In Holiday Hints, Roundup

Today’s Holiday Hints for Handmade Gifts are all about comfort! Oh joy!

First up, the popular Take-it-Easy Lounge Pants from Sewing Green, shown here made out of my favorite vintage sheet. These would be extra snug-a-licious made in flannel, don’t you think?

A great companion gift to the Lounge Pants would be the Recycled Sweater Slippers (pg 48, Sewing Green) made from a felted wool sweater. These are sized big-kid through adult and could be made for almost everyone in the family.

And here’s one more cozy add on…the Heat Therapy Pillow! It’s filled with buckwheat seeds and can be heated in the microwave to ease tense shoulders and take away a chill. (pg 66, Sewing Green)

To complete your gift of comfort, why not wrap the set in a matching bag using my free Shoe Bag Tutorial? Originally meant for keeping your shoes organized for travel, the shoe bag is an easy drawstring bag that would be a pretty and reusable way to wrap your gifts.

Check out more ideas from last year: Holiday Hints 2009: Hats!

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  • Ms. WhitePlates

    Everything is absolutely adorable! I have great ambitions of being a great sewer (there has to be a better word than that to describe the ability to sew) but I seem much better suited to crochet/knit crafts. Those pants make me determined to learn!

  • I'm gonna tell Mom!

    ARGGHHH! I have so many ideas already and I love this one! I must remember this for next year!!!!

  • daisy janie

    One of each, please! Great ideas as always! I’m esp partial to the heat therapy pillow b/c neck has been a crinkly-cranky mess for a week!

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