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Can I go back to New Hampshire now? I know it’s only been a few days, but vacation was so nice.

I am utterly swamped right now. (Wait, make that this year). I’ve stuffed my calendar so full, it needs to go on a diet. But It’s all good stuff, stuff that I love to do and I am always grateful for opportunities.

Remember my word of the year REACH? Now that half the year is over, I’m wondering how that’s really goin’ for me. I’ve reached out for more opportunities, but I also have discovered that I’ve reached my limit, time/work wise. I’m feeling it and I’m tired. What I haven’t reached so much for is help. Actual physical help. Aside from my parents helping stuff patterns during their visit this spring, I’ve been juggling most everything on my own. Where is my intern? The one I thought I might reach for this year? I got as far as contemplating finding one…does that count?

Over the next few weeks I am putting together and shooting some new online workshops (you’re going to love these!) then I’ll be concentrating on new patterns for fall. Oh, and September brings The Creative Connection, followed by Quilt Market in October. Just for starters.

I do like to push myself and I can accomplish a lot. But what is with the pressure I put on myself? Isn’t this why I am working for me? To do it my way? Why is my boss such a task-master? For the last month I’ve been sneaking up behind myself whispering things like, “it’s been 4 days since you’ve blogged, you better blog, people are expecting you to blog”. I need to quit it. You know I’m not thrilled about blogging when I’ve got nothing I feel like saying. I’m also not a big fan of teasing (well not too much) by saying I’ve got great stuff but I can’t show you. Where’s the fun in that?

So here’s the deal. My posts may be fewer and farther between than I’d like but that’s just the way it’s going to be for a bit. I would tell you that I am going on a blog break, but I’d rather just dial it back a notch until I get over a few hurdles. Less pressure, more fun, right?

How are you doing with your Word of the Year? Any insights?

(next year my word is going to be SLEEP or maybe ICE CREAM…)

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  • kat

    My word for the year, well actually 3 words, are JUST DO IT. My problem is I think too much without much follow through or paralyzed by a thousand cannots. year I might pick ‘sew like a mad woman’ .. Sorry for the wordiness for you see I CANNOT choose just one word
    HeH . Happy Day . kat

  • The Hobbit

    We have a group of crafty people that get together every Tuesday evening.Last night the subject of pressure was a topic. One lady in particular belongs to the N.H. League of Crafters. She wanted to be part of this group and worked hard to get there. The request for items is now rolling in and for a short period she was in a panic.After a short discussion we agreed,this is what we strive for and having someone to cheer on, be it friend or blog follower is a big part of getting there.So you go girl…….take a deep breath and do what you have to do we’ll be hear to listen to all the details when mission is accomplished.

  • Betz White

    Thank you Hobbit! *deep breath* :)


    If you were in NH during our recent heat wave it’s good that you were on the lake!

    I think I’m doing pretty good on my word of the year…COURAGE…seriously pursuing really big dreams…

  • Anonymous

    We would rather have a little Betz than no Betz at all! Sorry you are feeling so stretched. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow.

    Best wishes,

  • Liesl

    I’m right there with you, Betz. And whichever word you pick for next year, can I borrow it too? Let’s fire our bosses and try every ice cream flavor at the local shop!

    -Liesl (who should be working right now but is instead reading blogs over lunch)

  • Stacy Star

    My word for this year is Simple. And for the most part, I’m keeping it that way. Things have fallen into place just as I’ve needed them to. I have been picking a word for the last 3 years and I have learned that you must look at all aspects of the word–last year was possibility (and I never thought that possiblity could be a bad thing, but last year was very very very hard) This year is simple. Just simple.

  • Thomas

    Right there with you sister…

    It is amazing how quickly the excitement turns into chaos. The only advice I can offer is whisky whenever needed…

    Hugs to you!!!

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