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We’re fortunate that our kids eagerly subscribe to the make-your-own costume philosophy for Halloween. Our 9 year old son debated between Ninja and Viking before deciding upon being a Pirate this year.

True to form, he started planning last month and by this first week of October we’re nearly ready for Trick or Treat! Every detail was carefully planned and fully envisioned by my *junior design director*.

The components and their transformations:

  • Old white dress shirt – cut fabric off length and added it back into the sleeves to create authentic billowy sleeves.
  • Black pants – from closet
  • Thrifted blue shirt – cut off sleeves to make into vest (love the brass buttons!)
  • Sash – fabric scrap
  • Belts – from thrift store
  • Eye patch and foam sword – from toy bin (with added flourishes)
  • Sword sheath – I sewed using leftover *pleather* from former costumes
  • Tri-corner Hat – from my husband’s childhood!
  • Pirate Flask (?!) – made by my son with the ol’ 1970’s masking tape and shoe polish technique!

Even though the pressure starts early around here to get going on the costumes, I prefer it to a last minute scramble. I know these years of dress up won’t last forever, I’ve got to enjoy them! I was just looking back at the past years’ zombie, star wars characters and werewolf…we’ve had a lot of fun and creativity over the years!

Are you a family that makes your own costumes? If you’re into wizards and fairies, you have got to check out my friend Anne’s Costume Box course on Craftsy. Just in time for Halloween or anytime for dress-up and pretend play. Super cute!

Now…for my costume. Hmmmmm…..

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  • cygnetsmall

    Haha! I immediately recognized the masking tape/shoe polish technique. Love it. :)

  • Emily

    I always made my own costumes as a kid (and I still have a scissor scar on my finger to prove it!) There was a book at the library that had great ideas and instructions for kids to make their own costumes. One year I was a tube of toothpaste! (Pillowcase with head and arm openings cut out, painted to look like a toothpaste tube, and a paper hat painted to look like the cap. I even improvised my own giant toothbrush to carry around out of a painted two by four). I’m really looking forward to making costumes with my son when he is old enough.

  • Sue

    That’s a fantastic costume! When I was a kid we always made up our own costumes from a box of ‘parts’, I loved it! We did the same with our kids, I think it’s great for their imaginations & makes for great memories.

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