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Do you use Pinterest*? If you frequent it like I do, I bet you’re starting to see lots of pretty Valentine’s projects popping up all over! I thought I’d go through my blog archives and share some oldies, not-so-oldies, but hopefully all goodies!

First up is a free tutorial that I did last year for Craftzine. You can visit there to get the full tutorial for this felt heart garland as well as a fun no-sew paper version for kids!

The Lil Sweetheart Purse is a PDF sewing pattern available in my etsy shop. These are made with felted wool sweaters but regular wool blend craft felt can be used instead. Whip one up and fill it full of sweets for your sweet!

These mousie friends are two peas in a pod…or rather two halves of a heart! They are made from the “Squeak” pattern from my “Squeak and Spike” mouse and hedgehog pattern. Also available as a PDF pattern in my etsy shop.
 Have you taken your Christmas wreath down only to have a sad lonely blank spot to look at? How ’bout putting a Valentine Wreath in it’s place? I made this woolly creation a few years back, modeled after a my multicolored Christmas wreath. It’s a lot of work and felted wool, but the result is so rich and full of texture!

And finally, you may remember my Heartfelt Scarf that I made for the Martha Stewart Show back in 2008! You can find all of the instructions on the Martha site, including video how-to’s.

I hope my projects have inspired you to get started on some Valentine crafting. Last year I made my boys a pair of Mimi’s Owls, which they loved and I love making. Especially because I got to to add a tag to them saying “Owl be your friend forever”. Corny’s how we roll around here. :)


*A word about Pinterest: I love Pinterest! It’s a great way to make virtual inspiration boards. The downside can be when photos get pinned without linking back to the proper source giving credit. This happened to me this week when I came across my heart garland (top photo) mis-credited. My photo was stolen and labeled with the offending site’s watermark. The image got pinned innocently on Pinterest, then proliferated exponentially on Pinterest, linking to the meanie-head’s website. There have been several articles written about the proper and courteous way to use Pinterest, in case you are interested. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Pinterest {betz white} and have fun pinning away!

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  • Susan

    That wreath is mind-blowing! Lovely!

    Sorry to hear about your Pinterest debacle. Mean people suck. Whoever they are, their karma just took a serious downturn.


  • CraftyCarole

    incredible wreath… love (10000)

  • Verónica

    Preciosos todos tus proyectos.

  • Lenna Green

    Love these valentine ideas, especially the two little mice, very cute!

  • The Hojnackes

    I found your heart garland via Pinterest with that same link and then had to search extensively to find your tutorial. I finally did! When I did, I pinned it properly. I wish it hadn’t been so hard to find, but I’m glad I took the time.

  • Tracy Altieri

    I have just begun using Pinterest – I admit that I’m a bit confused by it at the moment, but imagine that I will become more comfortable the more I use it. I am following you!

  • PS by Dila

    Very cute! Love the heart garland.

  • Kristin Nicholas

    Hi Betz – Interesting post. And thanks for those links. Very helpful.

    I had something similar happen to me. Here’s the link in case you are interested:

    I’m sure we all have our own stories.

    Congrats on the new fab line. Awesome! Good for you!


  • Katrina

    Nice and cute.
    Thanks for the ideas, it give me an inspiration
    to prepare Valentine this year.

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