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One week from today I’ll be on a plane headed to Houston for Quilt Market! For the first time I will have an exhibitor booth with the Robert Kaufman Co. I will be debuting Stitch, my fabric collection, as well as two new patterns for my Make New or Make Do™ sewing pattern line. (more on those soon!)

I’m still working on my signage, and my husband has stepped in to help with the *engineering* aspects of it. (Thanks goodness!) I’ve also enlisted my friend, Jill, to help with these little needle books I’m making. (Thank goodness, again!)

These needle books (meant to hold your hand sewing and embroidery needles by poking them through the felt “pages”) are simple to make, functional and cute! I used fusible webbing to attach my print fabric to a rectangle of felt for the cover. Then I cut a slightly smaller rectangle of felt for the pages with pinking shears. I layered the 2 rectangles together with a piece of ribbon or rick-rack and machine stitched up the “spine” of the book. Then just tie the ribbon to keep it shut. You could also make a button closure, but since we are making multiples (many!) I needed to keep it easy.

These are planned as a special give-away to my wholesale pattern customers, so I am tucking a business card into each one.

There’s more to make and so much more to do before I get on that plane next week! Off to stitch!

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  • Laura

    Oh my goodness, love them! What an awesome giveaway for the booth!

  • το χειρότεχνο

    wow!!!!! its fabulous!!!!!!

  • Jenny Bartoy

    They look adorable! What a lovely idea.

  • Joey

    These look fantastic! Good luck in Houston!
    ~ joey ~

  • aRtcHixX

    OH AWEsOME!!!
    I’m counting down until I take off with my friends to The International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX! I’m such a huge fan of yours! Can’t wait to see all of your newest goodies!
    My Mom used to own a fabric/quilt/needlework shop & we used to go to Market – you would be first on my list of “MUST SEES”, but hope to see some your goods at festival too!

  • Cathy

    They look so cheery! Is your business card a standard sized card? Just tryin’ to see the size of the needle books.

    Cathy B

  • VSC

    Gorgeous! And you make it sound so easy… : )

  • Deedra

    This would be perfect for Cross Stitch projects! You could load up several needles when you have lots of color changes.

  • Regina

    really cute idea and your fabric is so cheerful. Good luck to you. These ladies are lucky to get such a nice giveaway.

  • Peggy

    I’m still hoping and waiting for the wool pinecone pattern …

  • Peggy

    I’m still hoping and waiting for the wool pinecone pattern …

  • Terrace Hill

    What a fun idea…I am going to “borrow” this one for gift card holders this year! Great way to use up scraps! Have fun at market :)

  • hkpowerstudio

    These are adorable, I love them! Sorry I haven’t been around and I wish I could have helped. I hope QM goes fabulously for you!! Need to see you once more before I leave too.

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