the holidays, thank you notes, and other warm fuzzy sentiments. (say it with me now: dollar bin at Michaels!)

Wanna take the faux-knitting over the top? How ’bout a whole knitted room? This knit print wallpaper is from Couture Deco (via cafe cartolina).

And finally…drum roll please…my latest Kleenex box design! (read about some of my former designs) This image is a mock-up of what the printed box looks like. I knit the chevron pattern, and the design team at KCC photographed it, tweaked the colors and are printing it on boxes! I did several knit patterns (months and months ago!) but apparently this was the only one that made the cut. I still haven’t seen it yet out in the world. Please let me know if you do!

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  • Susie

    All were really cute but I love that notepad and the wrapping paper best! Will have to drag myself up to Michael’s and have a look!

  • Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

    Oh yay, I hit up the Michael’s dollar bins to buy prizes for giveaways on my FB fan page. :)

  • Megan

    I think your Michaels is way better than mine!! I’m jealous!
    All I can ever find are gaggy animal calendars and unpleasant rubber stamps.

  • kate

    I most certainly picked up three rolls of that knitted wrapping paper about a month ago! Then went back later for the greeting cards! So awesome!

  • greenrabbitdesigns

    I just love all that stuff! :)
    The Kleenex box looks great!
    Vivienne x

  • Sharon

    MUST have that wrap! and the tissue box is divine….i must tell you, i purchased the cute christmas ones last year but was very stingy in using the tissues so i could use them this year too! how bad is that? i think of it as being ecologically thrifty…! oh and are you anywhere near Waterford? and do you attend the faire? (near lucketts and leesburg) it’s this weekend and is FANTASTIC!

  • Whosies

    love the notecards and wrapping paper— wish they had sewyish patterns too.

  • EG

    Oh man, I wonder if my husband will let me have a little date with myself at Michael’s and Target tonight.

  • Angie

    Fun stuff! But that knit print wallpaper FREAKS me out! LOL! It makes that couch look like a miniature in a doll house. I think I’d feel like Alice in Wonderland in that room. I’ll keep an eye out for the kleenex box!

  • Vickie Howell

    LOVE the wrapping paper! I’m going to have to go pick some of that up asap.

    Congrats on your latest Kleenex box, too! It looks really great–I’m thrilled for you!

    xx, Vic

  • Lindy

    Thanks for the post. I have been looking for some paper to decopage the little chest I keep my yarn in. So off to Michael’s I go!

  • Kerstin

    It’s so cool that you design Kleenex boxes! I got one at Safeway in Calgary, Alberta Canada. It was actually kind of thrilling!!

  • Marisa and Creative Thursday

    Love these Betz! especially your new Kleenex boxes. I’m so going to have get some like I did last year!! xo

  • Laura

    I cannot wait until I find these locally…. I must have! Love that chevron!

  • Betz White

    Thanks everyone for the Kleenex love! Can’t wait to find one myself.

  • Junkie Gems

    Fantastic finds! I am on the look out for all that you got. I want it too! I will be out to Michaels tomorrow. Fun give away gifts for my Wed night knit nights at my house.

  • hkpowerstudio

    Yeah Betz, so glad to see this new pattern. It looks wonderful, love the colors too.

  • Jodi


    Wow I just purchased that kleenex because it reminded me of your work – not actually thinking it might be one of your designs. How cool!! Congrats.

  • Dee

    I totally got excited a few weeks back when I saw the wrapping paper, note cards, and pencils at Michaels. I plan on wrapping all my holiday hand knit using the paper.

    Congrats on the Kleenex design! I’m a Puffs girl myself but I’ll nab a few of these just because you designed it :)

  • Flipfloppingmamma

    Headed to the dollar bin at Michaels!! woohoo. Love that wrapping paper!

  • Shelley Laird

    Saw your box in a Save-On-Foods in Surrey, British Columbia, outside of Vancouver. Nice!

  • yaya

    soy tu fan!
    y este texto esta fantastico… sigue adelante para nuestro deleite!
    ♥ desde mty mexico

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