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My obsession continues with Big Fat Yarn. I’ve been collecting images of things made giant “yarn” for awhile now. I love how the ordinary becomes extraordinary just by a massive change of scale.

I’m enamored with this Mega Doily by Ladies and Gentlemen Studios, hand crocheted out of rope. (Check out Meg Mateo Ilasco’s new book, Crafting a Meaningful Home for directions to make your own!)

I first saw these Urchin Poufs by Christien Meindertsma last year when I visited the Fashioning Felt exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt.

Then there’s the Aran Rug, also by by Christien Meindertsma, so cool! This almost looks like a knitted swatch with a little tiny person standing on it.

Trend savvy Anthropolgie got in on the look last fall with the Colossal Knit Throw (above and below, for scale!)

The Company Store has a more mainstream version, the Chunky Knit Pillow Covers available this season. I may have to make a few of those myself with my Big Fat sweater yarn!

And I am dying to knit this Marian Cowl by Jane Richmond, This is knit with *real* yarn called Twinkle Soft Chunky.

For now though, I’ve finished my cashmere Big Fat Scarf. I decided to knit several colors together since I have a lot of sweater parts left over from other projects and not so many whole sweaters. I knotted the different colors together, which I don’t mind. I did come across several tutorials on the web for making T-shirt yarn that were helpful. The next whole cashmere sweater I find thrifting is going to be subject to this fold and cut spiral technique that looks a lot faster than what I was doing. And for those of you that don’t like knots, knitpicks has a video that shows a different solution to connecting lengths.

Get even more inspiration at the Flickr group for Hoooked Zpagetti which is all about things made with “T-shirt” yarn. Any of these ideas could be made with BFY made from sweaters, too!

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  • grace

    I love that Anthropologie throw. How cool would that be made out of remnants of a whole bunch of different sweaters? Like a big yarn take a on crazy quilt.

  • Susan

    Cool, cool post! love your scarf.

  • saganaga

    some beautiful things ! i really love the doily rug !!!

  • beanie g

    It almost reminds me of macrame (you don’t think that’ll come back, please no!). Only these are way prettier and cooler.

  • Susabelle

    I have been doing big chunky fluffy scarves this summer for all my friends. I use the biggest crochet needle I could find, and three or four strands of yarn. They are sooooo beautiful and the large scale of them does not detract from their beauty (or warmth).

    Your pictures are so AWESOME. Inspires me to want to do more!

  • Expats Again

    I want to make those pillows. I love them!

  • Silvia

    wow! I love it!

  • blair

    I love the fat knitting/crocheting too. I am hoping that once I finally learn to crochet I’ll be able to make that beautiful rug in that top photo. Ambitious, I’m sure. I always get way ahead of myself. But your scarf is gorgeous. And I keep thinking about your knit skirt. Is it cool enough to wear it??

  • kristin

    your scarf turned out beautifully!

    what an inspiring post of projects

  • Petit Filoux

    Very inspiring! Love the doily x

  • veryberryhandmade

    Ooh, what inspirational photos – thanks for posting these. I love those gorgeous pouffes especially. It’s not exactly portable crating though is it!! You’d need a wheelbarrow :D

  • Semi-Handmade

    Oh, I am dying to make a fat chunky off the wall rug to go in my bedroom. Looking for just the right rope and the largest crochet hook available as we speak.

  • Mandy

    i love the tactile quality of all of these! thanks for sharing this inspiring collection!

  • Clearly Composed

    The doily on steroids has me smiling to no end. I itch to touch it!

  • Karin

    I am IN LOVE with that Anthropology throw. Any idea where can I get some of that crazy-thick yarn?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t knit or crochet, but have always had the desire. I am so thankful and excited that I found your blog. I love the Big Funky Chunky Happy yarns! Looks like I’ve found just the right place to learn the craft , and to enjoy the beauty of some “out of the box” type of projects and products. As my little 3 year old grand daughter would say…”I’M “ASKITED”!!

  • Anonymous

    could you please please tell me where i can buy the throw i love love love it please help.amanda:)

    • Betz White

      It was from Anthropologie a few years ago!

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