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I was looking in my blog archives and found these little carrot goodie bags I made with my son for Easter last year. Only last year I posted them after the holiday, so I thought I’d pull them out again in case you’d like to make them before Easter. :)

Simply made with a 1/4 circle of orange felt (about a 5-6″ radius) with a 2″ curved border of green felt zigzag stitched to outer edge. Seam the side to form a cone shape then fringe the green section to make the carrot top.

Snip little slits near the top to thread a ribbon “drawstring” through. Fill with treats and tie them up with a bow and a name tag. Cute in an Easter basket or at a place setting on your holiday table.

My kids are off this week for Spring Break, so I’ve got my hands full with work and kids sharing the same time and space. I always think of Spring Break as a preview of Summer Vacation. Makes me a little panicky to think of occupying all of that time in a fun and productive way for all of us. Got any tips?

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  • SewTara

    Oh I like these! i made my sons some bunnies I think I’ll make these to go with them!

  • Laura

    So cute! I hear ya about spring break being a portent, both good and bad about the upcoming summer break! Perhaps all us creative mama’s need to have a summer commune where we take turns parenting and creating!

  • mb

    yay! i love these! my kiddo is really into carrots, i am going to make him some of these!

  • Ammie

    Thanks so much for sharing these again. They are darling!

    Hmm… spring break tips? My toddler son loves to “help” me, and crafting together is always fun. I also love to visit zoos and gardens. Oh, do you have plans for Earth Day? Our local parks are hosting park beautification projects, and I’m so excited to help them out this year. Maybe your kids would like that sort of thing, too.

  • Elsa

    love these! thanks for the instructions on how to make them!

  • MsStitch

    such a cute idea!beautiful

  • sophistimom

    Ooh, I now officially love your blog. These carrot bags are adorable, and now I want to start crafting again.

  • kris

    I have been thinking of summer myself, trying to figure out everyone’s activities. I also like to have plenty of down time that they can just play. Another thing I am going to do is actually “plan” a feild trip (even as simple as picnic in the park) and a craft each week. I think if I write it down I will be more likely to do those things and my kids will bug me until we do!

  • Belgie

    Love the spring color combination..

  • Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

    I agree with Kris that if I don’t write something down then it just never ends up happening. My work schedule is flexible, but not flexible enough to take the whole summer off, so I usually sign the boys up for several camps (they are going to be 8 and 7 this summer). They are doing a one-week farm camp experience (they are excited about adopting a chicken!), and then some YMCA summer day camp weeks. Then, we have some weeks scheduled for family vacations, grandparent visits, etc. That only leaves about two unscheduled weeks, if you can believe that. So, there are some things that I would like to do this summer — letterboxing, a few specific hikes, visit to the ocean, etc., and I’m going to make specific plans to do those things. Otherwise they will never happen and I will be sad!

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