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I have a new obsession: Hexagons! Ok, it’s not really a new interest, but I have been obsessively hex-perimenting with them lately! As I’ve been developing new designs for my spring sewing patterns, these little hexies have been working there way in.

Have you sewn or quilted with hexies? I’ve been a bit intimidated by them in the past but turns out they are not so tough! I can highly recommend this video tutorial by Lady Harvatine to help you wrap your brain around sewing hexagons together.

Here’s a hint: start big. The bigger the hexagon the longer the seam and the less fiddly they are to move out of the way to sew the next seam. I can’t wait to get these new bag patterns written up and ready to show off. I’m really having a fun time developing these new styles. But…that will be at least on month or so from now. There’s pattern testing, editing, photography, etc! So much goes in to my patterns to make sure they are as precise and easy to follow as possible!

In the meantime, if you’re not quite ready to tackle pieced hexagons, why not cheat? This is my hexie print from Stitch Organic used as a “cheater cloth”. It wasn’t my intention when I designed this print, but how fun/easy is this? Simply layer the print over batting and a backing fabric then stitch away in between the hexies! It can’t be done continuously, so you’ll have to go back over to get all of the cross pieces, but it is rather fast and gratifying.

This is the start of something I can show you…hopefully later this week! Are you hexcited yet?

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  • Megan

    Your fabric is just gorgeous! And I don’t know if I will ever be ready to piece hexagons, but I sure do love to knit them…in approximately 153years I should have myself a hexipuff blanket. ;)

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

    Love it! I have recently become infatuated with cheater and whole cloth quilts. This design is amazing for it. Can’t wait to see the final project..

  • Tracy Altieri

    Beautiful – beautiful! Your “hexperimentaion” reminds of my friend’s recent declaration that she needs a “Pintervention”!!! I think that I do too!

  • Miaou

    Oooh pretty! I particularly love the spiral sewing shape.

  • Denise

    Oh, I love your hexagon fabric. What fun! I, too, have been hooked on hexagons lately. Am always on the lookout for new versions of hexagon patterns. Love your color palette. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, denise :D

  • tanya

    I recently discovered your book and I am a huge new fan of yours. I think you helped me find my sewing voice, which is re-purpose and relax. I look forward to following your blog!


  • Jema Watts

    Just purchased a fat quarter of this. So excited to create an ID badge reel with this and other items in my Etsy shop. Thanks for creating this beautiful fabric.

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