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Last week I promised to share another *tote transformation* project with you, in time for Father’s Day. I hope you’ll try my Firewood Sling Tutorial…it’s as easy a falling off a log! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Basically a firewood carrier is like an open-sided tote. We took ours with us on our camping trip last weekend and it was very handy for gathering small branches for our campfire. If you’re not the camping sort, the sling can lend a hand when it’s time to bring in the firewood this winter. And best of all? It’s made from a ho-hum trade show tote so it whips up in a snap! (many of the steps are the same as the BBQ Apron Tutorial, too!)

To make one you’ll need:

  • One large canvas tote*
  • Thread
  • Fabric shears
  • Sewing Machine w/ heavy duty needle
  • Pins or binder clips
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

*The tote I used measured about 18″ wide x 14″ tall with a 2″ gusset. You’ll want the construction of the bottom to be gusseted with no bottom seam.

Step 1 – Deconstruct Tote: With the bag inside out, cut along the side seams trimming off the seam allowances.

Step 2 – Shape Ends: Measure 4″ in from the side and 7″ down from the top. Draw a diagonal line between these points using a ruler and pencil. Cut off the triangles along the pencil line. Finish the raw edges of the angle and sides using a serger or a zigzag stitch.

Step 3 – Finish Edges: Fold angled and side edges in 1/4″ and topstitch.

Step 4 – Create a shorter, beefier handle: Fold each strap back on itself as shown above. Pin or use binder clips to hold in place.

Step 5 – Stitch: Sew across the layered handle and down each side of the overlapped area.

Step 6 – Pick Up Sticks! (7, 8 lay them straight?) You can take your Firewood Sling out into the woods (or to the wood pile) lay it out on the ground and fill ‘er up!

Better yet, enlist a youngin’ to do it. :) It makes the job easy and fast, leaving more time for s’mores and other camping fun.


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  • Craft 4 Change

    You are sew smart! I can’t wait to make one for camping! Thanks for sharing. ~~Robyne

  • Janda

    Brilliant idea (along with so many others that you come up with!). Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

  • Lua


  • Natasha

    I love this and think it would be great to add to our camping gear. We always pick-up wood at the state park we camp in and inevedibly throw it in the trunk and that leaves bark and what-not all over the place. This would be great to grab and transport bundles.

  • Karrie

    Brilliant. I have been looking for something to do with the heap of shopping bags that seem to be the new giveaway at events. I can make them for the whole family! I think I’ll even give them some fabric paints and personalize. Fun outdoor project– thanks!

  • Sherry

    Love the idea, what a great tool for camping! Thanks for the how to.

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