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One sunny winter day, between Christmas and New Year’s, me littlest scallywag turned 10 years old! In celebration we flew the great Jolly Roger and hosted a band of buccaneers for an afternoon of merry mayhem!

Guests arrived while the movie Pirates of the Caribbean played in the background. Then they began a craft: making compasses. I purchased plain wood boxes with hinged lids at Michael’s. After they were decorated with paint and sharpies we hot glued a working (sort of) compass inside each one.
Afterward it was time for the treasure hunt! I bestowed upon them an ancient treasure map of our house, “Captain’s Cabin” and yard/park, “Pirate’s Park” as well as the first clue…all written on brown crinkly craft paper. The clues had them running outside all over the place as they found each clue and respective “booty” (bandanas, spy glasses, and skull rings). Finally, the last clue lead them to…
 …the amazing treasure chest! (made out of gator board by my husband)

Behold the riches lying within! Gold bar boxes filled with Skittles surrounded by foil wrapped chocolates and pirate coins!

Next the rowdy swashbucklers were ready for some good ol’ pirate rum (root beer and birch beer with brown paper labels made by the birthday boy) and pizza…
…and of course a big slice of Compass Cake!
As crazy as it is to wedge a birthday party in between the holidays, it is a nice thing to do with the boys over the winter break. My youngest loves to plan a party and delights in every detail. Sometimes I have to apply some gentle breaks on his runaway party plans, but I know our days of theme parties are limited. (Do you recall last year’s Harry Potter Party?) 
Ten years old, oh my! Happy Birthday, Matey! You are one of a kind. :)
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  • patricia

    Love it Betz! What a great craft too! We’re all about pirates around here lately too. Happy belated birthday to your special pirate!

    (can’t imagine planning a birthday during the holidays!)

    And I can already see a cute ProjectLife spread right here! ;)

  • mayaluna

    Wow! It looks fantastic and I am truly amazed that you can pull it off during that last week, especially with so many handmade detail. I’m always so tired I never try, but maybe I should when my Christmas baby turns 10. Confession: Her party still is weeks away!

  • mimi k

    We did a pirate party when one of my boys was little. We also did decorating treasure boxes and I heard back from several parents, years later, that their kids still had them. Warmed my heart :-)
    Looks like you had a wonderful party!

  • Tracy Altieri

    My son is now 24 – I admit that I miss the days of pirates and birthday parties!

  • Hannah

    Wow! everything looks amazing! what a fun time! I want to go on a treasure hunt!

  • Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness!

    Super cute! I would have died from excitement when I was a kid. Where did you find those gold bar boxes?

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