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You probably know that I love decorating with embroidery hoops. From my kids’ T-shirt display, to my studio wall, to Halloween and Christmas decor, to my Stitch signage at Quilt Market: I love hoops! They are just the easiest, simplest way to frame fabric *art*.

So it should come to no surprise that I decided to hoop up last week’s improv piecing I made. Plus my poor studio needs a refresh. Last fall when I was planning my Stitch Organic quilt market booth, I hijacked most of the hoops off of my wall to make the signage. The wall’s been a sad little hodgepodge ever since, so I am thrilled to have new *art* to hang!

Of course since I hadn’t planned the piece for a circle, there was a bit to trim. I used a super big quilting hoop, 14″ in diameter and 1″ deep. Before hooping the improv piece, I layered some batting and a muslin backing and pin basted it. Then I used a walking foot on my machine and did some free form wavy quilting. So much fun. Ok, what else can I hoop? I’m on a roll!

Oh yes! Remember last month when I played around felt and fabric, and made this positive/negative heart design? I didn’t want to make it into a pillow, so hooping it up was the perfect solution.
Same big ol’ honkin’ hoop size. I offset the center line of the hearts to highlight more fabric, less felt…more interesting.
The trickiest part really is the finishing on the back since there are several layers to contend with. I trimmed the fabrics to about 1″ excess beyond the inside of the hoop. I used a hot glue gun and attached the muslin to the inside of the hoop first. Then I trimmed the batting layer right up to the edge of the hoop. Lastly, I pulled the top fabric to the back and hot glued that to the inside of the hoop, on top of the muslin.
I can’t wait for my next creative play day. I am pretty new to quilting so this size project seems just right for exploration and trying out new techniques! I’ll definitely be sharing more of these with you.
Oh and speaking of creativity, my pal Monica Lee has just posted a video interview with yours truly over at her new venture called Smart Creative Women. We chat about design, business and laugh a whole bunch. Monica is a real sweetheart and by real, I mean authentic. Imagine having coffee with your bubbliest girlfriend and another creative woman where the conversation just flows. It’s good fun and very informative. If you have a listen be sure to give Monica some feedback and encouragement by commenting on the video post. Thanks!!!
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  • Ludo braille

    Magnifique !!!

  • Ludo braille

    Magnifique !!!

  • Maureen Cracknell Handmade

    I love it!! I’ve been craving a hoop project lately myself!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Laura Zarrin

    It looks fantastic! I love that you put these in hoops! They look so good! I am also new to quilting and have also been embroidering up a storm. Not sure what to do with all of the finished stitching, but I can’t stop. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Tracy Altieri

    Loved the interview! I’m always so interested in the paths that people take (and make) in their lives – thanks for sharing!

  • VSC

    You make it seem so easy : ) Thank you for sharing, they look gorgeous.

  • Steph

    very lovely!

  • mar

    i like it, its very preciously, nice.

  • 20 Going on 80

    Love this! The fabric is darling!

  • Monica Lee

    I really like what you do with these too! I love to see the start of a project to the finish!

  • Blooms And Bugs

    So Pretty! I love the first one, perfect for the spring.

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