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The Lego-ing begins even before breakfast. I hear the boys go downstairs and get to work. Sometimes the spread of Legos on the floor (and most other surface areas) gets to me, but they offer so much opportunity for creativity, it’s hard to resist them.

Our 9 year old was customizing his mini-figs (the little Lego people, for the uninitiated) and paused for some cereal while one was drying this morning. Gotta keep up your energy, you know.

He’s created a whole Lego Mini-fig Customization Station out of an old sewing accessory box I let him have. It’s perfect because it hinges open to reveal individual compartments.

He made one compartment to hold his Sharpie Paint Pens, which work great on the Lego plastic. They dry opaque and have good coverage on dark colors.

Some examples for you. The Star Wars character on the left had a completely green head originally. I made the little cape and he added the paint. Some of the tiny detail on the mini figs was already there, by the way. If you’re not well versed in the ways of the min-figs, you may have trouble detecting the actual customization. I know the blue guy on the right used to be orange.

The box is also customized. This is labeled the Staff Room. There’s a chair, stool, bed and of course a TV.

This area is marked Pets. Our guy colored their habitat, I think with regular Sharpies, the alligator, snake and lobster were done with the paint pens.

So much creativity, so early in the morning. I love that he wakes up with a vision and has such focus…while I’m still drinking my coffee, trying to get a grip on the day.

In case you are wondering, I believe I bought the box years ago from IKEA. If you are interested I’m sure you can search “cantilevered wooden sewing box” and find something on ebay or elsewhere!

P.S. Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes! It’s been a great week!

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  • Love that!

    It brings back a lot of memories – I also used to play with lego as a child and often built or created whole worlds for them.

    I really love how he mixes materials (instead of just sticking to lego) and how he painted the box. Truly creative!

  • random Cindy

    Lego coolness!

  • Anonymous

    Just found your site thanks to Farm Fresh To You. I think I will be a regular visitor. I love today’s post – I too have a Lego obsessed son, and these pictures will send him running for supplies!

  • Anonymous

    My boys loved Legos. Years ago when we were selling our home, that was about the only thing they could play with and still put away quickly in a tote when we had a showing. To this day they still use the phrase “Pick up the Legos. We have company.”

  • Diana

    I love the creativity of little girl does some amazing things too. I find myself, these days, dreaming that I had enough time to just create…..hmmmm

  • mamafitz

    cool! my 6yo is so into customizing minifigs. however, he has taken some of the good minifigs and ruined them, so i told him he couldn’t paint them anymore. so now he draws out his designs on construction paper, cuts it out, and ‘glues’ it to the minifig using play-doh. resourceful little kid. i’ll have to show him the sewing box remod. :)

  • Sharon

    very very creative! i love the mini fig! i think your kids are very clever to make a mini fig house….

  • feathermar

    I love that lego man sitting in the chair!

  • Amanda Pedro

    this is such a great idea! We presently have a lego nut in the house. how special to customize it’s own environment!
    thanks for sharing

  • Suz

    OMG, i love it. I grew up with brothers and have only a daughter. I hope I have some grandsons to practice this with! Wonderful creativity. Great for boys!!!


  • I am Julie

    My two boys are Lego crazy as well! My 9 year old loves to customize his figures as well. We are making a trip to Legoland next weekend, so they’ll really get a big Lego fix!

  • sarah

    we love Lego around here too-
    your boys might be interested in this:
    and also there’s a great AFOL short film my kids liked. (A Blocumentary!)

  • Leah

    Yup, 2 Lego obsessed boys around here too…they truly are the best! I love the box as well…storing Legos and all the instruction manuals and magazines has become a challenge here…hmmm. Might have to go do some googling!

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