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This past week my husband was out of town visiting his mother out of state. The boys and I had a regular kind of week…homework, appointments, laundry…you know the drill. But there were a few exceptions!

My 12 year old had a major accomplishment! He reached his goal of saving his own money to buy a Lego Death Star. Now if your household is anything like mine, you’ll know that the Death Star is the Holy Grail of all Lego Sets. He saved birthday money, Christmas money, allowances and even did extra jobs to earn enough over the past months. It was a great exercise in planning, will power, delayed gratification, and math. Plus now he knows what he can accomplish when he puts his mind to something! What can I say, the Force is strong with this one. :)


We also had a bit of snow…or rather icy snow. Finally! The first of the season! I know the boys were hoping for another blizzard, but they made do with what we got and enjoyed it anyway.

And me? I’m just plugging away. January is/was my month to get organized (eeep! I’ve only a week left…), finish up a few book proposals (that have been in work since early last year…), line up spring workshops and plan out the year ahead. Stay tuned, I’ve also got some surprises in store for celebrating my fabric line, Stitch! I know, I know, you already saw my Stitch booth at Quilt Market, but the line started shipping in November/December, so it’s out there in stores now! More on this soon…

How’s your 2012 so far?
(P.S. thanks for entering last week’s give-away! The winner has been notified!)

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  • Cindy

    Love “Sno-da”! I can’t believe January is nearly over and I haven’t done what I had planned for the month. :( Guess I better get moving!

  • MsStitcher

    I love the sno-da. But also am amazed at your 12 year old’s determination!How long did it take him to build?looks awsome!

  • Betz White

    Hi MsStitcher,
    It took 2-3 days to build! It’s very elaborate…and has 3803 pieces!

  • Common Threads Quilt Shop

    I don’t know about the rest of the ladies here, but I (Katie) am a little obsessed with Stars myself so this blog made me giggle a little. In fact, I can bet that I’m the only real fan around here because I get made fun of for having a Star Wars pencil box. :) Everyone has to have their inspirations.

  • Catrin

    OK, I need to make my own Snoda… So funny. Really cracks me up!
    Greetings from Germany

  • SewTara

    Oh wow, good for him for saving that long!
    We just went to the LEGO store recently, my son is 5 and addicted. They gave him a magazine and all the way home he talked about that Death Star. I had to explain to him how much it cost! hehe

  • EG

    Wow I’m IMPRESSED! It happens that I saw the Death Star today on Lego’s website and about fell over. Congrats to him for working and saving!

  • Sandra - If it comes in pink

    You should move here, there’s snow from November to May :D

  • Sheila

    Creative kids! (bet they get it from their momma) :)

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