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Do you feel like springtime just can’t come fast enough? Well here’s a little taste of spring for you, my Springtime Sewing Set pattern!

Each pattern comes with instructions to make all 3 adorable felty sewing companions:

  • Ladybug Tape Measure
  • Leaf Scissor Case
  • Flowerpot pincushion with flower pins

The familiar leaf and ladybug patterns have sold in my etsy shop for years. I decided to refresh them by creating a pincushion companion for the set and adding them to my wholesale pattern line, Make New or Make Do™. The pattern for this threesome is also available now in my online shop as a PDF pattern.

I’m loving the flowerpots…I couldn’t stop making them. Well, mostly because it took me many tries, and many malformed prototypes to get the shape just right. So often simple things are the most challenging to create. Or maybe I just try too hard. :)

Anyway, the hard work paid off and I am happy with the result: cute to look at and fun to make! And the itty-bitty felt flower pins are a blast to make, too. As always, these can be made using new materials or make do by reusing materials such as felted wool sweaters.

The sweet little ladybug holds a retractable tape measure, just give a tug on her antennae (she doesn’t mind). The scissor case will hold a 4″ pair of embroidery scissors to keep that point protected in style. All three would make a great gift for a crafty friend!

So, do you feel springy yet?

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  • katiegirl

    I am also itching for spring! Love the little flower pots, very cute!

  • A mom in Lake Tahoe

    I love them – especially the flowerpots! These are so cute. I have both your books and find all your work to be completely uplifting and inspiring.

  • Sharon

    so cute…my fave is the scissors holder….such a great idea!

  • Betz White

    Thanks you guys! I’m glad they are mood lifting. :)

  • Knit n Sew Studio by Debbie

    Absolutely adore the flowerpots. I know I’ll want to make more than one.

  • Laura Burch


  • Lisa

    I’m digging those pots with flowers!

  • charlotte

    lovin’ that ladybug, Betz! happy someday spring. xoC

  • Kerri

    those are adorable! where i live, it’s suppose to feel like springtime this weekend so seeing your cute things was so fitting! :)

  • Ms Muffin

    Wow, this is so adorable!

    Very very cute!

    Ms Muffin

  • theknittingcowgirl

    The flowerpots are wonderful!!! Very nice to bring spring in the house or office!

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