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My week has been filled with snowy days, coughing kids, boot puddles on the floor and cocoa rings on the counter. My solution? Sewing with cashmere. And a lot of it!

Here’s a sneaky peeky for you of my new design I’ve been playing with. I’m really excited about it! These luxurious little somethings will be filling my shop next week! Just in time for Valentine’s gifts or a treat for yourself.

Stay tuned Monday January 31st for a super cozy shop update full of cashmere-y goodness!

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  • ColorSlut

    These are stunning! Good job.

  • CCH

    Your blog is so adorable! I love all the pictures!

  • sharin

    Cashmere is just the most fantastic, isn’t it?! So warm and toasty.

    I bet your projects will be great; can’t wait to see them!


  • Pam

    I can only imagine how heavenly these must feel around your neck.

  • kathy


  • daisy janie

    Yum, yum and yum! I am never without a scarf on in the winter. I have a pile o sweaters here to use to make some, but I think buying one of yours on Monday might be much easier (and prettier)!! Can’t wait!

  • Carrie

    I love that in your house when the going gets dirty, you get to sewing ;) Beautiful girly ruffles… love love love it :)

  • mimi k

    They look gorgeous! Love the ruffly one.

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