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Cannibal Jack-o-lantern, by C.White, 10 years old

Some days you are the *nommer*, some days you are the *nommed*. That’s what my son’s jack-o-lantern reminds me of. Nom nom nom…Wishing you a Happy Halloween a few days early! I am leaving in the morning for Houston and the International Quilt Market. I hope to meet lots of people, talk sewing patterns and fabric prints and make all sorts of connections, like last Spring. I have 3 new sewing patterns I’ll be previewing that I am really excited about! I haven’t shown them here on the blog (well maybe one peek) because they are not quite ready for the printer. Good gravy these things are a lot of work! Designing, photographing, writing, testing, printing, etc! But to make each pattern as perfect as can be it takes a tremendous effort and time investment. It’s all totally worth it in the end. I hope to share them with you later next month.

If you happen to be attending Quilt Market later this week, I will be doing a “schoolhouse” presentation for Brewer, one of my pattern distributors. Come by (2:30 friday, 10/29) and listen to me speak about repurposing, see samples from my sewing pattern line plus there will be a little give-away! (BTW, this show is trade only).

On Saturday from 2-3 at the Brewer booth, I’ll be doing a make-and-take felt ornament demo! Introducing the Itty Bitty Ice Cream Ornament! This is super simple to make and if you are at the show you can come by the demo table and make your very own! (If you’re not attending the show, I will do a tutorial for you here on the blog in a week or two. See? I got ya covered.)

So, until next week, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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  • Jewel

    This cracked me up. I had to post it on facebook for my stepson to see.

  • Willma

    oi, amei o blog e vou voltar sempre!
    aproveito a visita para lhe convidar A UMA SUPER PROMOÇÃO NO ESPAÇO SENHORITA
    não perca!

  • Suz

    Very clever son! I thought it was a talented adult creation! Those are really cute little ice cream ornaments! I am looking forward to the flower making with you at Silver Bella!

  • Georgia

    I thought only my kids used “Nom”! I guess they got it from somewhere…Good luck with your patterns- can’t wait to see them.


    oh! now i wish i going…on the fence, off the fence. i did just order some wool felt and am sitting here reading your Sewing Green book ready to jump in with a project. i personally cannot wait to see what you do next…woo-hoo!

  • Sue Felton

    Well, now….this i just too darned cute!!!

  • rilojane

    um. k. so… i don’t know what a nom is.

  • Andria Lisle

    we loved “opening” for you at the Brewer booth at Quilt Market – just got home and unpacked my make-and-take ice cream cone. hope you enjoy Sewing School – and hope to run into you again soon!


  • Andria Lisle

    Amie and I loved “opening” for you at the Brewer booth at Quilt Market! just got back to Memphis and unpacked my make-and-take ice cream cone. hope you enjoy Sewing School, and hope to run into you again soon.


  • Andria Lisle

    Amie and I loved “opening” for you at the Brewer booth at Quilt Market! just got home to Memphis and unpacked my make-and-take ice cream cone. lovely to meet you, hope you enjoy Sewing School.

    all the best,

  • Lizabeth

    Crud! I was at Quilt Market and didn’t catch up with your blog today (and I’m not there today)…so I missed you Friday AND Saturday!!! I am not sure why I didn’t think you would be there. I didn’t make it over to Brewer until Monday. Oh well, there’s always next year. :) Your fan, Lizabeth from (I was helping my friend with her new booth, Benay from

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  • Anonymous

    Hi. I love your blog.

    Val (Brazil

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