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School’s out for the summer and as every mom knows, it is a time of transition. How will the kids fill their days, how will we spend time together and how will I get my work done? And so we begin, trying to find the new normal.

This week my older son is at his first overnight Boy Scout Camp. So younger son and I need to keep occupied. Fortunately, he has sewing plans for the summer! And that suits me just fine. Last fall I was given a book called Sewing School by Amie Patronis Plumley and Andrea Lisle. It made me realize that while I know how to sew, I don’t really know best how to teach a child to sew.

This book has got us covered! It has very clear and logical with instructions written for the kids as well as notes to grown-ups. My 9 yr old son was very inspired and empowered knowing he could complete a project start to finish.

To keep his tools handy (and mine where they belong!) he put together his own sewing kit. I gave him an old cigar box, some scrap booking paper and some Mod Podge and he went to town making it his own. Next, he worked on the contents…

At the store he picked out some embroidery floss (Sewing School recommends non-divisible cotton floss, but he preferred these 6-strand floss colors). He proceeded to make his own felt banana pin cushion (upper right) and a little nest brooch because I was making some. :)

For his scissors he stitched a little case…

…and for his needles, a little case made from part of a necktie. See how it looks closed in photo #4. He even sewed the button on it! I’m impressed. These are all his own invention but the book kick-started his creative juices!

Next up, his felty friend, Froggy. Younger son drew the paper pattern for the body, arms and legs, cut out the felt, stitched and stuffed it and glued on the eyes. Not bad! He’s a fast study , that boy of mine.

He also knows that every burst of creativity energy requires a little rest and recharge afterward. Like reading a book with a new friend. :)

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If you have more summer activities for kids, I’d love to hear about them!

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Showing 7 comments
  • Trisha Brink Design

    Oh my goodness that frog is SEW cute!!! ;)

  • Dori

    Your 9 year old son sounds a lot like mine! I’ve been thinking about getting a book to help me teach him to sew and I also love the idea of having him make his own supply case.

  • Mod Podge Amy

    Love ALL of these projects (especially the box)! How fun and it’s awesome when kids get involved in Podging. :D

  • Jan | Daisy Janie

    Wow! What a super handy and fun sewing kit! Everything is accessible and contained within the box so it stays organized! I am seriously impressed with all the items he’s created already – the froggy is too much!!

    This kit brought back a very vivid memory of my first sewing kit, made for 4-H when I was 8 or 9. (I don’t think I’d have remembered had I not seen these images.) I loved the sound the box made when I rustled around inside of it. Way to go young Mr. White!! Enjoy and hopefully you’ll have fond memories of this kit one day, too!

  • Cindy J

    Love the Froggy…
    WAY back (mid-eighties), I made faux Cabbage Patch dolls with my three stepdaughters. A few years ago, the youngest and I were talking, and she told me she still had hers!

  • cygnetsmall

    How great! I just got a copy of this book on a whim the other day and my kids are loving it. My daughter has it by her bed and, though she can’t read yet, is reviewing it daily — no doubt soaking up inspiration. I love seeing your pictures and how the projects have been interpreted in your house.

  • Sue Frelick

    It’s great to see boys being creative. You are one lucky mom!

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